Email Support Services

Scalable and Flexible Email Support Services to Help Enhance Your Customer Relationship!

Email communication has become an integral aspect of interacting and maintaining a relationship with customers. Customers are increasingly finding emails as the most preferred and convenient form of communication with businesses.

Email Support Services

Your business needs to have resources and a support team to handle large emails in such a context. With our years of experience in providing quality email support outsourcing in technical and IT helpdesk services, we aim to make our clients’ businesses stand out in terms of support. This is why outsourcing email support services to Wow customer support will ensure that all emails are addressed and responded to efficiently. Our expertise in email support services will help you achieve your ideal customer relationship management goals.

  • Our email support agents and managers from different time zones will ensure their availability 24/7 for prompt responses.
  • We will provide customized email support services to ensure flexibility and scalability based on your business needs.
  • We create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions and answers your customer needs to enable quick and timely responses.
  • Our agents prioritize customer email tickets and respond accordingly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Wow Customer Support’s Email Support Services Include:

Our email support outsourcing services

After Sales Service

Our team will provide accurate information on products and services to your customers via emails. We will also handle order-related queries, returns and exchange, refunds, and warranty-related queries. Further, we will keep your customers posted on the dispatch and delivery status of orders as well. Our all-around after-sales email service will ensure that your customer questions are responded to adequately and efficiently.

Application Support

Our email support service team will be well versed with the technical aspects of your products and services to address all customer queries. Our email responses will provide hardware support, installation responses, and product activation instructions. 

Customer Service

We will manage customer engagement and retention for your business needs. Our expert team will handle customer complaints, handle customer grievances, and manage customer loyalty programs. Each email is personalized to exceed customer expectations and enhance your brand reputation. 

Revenue Management

Revenue management must be handled accurately and securely. You can be guaranteed that our team will do so. We will handle billing, invoicing, claims, and debt collection. Additionally, we will also provide order processing and order management services. Our prompt and real-time email answering services will ensure that all revenue queries are handled efficiently. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Support Services to Us

Experienced team

By outsourcing email support services to professionals, you will provide quality support to your customers. With extensive training and experience, they will be able to deliver the services that you need. 

Improved management and tracking

Our team will take care of all aspects of the installation and management of systems necessary for email support services. 

Rapid email responses

With an email support team solely dedicated to your customers, you can ensure that your customers will get quick responses to their emails. In addition, their prioritization system and management will give you access to an efficient email support system at all times. 

Outsource Email Support Services to Us Today!

By outsourcing to Wow Customer Support, you will gain top-notch email support services to cater to your customers. Our team will create response templates and FAQs based on your previous emails to ensure that they are authentic to your brand tone. In addition, we use metrics to measure the effectiveness of our responses to ensure that the emails can adequately address customer needs. 

All emails will be secure and confidential as we will strictly adhere to data privacy SLAs. With our seamless support, you will feel that we are simply an extension of your team. 

Choose our reliable email support services today and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services!

Why choose WOW Customer Support


Our Client Says

“We reached out to Wow Customer Support to streamline our email marketing system for better customer retention. They looked into our existing workflow to identify where we were falling behind and needed help. Within a few months of using their service, we experienced our customer support process had optimized. With them by our side, we can focus on managing our e-commerce business with ease.”


CEOA leading ecommerce store specializes in construction products, and garden equipments from San Diego,CA
“Wow Customer Support has done a wonderful job of helping us grow our retail business internationally. Their multilingual email support came handy in penetrating the overseas market. They patiently listened to our requirements and acted upon it. They were 24*7 active in dealing with our customers and responding to their queries.”


Managing PartnerOne among the best matress retailer from Phoenix,AZ


What will be your response time for one email?

We have a pre-drafted email that will be set according to your preferences that will be sent out to common queries. We will customize the email and send it to you for approval for emails that require individual responses. Once approved, the responses will be sent. All of this should take a few minutes.

Can you provide email support and chat support simultaneously?

Yes, we provide both email support and chat support services, with each having its own cost. You can also combine email support with call center support services. Kindly contact us for more information.

Is my email data secure with you?

We understand that you may have many concerns while outsourcing call center services. We take serious measures to protect your company information from unintentional, unauthorized, and unlawful disclosure. Subsequently, we adhere to ISO 27000 standards and conduct regular legal compliance checks to protect our customer data. So stay assured that your business data is in good hands.