Inbound Call Centre

Experience the Wow Customer Support's Difference with our expert inbound call center services. Now at Just $7/Hour

In the current context, customers are increasingly seeking instant responses to their queries and quick resolutions. This is why established inbound call center services are going to be indispensable for your business. The professional call agents will monitor the calls round-the-clock and ensure that all calls are answered. Additionally, they will use their experience to resolve adequately and respond to all customer queries. With inbound call center services, you can retain a loyal customer base.

Outsourced Inbound Call Center Services

Our services will ensure that your business responds to incoming calls with unparalleled professionalism and expertise. Wow Customer Support's dedicated agents will handle calls from your customers efficiently. We will seamlessly handle all customer calls, minimize call abandonment rates, and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. At Wow, our inbound customer service team is operational 24x7 through multiple channels. 

Our key inbound call center features:

  • Our team will be deeply familiar and knowledgeable about your products and services to answer your customers' queries. 
  • We have comprehensive experience in delivering inbound call services for a global customer base. 
  • We will strictly adhere to SLAs and ensure that you avail of top-notch inbound call center services. 

What Inbound Call Center Services that we provide at WOW?

The Wow Customer Support team will identify customers' needs, clarify information, research issues, and promptly provide solutions. 

- Call Answering Services

Wow's round-the-clock phone answering services will ensure an expert available for your customers at all times. We will answer the calls by maintaining the highest quality standards. Our experience is diverse, ranging from eCommerce, real estate, and retail industries. In addition, we will provide customized call answering solutions to meet your business needs. 

- Product information request services

Our team of knowledgeable and proficient staff will provide accurate product information request services for your customers. Our pre-set guidelines and specifications will ensure that the information compels them to purchase the products immediately. In addition, our information service extends to warranty information, product specifications, product upgrades, and accessories. 

- Inquiry handling services

Our well-trained professionals will handle all customer inquiries perfectly. With our exhaustive company and product knowledge, our team will exceed all your customer expectations. Regardless of a large volume of calls or inquiries of differing nature, we will adequately respond to all customer inquiries. 

- Order taking services

Wow's order-taking services are customizable to make order placement easy for your customers. Once your customers place an order, we utilize the CRM system to make processing quick. Additionally, we keep your customers informed about the order progress and delivery. Our order-taking services will provide a seamless experience for your customers. 

- Billing Queries 

Our competent experts will handle all billing queries efficiently. From addressing billing disputes to following up on overdue - our team will ensure that all your billing is managed seamlessly. We will also handle payment reminders, facilitate revenue verifications and ensure all billing queries are clarified. 

- Helpdesk services

Our support team has expertise in handling helpdesk services for businesses. We can help customers with their account queries, doubts, services, and other questions. With our efficient helpdesk services, your business can handle all customer queries with ease. 

- Virtual receptionist services

Our professionals are just the right remote receptionists that you need for your business. They will be the first point of contact for all your inbound calls and create a positive impact in every interaction. Our virtual receptionist will be the remote face for your business and can help with all inbound call answering and administrative efforts. Now hire your virtual receptionist at just $7/Hour.

- Omnichannel contact center services:

We are well-equipped to provide your customers with a truly omnichannel experience. Our inbound call center services can provide you with a customized solution that helps enhance customer experience and your brand value. Whatever your industry, our skilled agents are knowledgeable and experienced to deliver your brand voice consistently across channels.

- Inbound sales support:

Do you want to craft an outcome-focused inbound sales strategy for your business? Or do you need additional support to your existing inbound sales team? We can help. We can work along with your team to understand your business needs; help define and implement an overall inbound sales strategy, along with inbound call center support. All with a focus on achieving enhanced lead generation, sales, and ROI. 

- Phone Answering Services:

Our live phone answering services have been created to provide the best customer service to your clients. With flexible services and customizing options, we are one of the leading phone answering service providers with 10+ years of industry experience. Don't just take our word for it, though; we have 1200+ customers worldwide who are happy with our services because of their customer satisfaction rates.

- After-Hour Call Answering Services:

Ensure that you are not missing out on potential customer interactions. Outsource your after-hour call answering services to Wow customer support. From emergency support to IT and helpdesk, we can serve as your first point of contact 24/7 and 365 days inbound call center support.

Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound Call Center Services to Wow Customer Support

  • By outsourcing inbound call center services to professionals, you can set up a robust customer support database. This way, you can ensure that all customer interactions are documented and improvised upon.
  • Inbound call center teams can help marketing new services and product launches due to their regular interactions with customers. This will increase the growth and productivity of your business. 
  • Due to advanced infrastructure and uptime statistics, there's never a detail missing in our reports when you outsource to a professional company.

Your Reliable Partners for Inbound Call Center Services!

At Wow Customer Support, we have a team of 350+ skilled agents who can handle B2B and B2C order-taking, sales, and customer services.  Using the right script, rigorous quality assessments, the latest data, and voice communication technology, we can deliver quick and reliable service, round-the-clock. Gain customized and flexible inbound call center solutions at a cost-effective price by outsourcing inbound call center services to us. 

Choose our inbound call center outsourcing services today and keep your customers happy 24/7!

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“Our e-commerce start-up needed a boost in customer support, but we were low on funds to invest. We came across Wow Customer Support and were impressed by their range of affordable chat support service. Their 24*7 chat support helped us establish a firm footing in the market.”


Head - Customer OperationsOne of the top ecommerce store specializes in Pharmaceutical products from Miami,FL

“Since joining hands with Wow Customer Support, we have experienced upward growth in sales and customer retention. The webchat solution offered by the company is just WOW!”


CEO A high quality home accessories retailer from New Orleans,LA


What is the difference between inbound and outbound call center services?

Inbound call centers provide services by receiving calls made by customers. They focus on resolving customer issues with high levels of quality. Outbound call centers provide services by calling shoppers and potential customers. These agents are focused on sales, lead generation, and appointment setting.

What are the benefits of inbound call center services?

Call center outsourcing has become one of the business norms in current times. With inbound call center services, you can free up your staff to focus on tasks at a higher priority, manage high volumes of calls, and expand your business.

How will I ensure quality standards are being met?

If a company has agents and well-qualified executives with many years of experience, you can be assured of the quality standards for inbound call center services.