Phone Answering Services

Customizable support for your customers with our robust phone answering service!

In today's world, customers expect to be able to reach you instantly. Running a small or medium-sized business means you often play multiple roles. With such a hectic schedule, it is tough to answer calls and queries of your customers to provide optimum customer care services.

That's where Wow customer support comes in! We understand the importance of handling customer calls quickly and efficiently. We offer reliable and quality phone answering services for businesses. Customers prefer live phone answering services to specify their queries and doubts than an automated Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRS). Our team of calling agents are rigorously trained to deliver exceptional support to your customers. By choosing our services, you can be assured that an expert is available at all times to take all your important business calls. 

  • Each call will be instantly responded to with professionalism and clear communication with our round-the-clock answering services.
  • Our expertly trained call agents will screen calls, note messages, answer queries, schedule appointments, and provide customer support.
  • We leverage advanced tools, resources, and guidelines to deliver high-quality phone answering support for business growth.

Phone Answering Services that we provide 

Call screening

Your business will have total control over who may contact you by phone with our customized call screening services. Our call agents will accept, decline, or ban particular phone numbers and put others on hold as per your requirements.

Record and deliver messages

You may play a welcome to the caller as soon as the call connects using IVR technology or a calling agent. The welcome message might include the average wait time as well as other valuable information to the caller that is customizable as per your requirements. 

Set appointments

We will answer calls to take appointments for you. Our team will schedule and set appointments and manage the calendar for you efficiently. You can focus on your business tasks by relying on our appointment setting services. 

Customer service and technical support

We will provide all-around customer and technical support for your customers. From answering general queries to resolving specific issues, our team will ensure that your customers receive dedicated support.

Call distribution services

Our expert call agents can provide you with call distribution services that are accurate and error-free. Calls can be routed to various agents based on availability, sequentially, randomly, or in order of priority. We use the most up-to-date tools and technology to provide high-quality call distribution services.

Call analytics

Our staff has the necessary skills and knowledge to give clients weekly, monthly, and quarterly call statistics for each project. Our reports may assist customers in making important business choices as well as improving overall operations and procedures.

What's Unique about Wow Customer Support Services

24 * 7 Live answering service

During busy times, a live answering service allows your firm to react to every call immediately. Whether you have an unexpectedly large amount of calls, seasonal services, or have team members on leave, you can count on every call to be answered and addressed by us.

Data Security

Outsource live phone answering services to us, and rest assured that your data is safe with our system. We are ISO 27001: 2013 certified to meet your safety and security needs.

No Hidden Charges

Instead of paying a fixed wage for an in-house team who may otherwise be unproductive during slow periods, you just pay for responding to calls you get. Bundles are offered for small companies on a call-by-call basis as well as monthly packages.

Ramp up to 40% on demand

There's no need to hire and train new employees when your company expands. Instead, you might switch to a different plan that better fits your company's goals.

Price Starting from $7 per FTE/Hour

We believe in a low cost, high-value pricing model. Our pricing models are inclusive of full-management support along with a dedicated SPOC for the client.

Phone Answering Software We Use -

Benefits of Outsourcing Phone Answering Services to Us

By outsourcing phone answering services, you can enhance customer relations significantly. 

  • By outsourcing phone answering services, you do not need to train employees in this department. You can also capitalize on the time and resources you save by outsourcing to experts instead of managing your in-house phone answering team
  • Your business can manage fluctuating and huge volumes of calls from customers. A dedicated team will handle multiple calls at the same time with the right script.
  • You will get access to high-quality services at a cost-effective plan when you outsource call answering services.  

Outsource phone answering services to us! 

Wow customer support offers phone answering service for businesses 24/7, at affordable pricing. We aim to resolve customer issues and enhance the business reputation of our clients. Our live phone answering services have been created to provide the best customer service to your clients. With flexible services and customizable options, we are one of the leading phone answering service companies in the markets. Our clients have repeatedly chosen us because they have seen significant value in what we do.

With our robust live phone answering services, your business can greet each caller smoothly!

Why choose WOW Customer Support


Our Client Says

“Our e-commerce start-up needed a boost in customer support, but we were low on funds to invest. We came across Wow Customer Support and were impressed by their range of affordable chat support service. Their 24*7 chat support helped us establish a firm footing in the market.”


Head - Customer OperationsOne of the top ecommerce store specializes in Pharmaceutical products from Miami,FL
“Since joining hands with Wow Customer Support, we have experienced upward growth in sales and customer retention. The webchat solution offered by the company is just WOW!”


CEO A high quality home accessories retailer from New Orleans,LA


What are the benefits of an answering service for small businesses?

By choosing call answering services, you can increase leads, expand your availability, increase productivity, and enhance client satisfaction.

What are some problems that indicate my business needs a call answering service?

If your business is unable to keep up with incoming calls, responds slowly, and is costing you time and money, then you need to choose call answering services to manage the calls.

What do I need to get started with call answering services for my small business?

You need to understand your requirements before outsourcing call answering services. This way, you will be able to utilize the resources in the right way for your business.