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How can email support outsourcing help your business?

How do emails factor in customer communication?
Email is one of the most convenient forms of interactions with customers. From a customer point of view, email is a preferred means of communication. From a customer support point of view, email is convenient because this form of communication is easy to manage. For one, email support does not require a lot of workforces. Secondly, email queries do not expect an immediate response.
But herein the problem. When the volume of incoming queries is too high, it becomes quite challenging to manage emails. Due to this, many customers might end up not getting a response quite late or worse, not getting a response at all. This is where email support outsourcing comes into the picture.

Email support outsourcing that works
We know that while email is one of the most used tools for customer engagement, it might not always be efficient. We understand what it takes to make email support work for you. Our research-based methodologies, advanced technology, and expertise are here to help you.
We offer the following solutions to make email support that works as an extension of your brand.

  • Email support outsourcing that is made to fit your specific requirement.
  • 24X7 email so that there are no breaks in customer engagement.
  • Support in over 20 languages, including English, German, French, Portuguese, etc.
  • Advanced analytics so that you never miss a thing.
  • Customized after-sales support for continued customer engagement.
Email support service


Different services provided via email support
We specialize in various aspects of customer support. Our team is well-trained to handle complex customer situations.
Our customer services
Our experience in customer services is vast. We provide expert support for the following customer services.

  • Complaint management
  • Grievance resolution
  • Customer engagement and retention
  • Customer loyalty management

After-sales service

We know that a sale is not the end of the relationship between the buyer and the seller. A sale is an opportunity to deepen customer engagement. Hence, we also offer after sales support in the form of:

  • Providing information about the product/service
  • Order related queries
  • Returns and exchange processing
  • Refunds related queries
  • Warranty related queries
  • Dispatch and delivery related queries

Revenue Management

Your money matters. Thus, we bring to the table revenue management for you. We provide:

  • Billing and invoicing support
  • Order processing
  • Order management
  • Claims processing
  • Debt collection

Technical and IT helpdesk support services

We at WOW also provide technical and IT helpdesk services. We understand that technical support is integral to the buying experience of the customer. It is a valuable service aimed at deepening the customers’ trust in the brand and to develop long-lasting relationships. And we recognize the potential that technical support holds for enhancing the customer experience.
We bring to the table years of experience in providing quality email support outsourcing in technical and IT helpdesk services. We aim to make our clients’ businesses stand out in terms of the support services that their customers receive.

Now and then, customers who buy a product or service that is technical need help with troubleshooting. Our team understands how to deal with the frustrations of customers who are in the midst of a technical issue. Our trained and qualified technical support engineers are capable of providing optimum support for different tiers of technical issues.

Application Support

We also provide complete application support to the customers of our clients. This includes the following aspects.

  • Hardware support
  • Queries around installation and usage
  • Product or service activation/registration
  • Support for consumer electronics
  • Broadband support
  • Network support
  • Remote IT support
  • Managing upgrades
  • Patch management, etc.
Remote Support Services

We provide remote IT support services to ensure that customers can have their issues addressed at anytime from anywhere. We provide high-quality service and answer customer questions around warranties, repairs, disaster recovery, etc.

Below are the top reasons why you can place your trust in us, too.

  • We have over 10 years of comprehensive experience in providing quality customer support.
  • We provide email support outsourcing over a wide range of industries such as software development, healthcare, education, etc.
  • We make your job easier by taking the responsibility of your customer support while you focus on your core competencies.
  • We provide cost-effective solutions for you. You also save resources and avoid long-term commitment to hiring and training.
  • Our expertise in email support services helps you achieve your customer relationship management goals.
  • Our packages are scalable and flexible, and we customize them according to your specific use.
  • We hire and train qualified and capable staff so that quality of service is never hampered.
  • We have quality control and process monitoring systems in place so that continued quality service can be ensured.

Quick turnaround for customer queries

We understand the customers’ need to get replies quickly. We are aware of how delays in responses can cause frustration for the customers. Hence, we ensure the quickest possible turnaround to manage customer expectations well. For this, our strategy is to work considering the below points.

  • We have a prioritization system in place where all queries are handled according to the priority assigned to them.
  • We track repeated queries so that they can be handled separately. Apart from creating canned responses for repeat queries, we also work towards reporting these queries so that action can be taken to reduce them.
  • We track all email conversations to service the customers better and find patterns in queries.
  • We respect the SLAs that we enter into with our clients and fully comply with them.
answering your customers 24/7
Why Outsource for E-mail Support Services?

You always have the option to recruit and to hire new employees who are going to do this task for you of answering your customers 24/7 but you cannot hire just one employee for the job. If they are going to work directly from your office, you have to spend money on the office infrastructure. You need to provide them with new desks, new computers and other office equipment that will make their tasks easier.

You also have to allow them to undergo training so that they can develop the needed skills to answer e-mail inquiries the best way possible. You have to quiz their knowledge about your company and your services. All of these things will cost a lot of money but if you outsource, you do not have to spend as much.

Through outsourcing, you can tackle the issues of providing proper customer support to your customers without having to spend a lot of money in the process provided that you choose us to give the email support services your company needs.

  • Reliable Services – You can be assured that our team of representatives will be answering all of the e-mails sent by prospective customers within agreed TAT. Our professional team will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can be sure that all of the e-mails will be answered according to your rules and conditions.
  • Experienced Team – How will the services we provide be reliable if the team is inexperienced? This is the reason why we have an experienced team of professionals that have undergone training for 60 days and have all the right skills to provide the services that you need.
  • Fast Response – You can expect that responses will be fast for your clients and your possible clients. We won’t give them time to check out the competition because you will give them the answers that they want. For achieving fast response, we do the following:
    • We track all e-mail conversations especially to see if there are duplicates or similar concerns from other customers.
    • We respect all SLAs when we get into conversations with customers.
    • We prioritize our response time to ensure that customers will get their answers immediately.
  • Improved Management and Tracking – We will be in charge of installing and maintaining any tool you choose to go with for customer communication. The moment that you hire us, we will do everything to make the process easy for you.
  • Different E-mail Packages Available – We would like to help you out whether you are a small and starting business or a large, expanding business. We have options that fit your different needs.
  • We Use Monitoring Mechanisms to Ensure Quality of our Services – It is not that we do not trust our team because we do, we just have monitoring mechanisms so that you can see why we can to be trusted for your e-mail service needs. We have metrics that we use to measure the effectiveness of the response of our different team members to the e-mail they are assigned. Through our monitoring mechanisms, we also take note of the aspects that we need to improve on so we can continue providing incomparable services that will benefit your company.
  • Privacy – We know that one of the reasons why your customers do not want to inquire through your company’s social media accounts is because all of their questions and their inquiries can be seen by everyone. An e-mail is always more private so the customers can be more specific about their concerns. We can assure the customers and you that all of the information that we work with will conform to strict data privacy SLAs we agree to.

We are a company that has handled email support services for different companies in the past. We have a wide range of experience from handling simple to complex issues that these different companies have had.

Expect our e-mail support service to provide the following:

  • Technical support
  • Order fulfillment
  • Verification
  • Resolution of customers’ queries
  • Resolution of escalated cases
  • E-mail and voice blasting services
  • Customer care
handled email support services
FAQs and response

We use advanced tools to read your past responses to emails and chats and develop FAQs and response templates. These templates can be refined and enhanced with the help of your team. We know that learning about your business is an ongoing process but before we start providing you our services, we learn as much as we can to make our services and your business integrated well.


Training is Ongoing – We know that there might still be changes with your company’s policies and guidelines that we have to be updated about in order to answer customers’ emails and inquiries to the best of our abilities. We can set up accounts that will allow our team to communicate faster with yours so that you will feel that our team is an extension of yours.

We Accommodate Changes – We know that due to trends and the things that you do to upgrade your business, there will be some changes with your business that we have to prepare for. We are always prepared for these occurrences and modifications. We are ready.


You can expect to get quality customer support from us.

Our Client Says

“We reached out to Wow Customer Support to streamline our email marketing system for better customer retention. They looked into our existing workflow to identify where we were falling behind and needed help. Within a few months of using their service, we experienced our customer support process had optimized. With them by our side, we can focus on managing our e-commerce business with ease.”


A leading ecommerce store specializes in construction products, and garden equipments from San Diego,CA

“Wow Customer Support has done a wonderful job of helping us grow our retail business internationally. Their multilingual email support came handy in penetrating the overseas market. They patiently listened to our requirements and acted upon it. They were 24*7 active in dealing with our customers and responding to their queries.”


Managing Partner
One among the best matress retailer from Phoenix,AZ