Content Moderation


What do you think successful brands share in common?

It’s the community of fans, followers and influencers who are engaging and interacting online with their peers and uploading content on different social media platforms in the form of images, videos, reviews, texts and comments.

With the rise in digital User Generated Content (UGC), local and global brands get the same opportunity to interact. When it comes to content generation by fans and users, around 35% of UGC impacts buying decisions, brand awareness, loyalty and retention.  However, with the rise of offensive and inappropriate content on the web, there is a greater need for UGC to be reviewed and moderated to protect both followers and corporate brands.

At Wow customer support, we deliver several moderation services including real-time comment moderation, live streaming video moderation, and image moderation that cover blogs, social networks, forums, apps and more. Our multilingual outsourced teams discover and eliminate inappropriate content to protect your brand, website, online communities and social media channels.

How does Wow customer support do it?

User Generated Content
UGC Moderation

Searching blogs, forums and review site or filtering user-generated video, audio and image contributions is challenging but Wow customer support has got you covered. We help you catch sensitive posts before they ever reach your followers.

Social Media Monitoring

Our team of professionals are well-versed in moderating, monitoring and managing social media streams of corporate brands. We analyze client sentiment and execute community engagement campaigns. You can breathe a sigh of relief that your brand is in trusted hands.


Be it a small business or a large enterprise, finding the right audience is essential and social media is the right platform. Whether you need to monitor, moderate or manage product-oriented social channels or official brands, our multicultural and multilingual teams have you covered.

We moderate all of the social media platforms but the biggest are Facebook and Twitter. We help our clients monitor comments, conversations, videos, images and any sort of multimedia content that is shared, tweeted or pinned to their official brand pages and accounts.

We not only help in enhancing the sentiments of your customers by listening to them but also analyze brand related conversions, outbound posts and campaigns related to community engagement. We offer you round the clock protection allowing your customers and followers to engage anytime online.

Social media monitoring services
What are the solutions?
Major benefits
  • Understand and analyze the sentiments of the customers with the help of case categorization and expert reviews.
  • Assure a consistent yet safe online brand experience to the customers
  • Boost loyalty and customer engagement
  • Increase lead conversions
  • Give protection to your brand and community 24/7
  • Gain market insights with the help of data analysis.
  • Provide a synopsis of the latest trends related to brand awareness.

The Web has everything we could ever dream of but it can also attract the wrong crowd. It is up to you to determine how you want to provide a satisfying client experience and support your brand.

Utilizing user-generated content moderation also helps you grab the top positions in search. Our team of experts carefully monitors your online platforms and raises the inappropriate content per your brand and safety guidelines.

Blending advanced online moderation technologies with human analysis, our moderation teams find the pattern that lower exposure risk while promoting positive brand awareness.

At Wow customer support, we strive to research and optimize our content moderation services to keep negative and irrelevant posts away from official company communities and accounts. If you are looking to make your brand strong and community safe, call us today. Our round the clock service provides assistance in 35 languages.


The internet is full of good and bad people and it is important to keep trollers away and provide protection for those with good intentions from bullies, naysayers, and trolls. For the culturally-sensitive and accurate UGC moderation solutions, the blend of machine speed and human touch is critically important.

Our outsourced teams guarantee consistent user and brand protection by screening posts, comments, discussions, reviews, and all kinds of written communication on all your official platforms.

Have a look at our topnotch online moderation services:

Comment Moderation

Today, there are huge numbers of blogs and websites that offer direct interaction with readers. They are always in search of professional content moderation to encourage a collaborative environment but eliminate unwanted content.

Our team of moderation professionals monitor user comments on business pages and blogs to ensure they match posting policies and report those that don’t.

Outsourced user comment moderation can be managed at several stages:

  • Pre-Moderation: A method of moderating new comments submitted by readers before publishing them online to check if they are they acceptable or not.
  • Post-Moderation: A system in which comments are displayed instantly and copied for moderation for a pass/delete check at a later stage.
  • Reactive Moderation: It depends on the users to report or flag inappropriate content for removal on your website.

You may use these methods to boost your brand image and protect your online communities.

Comment Moderation
Forum Moderation
Forum Moderation

Forum Moderation maintains clear and organized communication, removing irrelevant and unfriendly that hinder the forum’s experience. Our teams make sure that all threads are handled in real-time to match your policies and guidelines.

Review Moderation

By ensuring the authenticity and quality of user reviews, our outsourced moderation experts help you in maintaining an quality and professionalism. We removed content that is not relevant and that doesn’t provide value to your clients.

In-Game Chat Moderation

A number of texts are exchanged every minute in IM platforms or in-game live chats. The cultural differences, expertise level, or erratic human behavior can sometimes spin entertainment into misbehaving.

Our teams understand the habits of gaming cultures and can observe and moderate invalid exchanges fostering a positive online gaming experience for all ages.


The community which is positive is undoubtedly the strongest one, especially when video content is a part of it. While the digital world will always give you something unexpected, so it is your choice to pick the right images and graphics shared by your customers on a brand social media handles.

To remove doubtful submissions and to establish a higher bar for future uploads.

Our image moderation teams protect your brand from hostile images and videos through consistent monitoring. We also ensure submissions meet your guidelines on the file format, quality, and size.

Image moderation


At Wow customer support, we understand that posting audio and video is an essential part of your brand communities and channels. We also understand that people like entertaining videos over violent ones. With our exceptional audio & video moderation solutions, we strive to provide you with complete coverage from marketing promotions and copyright infringement to violence, profanity and offensive behavior.

We offer customized outsourced audio and video moderation services. Our moderation specialists can help you gain a loyal following and assure the online safety of all customers. Keep your brand protected from controversial content at all times and in over 35 languages with Wow customer support.

Let’s discuss the solutions:

Audio Moderation

Inviting customers to publish audio content on your brand channels must be a positive experience from starting to end. Our outsourced team members review, assort, and eliminate inappropriate or offensive audio content per your directions.

Video Moderation

Wow customer support outsourced video moderation services integrate state-of-the-art technology with human moderation for accurate and fast solutions. Our content specialists use end-to-end moderation method to review full video and change it to match your given directions from the video length to quality, IPR, theme, language, and more.

On the other hand, we can do still-image moderation and advanced moderation via specialised tools to moderate user videos efficiently. By using an element detection software, our team will not let anything unwatched to deliver the best result for your brand.

Our Client Says

“We associated with Wow Customer Support a year back, and till now, they have cooperated with us so well. They are experts at eliminating inappropriate content from the internet and keep our brand’s positive image intact. We completely rely on their consultation.”

Jeffrey .J

Managing Partner
A top retailer of Vacuum Cleaners from Baltimore,MY

“Coming to Wow Customer Support for our social media monitoring requirements is one of the best decisions we have taken. They take a proactive approach to social listening and analyzing brand mentions. With them by our side, we are always in a buzz!”


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