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Maintaining 24x7 live chat services can take a toll on your funds especially if you are just starting out. This is where we can extend our services for your company growth. We can provide instant live chat support services for your business 24x7. If you’re wondering why chat support is necessary for your business, here’s why-

Smartphones have become the norm today. And with smartphones and fast internet, different messaging services have become quite popular. And within a short span, instant messaging has become one of the most preferred means of communication. In fact, many people prefer messages instead of making calls. Messaging is all about convenience. Also, it’s about faster communication, and the interactive nature of this communication gives it a human touch. In the digital world, everything might seem impersonal, but messaging is a great way to establish two-way instant communication. When you integrate live chat support services with your existing customer support, the customer experience gets instantly elevated.

Subsequently, we also ensure to follow all company aspects to maintain your brand’s identity and support your policies to provide quality service to your customers.

Here are a few benefits of using live chat support services for your business-


In this digital world, establishing trust is not easy; and there’s no faster way than a human conversation. When you provide live chat services, your brand enjoys instant credibility in the eyes of the customer. Having someone to talk to takes the pressure off digital transactions.


We live in a fast-paced world where everybody expects instant results. Therefore, when customers have questions, they don’t like waiting too long to get the answers. With live chat support services, customers can get almost immediate answers to their queries. Thus, the wait time gets reduced significantly, and the customers feel they are in control of the conversation. Furthermore, 79% of our customers agreed that they use live chats because it’s quicker and easier to communicate.


Live chat services make customers feel valued. Instead of waiting in a long queue to get their questions answered, live chat support makes the customers feel their queries are important to you. Knowing that they are interacting with an actual person can put them at ease.


It has been statistically proven that better conversations with the buyers help in increasing conversions. Research has shown that even slight delays in answers can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Having their queries answered immediately makes customers more inclined to hit the buy button. Also, knowing that they have access to after-sales support through instant chats increases their comfort level in taking the conversion action.


Customers need information on the go. A customer that comes looking for an answer can be given information or redirected to the right place on the website. Using live chat support services can help your customers in real-time and make the conversion seamless and successful.


When you extend support to the customers on live chat support, you get instant feedback from them. Customers can respond on whether they have found the support helpful, and even rate their interaction with the support agent. These replies can be analyzed to understand and further improve the live chat experience.


Live chat support services are the most efficient ways of customer support services. Not only is it instantaneous, but the agents can also handle multiple queries at the same time, improving the overall efficiency. Compared to other services such as email or telephone, this kind of flexibility isn’t possible.


Why choose WOW Customer Support

We at WOW aim to help your business grow through our services. We provide excellent live chat support services for customer support. With over ten years of comprehensive customer service experience, we can proudly say we are one of the best live chat service providers in the industry. Our live chat support services aim to enhance customer satisfaction to help your business grow.


Our Client Says

“Our e-commerce start-up needed a boost in customer support, but we were low on funds to invest. We came across Wow Customer Support and were impressed by their range of affordable chat support service. Their 24*7 chat support helped us establish a firm footing in the market.”


Head - Customer OperationsOne of the top ecommerce store specializes in Pharmaceutical products from Miami,FL
“Since joining hands with Wow Customer Support, we have experienced upward growth in sales and customer retention. The webchat solution offered by the company is just WOW!”


CEO A high quality home accessories retailer from New Orleans,LA


What is live chat support?

Live chat services help customers get access to instant information to their queries by having text-based conversations with support teams via the web. The live chat software gets embedded into their website where customers can send in their queries and either a company representative or AI Bot can quickly answer them.

Can you provide services for more than one website?

Yes, our chat services are available for as many websites as you need. Just let us know your requirements and we shall customize your subscription plan accordingly.

What are the advantages of having chat support services?

In current times, live chat services have become an integral part in providing a good customer experience as it allows you to connect with your customers in real-time. This helps boost customer satisfaction and thus impacts your business growth. A few advantages of chat support services are-

  • They help you personalize your brand
  • Automate services that don’t need personal attention
  • Record customer data
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Optimizes conversions and efficiency
  • Reduces costs on labor
  • Gives a competitive edge to your business