VoIP Providers for Small Businesses: Top Picks and Features

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For a modern business, effective communication is paramount. As technology evolves, so do the tools we use to connect with clients, partners, and colleagues. One tool that stands out in revolutionizing business communication is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software. This software enables seamless voice communication over the Internet.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of VoIP and explore the top three providers for small businesses in 2023. We will also discuss the significance of coupling your VoIP system with a proficient phone answering service.

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What is VoIP Software?

Top Picks for Small Businesses

1. Vonage: Seamless Communication at Your Fingertips

2. RingCentral: Unleashing the Power of VoIP

3. Nextiva: Elevating VoIP Communication

Wow Customer Support for Phone Answering Services


What is VoIP Software?

VoIP software is a comprehensive communication solution. It empowers businesses to initiate calls, dispatch texts, and arrange team meetings and conference calls. All of this is done seamlessly within a single, integrated system. This meticulous integration not only leads to substantial savings compared to traditional telephone expenses but also nurtures a fluid and efficient channel of communication.

Moreover, a reasonable pairing of VoIP technology with a proficient phone answering service further amplifies a business's reach. With a  phone answering service, every incoming call is greeted with professionalism and care, enhancing customer satisfaction and building a positive company image.

As we unveil the top three VoIP providers for small businesses in 2023, we'll also underscore the pivotal role of an adept phone answering service in augmenting overall communication effectiveness.

Picks for Small Businesses

Top Picks for Small Businesses

Let's dive into the top three VoIP providers that have caught our attention in 2023:

1. Vonage: Seamless Communication at Your Fingertips

Vonage is a trusted name in the VoIP business, with a client base of over a hundred thousand businesses. Vonage boasts exceptional audio call quality and easy setup. The high-definition voice quality offers users an impressive communication experience.

The Vonage app is available for Android and iOS, ensuring communication on the go. Moreover, Vonage's integration capabilities with third-party software like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho provide an extra layer of versatility.

Furthermore, we must recognize the advantages of integrating Vonage's capabilities with an astute phone answering service. By amalgamating these two, businesses can harness the prowess of advanced VoIP and ensure that every interaction, whether virtual or vocal, radiates professionalism and attentiveness, augmenting customer satisfaction.

2. RingCentral: Unleashing the Power of VoIP

RingCentral is a prominent and established contender in the vibrant landscape of VoIP. RingCentral's acclaim can be attributed to its features catering to fundamental and sophisticated communication requisites.

The spectrum spans from conventional calling and SMS functionalities to voice email transcription, making it a solution under one roof. It can empower users with custom call-forwarding rules and extensions.

RingCentral has great messaging capabilities, facilitating seamless one-on-one communication and file sharing. In conjunction with RingCentral's prowess, you can uplift your game by integrating it with an adept phone answering service.

Such integration ensures that the technological channels and human interactions maintain a high standard of professionalism. This duality enhances customer engagement and nurtures client relationships.

3. Nextiva: Elevating VoIP Communication

Nextiva comes with impeccable voice quality, robust call management tools, and unparalleled customer support. With 24/7 customer assistance, businesses can navigate any challenges that arise. The admin portal stands out for its user-friendly guided onboarding process.

Nextiva caters to businesses of all sizes. The app's clean and minimalistic interface allows users to switch between desktop and mobile seamlessly. Features like consolidated communication threads and integration with various tools enhance its usability.

It's important to note that integrating a seasoned phone answering service into Nextiva's framework boosts its already commendable attributes.

By enlisting the support of a proficient answering service, businesses can guarantee that their communication channels—both digital and vocal—are of the highest standards of professionalism. A professional phone answering service will help businesses simplify their operational capacities and build client rapport.

Wow Customer Support for Phone Answering Services

You can benefit from round-the-clock availability, professional agents, customized scripts, message handling, and appointment scheduling with WOW Customer Support. Ensure seamless interactions that leave a lasting impression with WOW phone answering services.

From call routing to bilingual support, our scalable solutions cater to your unique needs while delivering detailed insights through comprehensive reporting. Elevate your customer service with WOW and reshape how you connect with your customers for enhanced satisfaction and business success.


The choice of a VoIP provider for your business hinges on your communication requisites and financial considerations. One should recognize that the domain of VoIP teems with diverse possibilities. While Vonage, RingCentral, and Nextiva each present distinct attributes, identifying the ideal match for your business can usher in elevated levels of efficiency. With the adept implementation of fitting VoIP software, your business can embark upon a new journey of seamless communication.

If you are searching for a proficient phone call answering service, look no further than WOW. With a proven track record of excellence, WOW offers top-tier phone answering solutions, ensuring every call is handled professionally and carefully. Elevate your customer experience by partnering with WOW for reliable, attentive phone answering services.

This blog is inspired by the video, ‘Best VoIP For Small Business // Top 3 Great Picks! (2023)’ by ‘Legendary Marketer.’

Live Phone Answering Services: Tips & Tricks on How to Improve Customer Service Efficiency

Improve Customer Service Efficiency

Customer support is the backbone of any business. It is essential to ensure that the customer is satisfied after-sales. An increasing number of business owners are investing time, money, and resources to ensure that the customer support services of their business are top-notch. Live phone answering services are one of the ideal ways to keep in touch with consumers and target users.

What Are Live Phone Answering Services?

Live phone answering services allow your consumers to speak with a natural person anytime they call your business. From the customers’ point of view, it can be frustrating when dealing with an automated voice message. Additionally, it can harm your business. It has spiked the demand for live phone answering services in the United States and globally.

Many business owners are taking advantage of live telephone answering services. Regardless of the nature and size, business owners are taking advantage of phone answering services. A section of them is partnering with a live telephone answering service provider. It is the perfect option for business owners on the growth path. It can go a long way in creating the first impression in the minds of consumers, besides strengthening your brand image.

Live Telephone Answering Service

Under virtual live telephone answering service, a range of services, including answering phone calls, call screening, and scheduling appointments to complete services offered by a receptionist, are shown. Listed below are a few benefits of a virtual live telephone answering service.

Call Screening

Before a call is transferred to a live phone answering agent, a virtual receptionist can ask a few basic screening questions to determine the intention and need of the caller. Accordingly, the call can be transferred, and simultaneously, the live phone answering agent is prepared for the call. 

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment scheduling feature is handy for business owners who depend on scheduling appointments. With live telephone answering services, you will never have to miss an appointment again. A virtual assistant will set and reschedule appointments for you.

Eliminate Spam

Automated calls, spam, and phishing calls and attempts waste time and resources. A virtual assistant who is a part of your live telephone answering service team will ensure that such calls are filtered and the ones that matter are passed. It can go a long way in increasing the productivity of your business.

Never Miss a Call Because Every Call Is Important

For a business, every call counts, thus making every call important. When you are out on a break or another call with a client, you may miss out on a call. However, with a live phone answering service, you can be assured that you do not miss a single call. Most live telephone answering service providers offer round-the-clock services and provide live phone answering services after office hours, on weekends, and holidays. The chances of you missing out on an important call are zero.

10 Ways To Have The Best Phone Answering Services Provider in the Industry

Best Phone Answering Services

Telephone answering services are designed to replace traditional in-house receptionists. These answering service firms handle phone calls and client queries during busy periods or when businesses are closed.

Telephone answering services

According to Google, 61% of customers believe it's essential to have a telephone answering service when purchasing a product. A comprehensive service will provide you with more than simply incoming and outbound call handling. 

Phone answering services may also arrange appointments, send emails, handle complex issues, and do a variety of other things. They provide support in this way, which can lead to repeat business and improved revenues.

Guide Your Outsourced Team

Your outsourced phone answering services staff functions as an extension of your company. Although virtual phone answering services handle your customers' queries, you still need to guarantee that they can offer the highest client satisfaction.

Below are some pointers to consider in developing a successful call answering service team.

Discuss Your Objectives

Each company has its own set of demands and issues. Therefore, your outsourced phone answering services staff must operate in line with your needs. Let them know what you anticipate from them so that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Make your goals clear, whether it's increasing social media participation, boosting customer happiness, or simplifying your call-answering services. To ensure success, work cooperatively with the team and develop a customized plan.

Make Your Team Efficient

Running a call center is not easy. People who work there must be skilled and efficient enough to interact with various people, including clients, partners, customers, workers, etc. Because they are paid hourly, you must ensure that the operations staff can easily devote certain hours every day to satisfy your company's phone answering demands. Most essential, the team's leader should have strong leadership and organizational abilities to manage members and assign work efficiently.

Hold Regular Meetings

Hold frequent meetings with your employees to ensure they understand and are up to date on all aspects of your organization. Keep track of the new team members and ensure they are taught to deliver on pace with the rest of the team.

You may also request that the phone answering service provider offer you consumer feedback and other relevant reviews about your products or services so that you can focus on areas that want improvement. Wow Customer Support is an excellent option if you wish to outsource your phone answering services to an efficient contact center.

contact center

Establish Effective Communication Channels

An onboarding process is a great approach to creating communication links between your phone answering service company and your business. You will be able to avoid future misinterpretations or miscommunications if you agree with the outsourced phone answering service firm on the modes and methods of communication. 

At the outset of the company partnership, you need to provide:

  • Constant Communication
  • Frequent Check-ins
  • Open environment
  • Clear Instructions

Furthermore, providing the contact information of your office or call center manager with the call answering service provider is a good method to preserve healthy collaboration.

Keen Understanding Between Partners

The understanding and harmony amongst the many people involved in a business are crucial to its success. While your call center agents and workers work hard every day to keep your business running smoothly, stakeholders are just as vital. Bring all of these groups together to help them grasp the company's aims and duties to one another. 

Therefore, one of the finest methods to bring them all together is to hold a performance evaluation. Your call center agents/head may be provided call predictions at this period, and answered calls may be examined. Furthermore, when your phone answering services firm is kept up to date on your company's goals, goods, and services, they can operate to their best capacity.

Motivate and Praise Your Outsourced Team

Motivate your call answering service team to work as hard for you as they do for huge corporations. Encourage them to show their passion and inspire them to produce quality on every call. When your call answering service crew is passionate, your clients will receive the greatest service possible, and your business will thrive.

It is critical to maintain good morale and motivation as a business owner. By publicly recognizing individual and team successes, you indicate that you are aware of and care about the performance of your team. Recognizing accomplishments may improve performance and increase productivity.

Ensure Services Even on Holidays

On vacations, phone answering service companies like Wow Customer Support have made it simpler for businesses to relax their customers' requirements and concerns. Even if your office is closed for the holidays, call answering services provide a remote facility to keep your business phone lines operational. 

This type of surprise service to clients will leave a lasting impression on the company. They will consider your company "totally operating," There will be no need to deal with missed calls.

Acquire Call Verification Services

An automated response service can provide several advantages to businesses. Verification services are one such excellent benefit. You may request this service from the agency since their virtual specialists understand how to verify and review the client's calls before passing them to the organization. It's a great way to provide clients with customized services.

Customer Support Outside Office Hours

Request that the phone answering service company provide customer service after hours.

It would be unrealistic to expect you to sit at your office desk and answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, what is the solution for providing after-hours support and resolving client issues? What if they need assistance right away? 

In this case, the option is to use an automated phone answering service to support consumers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The virtual assistant is an amazing workplace solution that assists firms in gathering critical information from clients while collecting messages for callers who may wait for a response the following day.

Bring Mistakes to Attention

You might expect small hitches and blunders when working with an outsourced phone answering service provider. It is critical to understand that no contact center or answering service is flawless, but they must be courteous and professional when faults and errors are brought to their notice. 

The outsourced call answering service should always follow good call etiquette. It's critical to understand whether your service provider is familiar with what your company offers, so having some recommendations will help them serve your customers a lot better.

call answering

Your Phone Answering Services Provider Should Deliver Good Service

Your business determines the assistance you require from a call answering services provider. You will certainly want phone answering services around the clock if you provide medical services because a medical emergency might occur. Inquire whether the phone answering service offers 24-hour help and, if so, how much it costs. It'd be much better if they provided live phone answering services. 

In reality, today, regardless of the products or services they offer, businesses seek 24/7 assistance to connect with their consumers and achieve a competitive advantage. In fact, after a favorable customer service experience, 89% of consumers are more inclined to make another purchase.

Here are the few things you should look for when choosing the right telephone answering service provider:

Skilled Staff

This is another crucial consideration when selecting a phone answering service. Call center representatives should be well-trained to handle a wide range of consumers while being polite and smooth with each one. Call representatives should also have an unrivaled desire to help consumers.

Above all, they must be acquainted with your industry, products/services, and expectations. While they must grasp your processes and procedures, they must also protect your brand's image. Efficiency is important for any service, and call answering services are no exception. They should assist you in building your business and answering your clients on time.

Company Background

It might be prudent to review the company's previous phone answering records. Have they catered to your rivals or comparable businesses? What is their area of expertise? How well have they served their clients thus far? These are the questions you should ask before proceeding with one. 

If they have previous relevant experience, they can undoubtedly exceed your expectations because they are already familiar with the industry you are working in.

phone answering records

Wrapping Up

The recommendations provided above might assist you in developing an amazing phone answering service team in which you can take pleasure. Integrating all of these criteria can work wonders if you plan to build one or are already working on one.

Wow Customer Support strives to give our clients the finest phone answering services. To match the demands of today's clients, we have a committed crew that is enthusiastic about customer service and provides 24/7 live phone answering services. We are phone call specialists that are dependable and inexpensive. Get in touch with us today for expert and specialized call answering services!

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Tips on How to Never Miss A Call With the Best Answering Telephone Services

Tips on How to Never Miss A Call With the Best Answering Telephone Services

Fast-paced businesses require quick-witted actions to better serve their customers. When it comes to building customer relationships, this becomes imperative. Even with a seemingly small phone call answering task, the best must be offered. It’s what the customers rely on. It’s how they can easily connect with you and establish a connection. Establishing this connection makes them feel that they are your priority.

This is why you must never deprive your company of the best answering telephone services. If you got the right company to provide this, you’ll never miss a call. 

You know you’ve got the best answering telephone services through these tips:

Screening Calls 

We know that there might be some mischievous callers who do not intend to avail your product or services. You waste time by continuously catering to these. Moreover, there might be some calls that need thorough screening to know their right designation in your company. Therefore, you have to get a service that will customize screening calls as suitable to your taste. Get them to decline, ban, and accept calls as preferred by your company.

Recording Answers

Welcoming customers becomes as important as answering their questions or catering to their concerns. However, this could not vary and can be recorded for an efficient service. Repetitive inquiries or concerns must also be answered in a time-efficient manner. You know you have the right company to cater to your telephone answering needs if they know that they can use IVR technology to do this. They must know that this must be timed and they know what message to relay to customers for waiting time. 

Setting appointments

Receiving phone calls is not just the service that the best company can offer you. They must be able to adjust to your needs, especially when you need to take some notes on your appointments. Appointment setting and calendar management can come hand-in-hand. This lets you focus on your business operations. 

Supporting Customers with Their All-Around Needs

Customers must be a priority. Their needs must be met no matter what aspect they might fall under. If they need their questions answered, a specific issue resolved, or they need technical assistance, your telephone answering services company must be able to cater to them. 

Distributing Calls

We know how there might be some calls that need redirecting to the office which they must be relayed to. Someone who will answer calls for you must know the right time sequence, order of the direction, availability of the office, and prioritization of the calls directed to other departments. 

Analyzing Call Statistics

Answering calls won’t get you the sales you want if they are not analyzed. This is why you need to know how much your availed services can offer you when it comes to data analytics as well. This lets you know the bests and worsts of every aspect of your telephone answering services. More importantly, they tell you which is which when it comes to getting profit conversions from these calls. 

Some telephone answering services offer these already. There might be too many that you don’t know which suits you best. Do not worry. There are some unique considerations you should not forget. 

Which suits you best? Find their unique selling proposition in these details: 

Secures your data 

They must follow international standards when it comes to handling your business's data. This way, you know that your business information is not getting anywhere but within your company.

Active 24/7 

Get someone to do phone calls answering for you no matter the load, season, time, and weight of the calls. This leaves an impression to your customers that you are 100% dedicated to catering to their needs.

Does not trick you into spending more 

Be careful out there. There might be some offers that appear to trick you into spending more than the presented charges. They get to trap you into their other services that you might not even need.

Offers a plan 

You need someone who will assess your needs and wants. They know what’s best for you and they will offer you the best plan for the best telephone answering services.

Boosts sales without the unnecessary costs 

Although there might be a lot of cheap services in the market, you have to ensure that you are getting the most cost-efficient one. They must be concerned with reaching key performance indicators as to why they front themselves as the best telephone answering services company. You might want to try computing this for yourself here: http://cost-reduction.vserve.co/

There is a lot to consider when it comes to getting the best. However, you will not know unless you try, right? Right now you might be focused on a certain aspect of phone call answering services. But, with the right company, you do not have to worry about any aspect. It will all come naturally. Your customers might even wonder why you never miss a beat of their calls. You might want to start by actually subscribing and getting the best telephone answering service out there. 

Still in doubt? Three additional but essential characteristics a telephone answering service must possess are written here: 

Make sure they offer for small businesses

Newbies in the business must not fear getting help from others. In reality, they are the most needing help. This is why the best telephone answering service should not look at the size of the business. What they are mostly concerned about is how they can provide the optimum service for their clients. Their service must match your budget as well. As small businesses often cannot generate large funds immediately. Talk to them for the best package or deal.

Past/relevant experience

There could be a lot of companies that will front themselves as the best telephone answering service company. Be careful. Ensure that you can assess their abilities through relevant and past experience. This will help you choose the best service. However, even though they could have a lot of experience, these experiences must be checked if it matches your business’s industry. Their expertise must be aligned with how you do your business. This will screen the companies and will make your choices smaller.

Well-Equipped infrastructure or technology

Living in the 21st century where technology is quickly advancing tells us that we must be able to cope with it. It’s what is in trend. Coping with the trends ensures that we provide the best for our customers. To do this, you have to get a telephone answering service with a well-equipped infrastructure or technology when it comes to their service provision. 

Many businesses fall into the bait of marketing strategies of telephone answering services claiming that they are the best out there. You have to be vigilant. There might be times when we cannot tell who is telling us the truth when it comes to being the best in this industry. However, all of the above-mentioned indicators would inform us of what to look out for and what to consider. If you are still having a hard time finding what suits you best, consider reading more and indulging yourself in articles. Try this “7 effortless ways to find effective call answering services provider” article.

How can your eCommerce Company benefit from professional Phone Answering Services

How can your eCommerce Company benefit from professional Phone Answering Service

As the head of an eCommerce business, you must know that customer engagement and connection is extremely important. The way you nurture the relationship with your user base will directly impact your bottom line.

Balancing out the day-to-day operations of running the business with your customers' communication needs can be extremely difficult. And each time you drop the ball, the repercussions ripple like a wave.

More and more eCommerce brands are realizing the benefits of hiring phone answering services to take care of their customers. And also to give their audiences constant support and a more personalized experience. Let’s look over some of these benefits and why letting someone else answer the phone for you is better than doing it yourself.

7 Clear-Cut Benefits of Hiring Phone Answering Services

Never miss an opportunity

When you work with a phone answering service, you'll never miss a call again. One phone call may finish a sale that has been on the verge of happening for a long time, and sometimes that one call is all it takes to gain a longtime supporter or lose them. 85% of people never call again if their calls aren’t answered.

You'll never have to worry about disappointing a customer or missing an important message because you'll be safe in the knowledge that a dedicated professional receptionist will accept your calls.

Customers nowadays shop around. It's simple for them to go on and call your rivals if they can't reach you, which is why it’s so important that you never miss an important call. If you have a Phone answering service for small business agent, you won’t have to worry about that.

Increase your productivity

Every call is an opportunity to provide excellent customer service and raise income, but picking up the phone is a distraction you don't need, especially if you're in the middle of a meeting or working on a major project. A telephone answering service is an excellent approach to filter and redirect calls so that you and your team can focus on your customers’ demands while still addressing their queries.

Do you have trouble keeping track of your schedule?

Virtual phone answering services can also assist you in organizing your calendar and diary software. This means they'll make, cancel, and reschedule appointments on your behalf.

This is a terrific technique to decrease stress and distractions and ensure that you complete more chores.

Provide customer service 24/7

A telephone answering service can be utilized for calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for overflow assistance, or for after-hours coverage, depending on your company's needs. In this instant-access era, it's critical to be on top of your business 24x7. Having a live person available to assist your clients even when the actual office is closed can only help you maintain your competitive edge.

Virtual phone answering specialists may perform other activities such as faxing, accepting payments, and transferring phone calls to the relevant parties.

Also, phone answering services may make appointments for your clients in addition to taking calls at any time. Instead of pressing buttons to reach the appropriate department, customers are immediately linked to a live person who can schedule appointments for your clients, giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Reduce the costs and time spent on calls

It's expensive and time-consuming to hire an in-house team to handle your calls. On top of all the normal HR and business hassles, you'll need to acquire a workspace, recruit workers, and purchase a phone system. Even if you can afford the wages, hiring full-time employees to avoid missed calls or lower service quality at peak periods can be extremely inconvenient during the hours, or even days, when they aren't needed. A call answering service gives you the freedom to scale up or down your usage as your business needs change, and there are no hidden costs.

It's important to understand that even if you hire someone to answer the phones, you'll still have to spend time responding to client demands. This will take your attention away from your main goal: expanding your business.

Hiring a telephone answering service will help you and your staff save time. This will free you up to focus on initiatives that will help you increase sales and expand your company.

Furthermore, a telephone answering service is less expensive than hiring an in-house team. If you recruit an in-house staff, you'll have to invest a significant amount of money on salary and employee perks, bonuses, payroll taxes, workers' compensation coverage, and other costs.

Give customers a great impression

A telephone answering service strengthens solid customer connections and maintains a high-quality professional image, whether you're a startup or an established company. Your client relationship begins the moment you answer the phone, and it will make all the difference.

The corporate world's dynamics have shifted. The modern customer prefers to do business with well-established companies and know what they're doing, and roughly 80% of business takes place over the phone.

A virtual phone answering service might help your company appear larger than it is. This will give your brand's identity and voice some validity, making it easier for clients to trust you. A virtual phone answering specialist, as previously said, is trained to handle all customers professionally.

As a result, you can be confident that they'll uphold and strengthen the image and reputation you've established.

Personalize the customer experience

As previously mentioned, phone answering may be both time-consuming and frustrating. This makes providing individualized services to your consumers challenging for your in-house receptionists.

Virtual live phone answering service professionals understand how to deduce clients' demands based on previous interactions. They're also taught how to connect with customers on an emotional level. This makes it simple for them to give tailored services to your clients.

Even better, these agencies take the time to research your company so that they can match you with virtual experts who are familiar with your industry, clientele, and goals.

As a result, you can rest confidently that your customers will always receive knowledgeable and individualized care.

After all, your customers are the lifeblood of your company. And you would want to recruit someone who can respond to your customers' questions professionally and build long-term connections with them.

Virtual phone answering specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to build a strong, credible relationship with consumers.

They'll assist you in converting your leads into genuine, long-term clients.

Make your brand stronger

In today's world, your brand is similar to your company's personality. It informs potential clients about who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Your brand comprises visual features like your logo, your tone of voice, and the values you express in many facets of your interactions with consumers and your target audience.

Customer service and the initial point of contact are important aspects of your brand. If someone attempts to call your business and no one answers, it does not reflect well on your company and, as a result, your brand. It implies that your business does not appreciate its clients. On the other hand, if a phone is answered by a highly professional and skilled receptionist with years of experience and relevant industry expertise, it speaks volumes about your company's image.

One of the advantages of using a Phone answering service for small business is that it may help you stand out from the crowd. Having a good phone manner may directly influence your brand and, as a result, the money generated by your company. If you ever decide to sell your company, the power of the brand will almost always determine the firm's value.


Running a business is truly a balancing act, but you can’t do it all yourself. Some things you have to delegate, or you run the risk of letting some aspects of your business falter. By delegating your Live call answering service to a company that handles such services, you can free up a lot of time while also providing your customers with a better service available 24/7. If you want a company that provides excellent phone answering services, you’ll want to work with WoW customer support. Our customer service teams will handle each and every call with professionalism and care, ensuring your customers get the service they deserve.

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7 Proven Call Answering Services Best Practices in 2021

7 Proven Call Answering Services Best Practices in 2021

Managing call answering services is no easy job. Effective management requires hard work, strategic vision, employee motivation, and the ability to make hard decisions and several other factors.

Leaders in the call center industry need to be acquainted with all the aspects of call centers and should be able to work within the budget. However, at times, all this can be quite overwhelming. Hence, to help the call center leaders get out of this situation with ease, a list of 7 best practices that every phone answering services company should implement in 2021 to manage call centers effectively.

1.  Always Prioritize Customer Experience

Customer experience was and will always be the most important aspect of any business. Businesses are now focusing on differentiating themselves based on the customer experience they offer. Customers prefer to buy more products/services from businesses providing better customer experience than the competitors. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is the only way to retain your customers and convert customers into a reliable source of revenue year after year.

Inbound call centers play an important role in providing such an experience. Hence, a phone answering services agency should design the whole process keeping the customers in mind. From training the agents to establishing their KPIs, everything should be focused on improving customer experience.

2. Use the Right Technology and Tools

Technological advancements have helped inbound call centers automate the whole process. For example, interactive voice response can automate general processes, eliminating the requirement for customers to communicate with an agent for minute inquiries, such as checking balance, paying bills, checking the order status, and other tasks that IVR systems can handle.

Furthermore, chatbots can help customers with some general questions. If the customer requires the assistance of the customer relationship team, the chatbot can transfer the whole communication to the agent, reducing the time and efforts of the agents. In addition, speech analytics can screen all the calls to recognize issues and queries that require further attention. These self-servicing techniques can be highly beneficial for live phone answering services, as automation can reduce the overall traffic by decreasing labour cost, reducing time, improving accuracy while enhancing customer experience.

3. Establish a Strong Onboarding Process

Hiring is just the first step towards employing an agent in your telephone answering services agency. While it is an important part, companies can eliminate mistakes in hiring by establishing a strong employee onboarding process.

They should emphasize training new employees how to handle complaints and queries of customers. Most inbound calls will be related to various complaints. Hence, new hires must be prepared well to handle these complaints from the beginning. The employees should be motivated to find complaints as an opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service. A strong onboarding process will help your new hires handle all types of calls with ease. The employees who have performed exceptionally well in the past can also help new hires get familiar with the process and policies to provide quality services.  

4. Use Customer Feedback to Improve Performance

Customer feedback is important to analyze the performance of your agents. Therefore, companies should encourage the customers to provide their feedback at the end of every call. This will help the outsourced phone answering agents improve their performance by evaluating their mistakes and implementing important suggestions received from the customers.

Most people don't submit their feedback until they aren't asked for it. According to research, only one out of 26 unsatisfied customers provide their feedback. Hence, the phone answering services agency should not consider the absence of feedback as satisfaction. Moreover, these unsatisfied customers will inform around 15 other people about their experience.

5. Provide Omnichannel Support

Companies should make it easy for customers to connect with you through any device. Allow customers to connect with you using their cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Evolve your inbound call center to help customers connect through multiple channels. Equip the agents with integrated communication tools to deliver exceptional satisfaction. With omnichannel support, callers can avail themselves of the comfort to connect with the call center agents using their preferred device or platform. This will provide them with a better experience and increased chances of satisfaction.

Do you find yourself at crossroads while implementing omnichannel support for your customers? Our experts can help you out.

6. Use VoIP technology to Scale your Agents

Use a cloud phone system to allow your team of agents to work from anywhere they want. These systems include VoIP that lets the agents communicate with the customers using devices connected to the internet. In addition, cloud phone systems allow agents to work from the comfort of their homes, helping companies save on office space and installing expensive infrastructure.

Using VoIP, inbound call centers can avail the services of high-performing agents even when they cannot commute to the office location. In addition, call answering services agencies using VoIP can hire agents from anywhere globally and would not have to depend only on the local population.

7. Use More Interactive Methods to Provide Better Assistance

Inbound phone answering services companies usually handle the problems and complaints of the customers. Use interactive tools that allow screen sharing and screenshots to assist your customers in resolving their problems. Simply speaking, the instructions on call may add to more confusion. Hence, use screenshots and screen sharing wherever possible to help customers navigate complex tools and problems.

When your agents use screen sharing and screenshots to resolve customer's complaints, they have a better chance of providing satisfactory solutions even to the customers who are less familiar with the technology. This allows call centers to enjoy a better experience in less time.

To Conclude -

These are the 7 best practices that every inbound call center should implement in 2021 to enhance customer experience and provide satisfactory assistance to the customers. Moreover, these practices would help you manage your inbound call center effectively.

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7 Effortless Ways to Find Effective Call Answering Services Provider

Call Answering Services

A call answering service is as important as your business itself. If chosen right, a call answering service enables you to scale new heights while making your customers come back to you. Phone answering services are all over the place but you need to check out whether they are capable enough to handle your business transactions and deliver excellence.

If you are looking for phone answering services, here are ways to find an efficient one:

The Telephone answering services should offer attractive pricing.

Look for call answering services that offer affordable pricing. Most of them try to woo you by projecting their sales but do not get carried away by their sugary talks. Check their pricing, go through their payment terms and conditions and ensure to read the fine print. Chances are that some points may not have been communicated to you orally! Check for the possible hidden charges, setup charges, and cancellation fee if any before you decide to go with them.

The call answering services company should provide excellent support

The support you need from a call answering services provider depends upon the type of business you are running. If you are into medical services, obviously you will need phone answering services round the clock since a medical emergency can arise anytime. Enquire whether the call answering company provides round the clock support and whether they charge extra for it. It would be even great if they offer live phone answering services. In fact, businesses today, regardless of the kind of products or services they are into prefer 24/7 support in order to get close to their customers and gain an edge over their competitors.

Do they offer phone answering services for small businesses?

There are several call answering services that operate based on the size of businesses. So, if you are a new entrepreneur or running your business on a small scale, check whether they provide their services for your volume. If so, make sure their pricing for small businesses is competitive and does not hit your wallet hard. You are also recommended not to look at the pricing factor alone. Since you will be growing, you will require more and better phone answering services in the future and the company you choose for the purpose should come with the skills required for it.

The call answering services firm must maintain your customer’s privacy

Heading an organization is a big responsibility. As a business owner, you should also know that maintaining the privacy of your customers is not only a legal responsibility but a moral obligation as well. So, when you are looking to hire a phone answering agency, make sure to test their professionalism.

The phone answering agents should not disclose the information pertaining to your customers and ensure confidentiality. Even if there is a slight mishandling or leakage of customer data, you may lose your reputation in the industry. Once lost, it is hard to earn name and fame again. So, ensure to outsource your call answering to an expert agency that comes with an unparalleled commitment and responsibility.

Trained Staff

This is another important factor when choosing a phone answering agency. The call service agents should be highly trained to attend to varied kinds of customers while being pleasant and smooth with each one of them. The call agents should also come with an unmatched passion to serve customers.

Most importantly, they must be familiarized with your industry, products/services, and your expectations. While they should understand your processes and set procedures, your brand image must also be secured. Efficiency largely matters for any service and it is no different for call answering services. They should support your business, help you grow and respond to your customers on time.

Past/Relevant Experience

It would be a good idea to check the phone answering the company’s past records. Have they catered to your competitors or businesses similar to yours? What is their expertise? How efficiently have they delivered to their customers so far? These are the questions you need to ask before you decide to go ahead with one. If they come with relevant experience in the past, they certainly can meet your expectations since they are already familiar with the industry you are operating in.

Well equipped with infrastructure and technology

This is the era of devices and the internet. Customers can call in anytime and expect you to be available to offer outstanding and immediate service. It is therefore essential that your phone answering service team be equipped with all that is necessary to offer top-class customer service. They should possess the dedicated infrastructure and have state of the art technology to deliver the best for your business.

Final Thoughts

At Wow Customer Support, we have well-qualified call answering agents that are trained to the highest standards. We offer 24/7 personalized support and practice the best in the industry while setting benchmarks! For professional and specialized call answering services, get in touch with us!!

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