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Email Customer Support for your Business

Email is one of the most convenient forms of interactions with customers. From a customer point of view, email is the most preferred means of communication as it is easy to manage. But when the volume of incoming queries are too high, it becomes quite challenging to manage all those emails. Thereby, many customers end up getting late responses or even worse, not getting a response at all. This is where email support outsourcing comes into picture.

With our years of experience in providing quality email support outsourcing in technical and IT helpdesk services, we aim to make our clients’ businesses stand out in terms of the support

Our email support services include-

We provide remote email support services to ensure that customers can have their issues addressed anytime, anywhere. We also provide high-quality services and answer customer questions around warranties, repairs, disaster recovery, etc. Our expertise in email support services will help you achieve your ideal customer relationship management goals.

Benefits of getting email support services from Wow-

  • Quick turnaround for customer queries

We understand that customers’ need to get replies quickly, as we are aware of how delays in responses can cause frustration. Hence, we have a prioritization system in place where all queries are handled according to the priority assigned to them. We track repeated queries so that they can be handled separately. Also, apart from creating canned responses for repeat queries, our email answering services also aim towards reporting these queries so that action can be taken to reduce them. Thus, we track all email conversations to service the customers better and find patterns in queries.

  • Experienced team

We have over ten years of comprehensive experience in providing quality email support services. We have an experienced team of professionals that have undergone training for 60 days and have all the right skills to deliver the services that you need.

  • Improved management and tracking

We will be in charge of installing and maintaining any tool you choose for your email support services. The moment you hire us, we will do everything we can to make the process easy for you.

  • Monitoring mechanisms to ensure quality

We use metrics to measure the effectiveness of the response of our team members to the email they are assigned with. Through our monitoring mechanisms, we also take note of the aspects that we need to improve on so we can continue providing incomparable email support outsourcing services that will benefit your company.

  • Privacy

E-mails are always considered to be private, therefore customers can be more specific about their concerns. Our email customer support team assures that all of the information that we work with will comply with strict data privacy SLAs we agree to.

  • We get to know you better

We use advanced tools to read your past responses to emails and chats and develop FAQs and response templates. These templates can be refined and enhanced with the help of your team. Consequently, we learn about your ongoing processes before we start providing you with our email answering services.

  • Training on the go

We know that there will be changes in your company’s policies and guidelines that we need to keep up with in order to answer your customers. Therefore, our outsource email support services team set up accounts that allow our team to communicate faster with yours so that you will feel that our team is an extension of yours.

  • We provide multi-channel support

The email support services that we offer are not limited to e-mails alone. We can provide other means of support through our different channels if you would require us to do so. Furthermore, we use chat, SMS, social media and 24/7 live chat services. If you have third-party channels, we can help you with that as well.

Our staff members are available 24x7 to manage your emails. Our email support outsourcing services have agents and managers from different time zones that will ensure their availability no matter what time of the day the customer decides to send an email. To know more about email support services, click here.

Why choose WOW Customer Support


Our Client Says

“We reached out to Wow Customer Support to streamline our email marketing system for better customer retention. They looked into our existing workflow to identify where we were falling behind and needed help. Within a few months of using their service, we experienced our customer support process had optimized. With them by our side, we can focus on managing our e-commerce business with ease.”


CEOA leading ecommerce store specializes in construction products, and garden equipments from San Diego,CA
“Wow Customer Support has done a wonderful job of helping us grow our retail business internationally. Their multilingual email support came handy in penetrating the overseas market. They patiently listened to our requirements and acted upon it. They were 24*7 active in dealing with our customers and responding to their queries.”


Managing PartnerOne among the best matress retailer from Phoenix,AZ


What will be your response time for one email?

We have a pre-drafted mail that will be set according to your preferences that will be sent out to common mails. For mails that require a unique reply, we will draft a mail and send it to you for approval. Once approved the responses will be sent. All of this should take very few minutes. We also ensure that responses to emails are ever delayed beyond a day.

Can you provide e-mail support and chat support simultaneously?

Yes, we provide both email support and chat support services with each having its own cost. You can also combine email support with call center support services. Kindly contact us for more information.

Is my e-mail data secure with you?

We understand that you may have many concerns while outsourcing call center services to countries. But we never compromise on securing customer data. We take serious measures to protect your company information from unintentional, unauthorized, and unlawful disclosure. Subsequently, we adhere to ISO 27000 standards and conduct regular legal compliance checks to protect our customer data. So stay assured that your business data is in good hands.