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Increase Engagement with Customers during a Live Chat Session: Here Are the Steps to Do It

Live Chat Session

You may be surprised to learn that 42% of consumers like live chat options over ones that involve waiting on hold.

It is no longer surprising that live chat support services have become the newest customer assistance option. Even B2C (74%) and B2B (85%) business owners are beginning to utilize it as a sales tool.

Live chat support services are employed for more than just sales and customer service. Businesses find it easier to use live chat support for customer interaction on websites because of the tools at their disposal.

You may learn more about a visitor's goals as a client and the next steps they intend to take by grabbing their attention and engaging them in conversation. Although not every interaction results in a sale, it does allow you to learn more about your audience and modify your approach. In addition to knowing the visitor's goal, there are other reasons live chat support services should be a part of your customer contact strategy.

We're here to assist you; if you've been wondering what those additional criteria are, we're here to help you. In this post, we'll outline the benefits of 24/7 live chat support services for your business's customer contact strategy and provide suggestions for improving it. So let's get going.

Helpful Steps to Increase Live Chat Engagement

To enhance website engagement, you need to know which live chat support services may do. You need to know how to change these features and other aspects of live chat to boost customer engagement. Don't worry; we'll help you understand how to use live chat support services to improve client engagement in this section. Let's move forward!

1. Personalize Your Chat Button

To enhance website engagement, you can take several actions. Customizing and placing the chat button is one of them. This suggestion may seem simple, but it might have a significant impact.

Using tools like ProProfs Chat, you may completely design your chat button. This indicates that you have the option to change them to reflect the theme of the page on which they are placed or your entire website.

However, if you want to increase the probability of striking up a discussion with website visitors, you may also place several chat buttons on a single page. With specific live chat software, you can customize the placement and appearance of each chat button you add to a website.

If you don't like having numerous chat buttons on one page, you might want to think about using a bouncing chat button instead. You may choose other characteristics, such as the rate at which you want it to float on your page, to ensure that it is visible. At the same time, you must be careful not to obstruct visitors' browsing ability.

2. Add Conditions for Automated Messages Setup

  • You may be sure that your automated messages will appear on the website by setting the appropriate settings. This is because you may use six distinct types of live chat triggers with your engagement tool.
  • These triggers may be added to specific websites to guide readers to the most relevant or profitable product pages and increase the possibility that they will engage with the content and ultimately become customers.
  • You may also utilize live chat triggers based on variables like how frequently a specific person visits your website.

For instance, a visitor returns to your website a third time to look at the same product. You might activate a message that asks, "You look curious. What can we do for you today? " By doing this, you not only draw their attention and let them know you are interested in your products, but you also provide them a way to connect and communicate with your company rapidly.

  • Some triggers also work following how much time a person spends on a particular page.

Some website visitors spend a lot of time on a particular service or product page. This explains why they either want to know more or are undecided about their final choice. You should then initiate a conversation with them to promote proactive dialogue and speed up their decision-making.

You may use three more factors in addition to these to promote proactive live chat involvement.

  • depending on the criteria for exit intent
  • according to the URL's parameters
  • based on the user data circumstance

3. Track Website Visitor Activity in Real Time

To engage with your visitors, you must now know what they are doing. In this case, real-time activity monitoring becomes crucial.

The visitor monitoring feature for live chat support services allows your agents to keep an eye on details like

  • location on the planet
  • visitors to a website in a number
  • Keeping a close eye on the website
  • Name and email address
  • Device details

You can also see the page they came from and how many other sites they viewed while they were there. Live chat support services may offer proactive customer contact when you have access to this information.

4. Your Own Custom Eye Catcher Templates

Making your website aesthetically appealing is the key to success. This is done to boost website traffic and enhance visibility for your chat symbol.

However, make sure to tick both of these options when adding an eye-catcher to your website.

The eye-catcher would take up more screen area because it is enormous on your page. You must thus pay close attention to the eye-size catchers and ensure that they don't occupy too much screen space.

Two, the businesses that offer this service do provide templates that you may access right from our website. However, you must ensure they are not restricted to the ingrained behaviors. By changing them, you can make the eye-catchers seem and feel more in line with the overall concept of the website.

5. Monitor Chat Analytics to Identify Critical Improvement Areas

Another way to improve engagement during a live chat session with clients is to keep track of your mistakes. Thanks to detailed statistics, chat transcripts, and history, you can easily see where your conversations are losing clients and prospects for your business.

You may keep track of the success of your interactions with visitors in reports through comments and ratings.

If an operator has received negative feedback from visitors, you may look into their chat history and read transcripts to determine what went wrong. These scenarios may be used to train your operators and even in interview circumstances.

6. Make Announcements Regarding Events to Boost Attendance

Pay attention to creating notifications for upcoming webinar events or flash sales that encourage customer participation via live chat. Visitors should be encouraged to engage with your website or the chat moderators.

You can see from the image above that this notification refers to a meeting of business executives. Those interested in learning more about their new strategies can sign up for the event. To help such interested people, they have also added a button to register swiftly.

These mission-driven announcements help you create the necessary engagement so that you can convert interested prospects into paying clients for your business.

7. Be Quick in Sending Customers Pre-written Answers

You can also use prefabricated responses in live chat support services to increase customer engagement.

However, the interactions it may help you with could be a little different. Chat greetings and announcements will nudge visitors to engage with you, while canned answers will enable you to keep the conversation going with one visitor while managing others concurrently.

Operators will at least be able to manage several visitors while maintaining the caliber of the conversation, and they will help you to speed up response times.

8. Utilize the Chat Window’s Operator Picture to Continue the Discussion

You may consider including the operator's photo in the chat window to make your communication with the customer more personal.

When you add an operator's profile to your live chat support services application, you must upload an avatar and save the settings. If required, edit any current profiles that don't have an avatar. The visitor will appear in the chat window when the operator speaks with them. Such an effort will make your visitor feel like they are speaking with a natural person and make them comfortable enough to explain their problem in greater detail.

9. Route Chat to the Relevant Department

The chat routing feature is essential for keeping the conversation going. Many visitors would prefer to speak with a subject-matter expert. It is even more important to direct them to the right department in this circumstance since no one likes to wait around for too long for a response.

What you can do in such a circumstance is as follows.

When a visitor fills out a pre-chat form requesting to speak with a specific department, the operator can manually direct the discussion to that department or send it automatically.

Doing this can help ensure that consumers continue to be interested in your brand and eventually choose it.

Use Live Chat to Engage with Customers More

Outsource Live chat support services are being used for more than just customer service. On the other side, live chat offers a great opportunity to engage with website visitors and help them decide more swiftly.

You need a few techniques to use live chat support services for customer engagement, such as pointing customers into the proper department to keep the conversation going. You may also use pre-written responses to engage many individuals at once. Customize your chat button and attention grabber to get more people to join a conversation with your operators.

These live chat customer interaction suggestions are excellent, but you need similar software to implement them. If these strategies cause you to stop using your existing live chat software, think about switching to ProProfs Chat.

After learning how to engage clients through live chat support services, let's examine some of the frequently asked questions listed below.

How Can Active Engagement in Live Chat Produce More Leads?

Businesses today are gradually understanding how proactive live chat involvement produces leads that are simple to qualify. You can discover more about your tips when you actively engage with them. You have the chance to understand why they visited your website in the first place and why they contacted you for help. Because of this, operators will find it easier to propose a solution that motivates leads to make a decision.

How Can the Human Touch of Live Chat Increase Conversational Consumer Engagement?

Live chat support services, as opposed to chatbots, enable you to give the conversation a human touch. To give users the impression that they are speaking to a human, you may add an operator avatar to the chat window. Second, by using real-time surfing data while speaking with a visitor, operators may adjust the conversation's flow based on how they use the website.

How Can Feedback Increase Live Chat Customer Engagement?

Customer input is crucial to assess if the operators are acceptably communicating with visitors and customers; customer input is vital. Based on how the clients score each encounter, you may determine the factors that helped your operators and those they need to work on. This will highlight the precise areas where operators need training, and you may use this information to create customer service and engagement courses.

How to Engage Customers Using Live Chat

We now understand the benefits of employing live chat to boost customer engagement on your website. It's essential to consider how 24/7 live chat support services might increase customer engagement. This section will look at a few elements that could promote and make participation easier.

1. Salutations in Conversation

According to most live chat solution providers, the first element that may help you actively interact with your visitors is chat greetings or triggers. You don't have to wait for your visitors to engage in the conversation when you utilize chat greetings. Using a few guidelines and criteria, you may activate them on websites where users are most likely to engage with your business rapidly.

If you customize your live chat engagement message based on the page where you plan to place it, your engagement rate will immediately increase.

2. Announcements & Notifications

Announcements are another tools that live chat users use to interact with clients. You may use it for advertising upcoming sales, rebates, product modifications, etc. Even impending flash sales that start in a few hours or even now might be revealed. This will pique visitors' interest, making them more likely to click and examine the bargain.

3. Use an Eye-Catcher

The chat button's size may occasionally be too small for certain website users. Here is where the eye-catching component is used (literally, it does). These are pictures that make your chat window more noticeable to onlookers.

You should be aware that some applications, like ProProfs Chat, let you access pre-made themes for attention catchers. Additionally, if you desire, you will have the option of making more adjustments. So be sure you employ a tool that offers you both options.

4. Make Use of a Chatbot

Chatbots indeed increase the effectiveness of customer care. However, it also boosts online engagement since people can easily relate to your business. If nothing else, you may provide your customers round-the-clock support and ensure that those who need help with frequently asked questions get it straight away with a chatbot.

5. Use Chat Routing

It is the final tool you have to speed up communications with visitors. If your visitors arrive in the correct department on time, they will likely stay interested. This keeps the targeted team interested and helps them receive more insightful responses.


24/7 Live chat support services are a great way to engage customers and improve their overall experience. The challenge lies in finding out where to start for maximum impact. Live chats should be used strategically throughout the sales funnel to provide personalized solutions and build trust at every stage.