Chat Support Services

Enhance your customers’ experience with our exceptional live chat support services

If you are looking for scalable chat support services to provide timely service to your clients, then live chat service is the right choice for you. By providing live chat services, your brand can gain credibility by establishing trust with your customers. Due to the instantaneous nature of the live chats, the communication is seamless. Approximately 79% of our customers agreed to use live chats because it’s quicker and easier to communicate.

Chat Support Services

This is where we can extend our services for your business growth. By choosing Wow customer support’s live chat services, you can gain:

  • Personalized and professional chat services round-the-clock 24x7
  • Expertly trained chat support team to meet all customer needs, queries, and feedback
  • Firm grasp of words and language to ensure precise communication

Real-time 24/7 chat Support

Price starting at $7 per FTE/Hour

Guaranteed Cost savings upto 60%

ISO 27001:2013

Live Chat Support Services that we provide for your business growth

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with expert live chat support services by Wow Customer Support.

Customer inquiries and resolution live chat

Our team of chat support executives will communicate with your site visitors at all times. Adhering to strict guidelines and customized chat manuals - our team will be able to handle all your customer inquiries, grievances, and questions. Whether it is technical assistance or general queries - they will respond rapidly and provide adequate responses at every point. 

Lead generation and follow-up chat

Our team will expertly use their training and knowledge of your business to generate leads. Our chat executives will learn about your business, products, and services to provide information to customers accurately in the most favorable manner to increase your conversion rates. We will also initiate follow-up chats with your customers to retain them.

Inbound customer support 

Our team will promptly provide customer support through diverse inbound channels. With our experience and tailored approach, we will convert your customer queries into actual sales. 

Order processing and management live chat

With our order processing, management, and fulfilment chat services, you ensure that your customers are well-informed about their orders at all times. Our tailored chat services will provide your customers with handy information on order pickup, timeline, delivery, billing, and other information. In addition, we will quickly respond to and resolve all order-related queries. 

Vserve believes in using the latest technology and tools to minimize manual work and improve productivity.

tools to minimize manual work and improve productivity

Benefits of Outsourcing Live Chat Support Services to Us

Live chat support services require a skilled team to handle the customers. Since it involves direct interaction with the customers, the communication must be seamless by the support team. 

  • Outsourcing your chat support services can ensure that the team is skilled and experienced at handling customers. 
  • Live chat support requires instantaneous and accurate replies; by outsourcing this service to us, you can be assured that the support is 24/7
  • Relying on professionals for chat support means that you can allocate your resources and time to other aspects of business operations.

Call Center Software that we use -

Outsource live chat services to us!

At Wow customer support, we aim to help your business grow through our stellar chat support services. We have a robust and secure SSL-based chat mechanism for maximum data privacy. Our infrastructure ensures that we can easily handle simultaneous and large volumes of chats for better conversion rates. Our team’s ten years of experience and quality assurance will guarantee you exceptional customer support. 

Choose our live chat support services to enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate your business growth.

Why choose WOW Customer Support


Outsource Chat Support Services to WOW Customer Support

We at WOW aim to help your business grow through our services. We provide excellent live chat support services for customer support. With over ten years of comprehensive customer service experience, we can proudly say we are one of the best live chat service providers in the industry. Our live chat support services aim to enhance customer satisfaction to help your business grow. CLICK HERE to Contact us.


Our Client Says

“Our e-commerce start-up needed a boost in customer support, but we were low on funds to invest. We came across Wow Customer Support and were impressed by their range of affordable chat support service. Their 24*7 chat support helped us establish a firm footing in the market.”


Head - Customer OperationsOne of the top ecommerce store specializes in Pharmaceutical products from Miami,FL
“Since joining hands with Wow Customer Support, we have experienced upward growth in sales and customer retention. The webchat solution offered by the company is just WOW!”


CEO A high quality home accessories retailer from New Orleans,LA


What is live chat support?

Live chat support enables consumers to get instant information to their queries by having text-based conversations with support teams via the web.

Why do you need live chat support services?

Live chat services allow you to connect with your customers in real-time and boost customer satisfaction.

How to opt for live chat support services?

To implement live chat support services for your business, you can choose a specialized company to outsource the services to. This will yield personalized and professional live chat support for your customers.