How do you know it’s time to outsource IT support for your small business?

Outsourcing is a business practice in which the company hires a third party to perform all the tasks and operations for the company. The company arranges for its workers and computer system to perform the services by the IT technical support on the company's site or at any external location. Companies can streamline their production time because the outsourced team does it. 

Technical support outsourcing companies handle an entire division of the company. A company outsourcing responsibilities can help them in focusing on business partnership. It is all about managing relationships more than any service level agreement. The company decided to outsource an entire IT division for major reasons. It also helps in focusing on the resources and core competencies. This ensures that the company has competitive advantages.

IT technical support gives space to innovation centers. According to a survey, 35% of the companies decide on outsourcing providers based on their innovation value. A company outsourcing an entire IT department requires a long-term partnership with clearly stated company requirements, and it helps lower the cost and increase efficiency. Through outsourcing, the companies can free their resources and redirect any existing task or new project. 

Reasons To Outsource IT Support For Your Business

  • An Effective Way To Reduce Labour Cost

The employer always looks for ways to cut costs for a small business. Every penny spent on training the labor could be used to invest in new products, market the company, and cement it deep into the consumers' consciousness. Through outsourcing technical support, your labor cost shall automatically decrease. 

An internal IT team is much more cost-effective than training a newbie, and it adds to the advantage of paid leaves. It also improves the chances of packages to the employee. The labor cost is reduced by 70 to 90% by outsourcing small business tech support services. Too many employees in one division can start to bog things down. By a handful of members of an outsourced IT team, the creation and management of applications can be done. Hiring employees directly based on their skills can be challenging for the company. On the other hand, an outsourced team does not require any training. 

  • The Companies Can Focus On The Core Task 

The key point of outsourcing and technical support outsourcing companies is to allow them to focus only on their core activities without any unnecessary distractions. It is done to enable the market to make the best decisions about the function and development of the company. 

A small business needs to focus on its legal services. If the company manages day-to-day IT problems, they shall not specialize in the other task. IT technical support helps the company to focus on its core competencies. 

Offloading the technical problems on the technical support outsourcing companies has resulted in a boom. They get time to develop their core business. With the rapid rise in the industry, outsourcing has become essential. To maintain this exponential growth, the companies primarily have to focus on their core subjects. 

  • Security Risk

It is estimated that it costs almost 4 million dollars to breach data. When a company hires an employee for the IT department, the security of the customer's and company's details is in the hands of the hired employee of the company. The company puts itself at risk by hiring a technical novice. 

By hiring outsourced technical support, the company outsources its IT task and reduces the liability associated with IT. It helps strengthen the security of the data, which are in the hands of a skilled department rather than a technical novice.

A team of IT technical support does not have any experienced staff, and the risk of an inexperienced staff managing the IT decision can affect the company's credentials. There is no hidden cost of an outsourced IT service, and they do not have an unresponsive support team as well.

  • Rapid Growth Of The Company

IT technical support allows the company to get additional resources whenever required. The outsourcing company adjusts to the team's specialization when things go slow or the requirements change. It helps in maintaining the flexibility of the company. 

The outsourced IT professionals have a high level of education in their niche and are full of experiences. Such professionals provide high quality, ready to scale and future-proof products for the company's remarkable growth. The outsource technical support follows the trend and uses modern technology. The quality of work given by such professionals also helps save costs on maintenance and future development. 

Avoid outsourced IT departments that start a new project instantly. If the project requires major capital investment, training in-house employees could be challenging. Under such a situation, Small Business Tech Support Services starts the project right away. 

  • The Company Stays Competitive

From all the points listed above, the company's main goal is to stay competitive. An impacted marketplace requires constant competition, and the companies which can withstand this competition can only exist in the market. Outsourcing technical support increases competition as it is encouraged by free markets, benefiting the consumer. 

Technical support outsourcing companies increase the company's competitiveness and profitability. As such, the company should seek a proper balance between which part of the business should be outsourced and which part should be managed. The activities that do not come under the core business activities can be delegated to a specialized third party to perform the task and add value to the company. 

Activities like production, operation, administration, human resources, and most importantly, IT are outsourced to external companies. The company is relieved from its IT operations when a dependable source of IT professionals is there.

  • Advancement In Technology That Helps In Speeding Up The Process

The introduction of a new software can decrease the speed of the professionals working in the existing IT department of the company. An internal IT person needs to be trained according to the ethics and working procedures of the company. The person then changes themselves according to the company's requirement when IT technical support is outsourced, and the company is benefited from the perspective of multiple IT professionals. 

The outsourced professionals are well equipped with the latest technologies, which helps the company make correct and productive decisions. When a company chooses to delegate processes and tasks, the cost involved in training new employees for advanced equipment acquisition is cut short. 

Technology innovation has made finding skilled professionals more challenging than ever before. The benefits of having access to a larger talent pool are only through outsourcing to the IT department. 

Common IT Maintenance Services

  • Removing Of Spyware

Technical support outsourcing companies deal daily with antivirus, virus removal, and spyware removal. The entire tech support deals with stopping the viruses from the computer, and the professionals update the software so that there are minimal viruses in the operating system. 

  • Software Update 

The outsourced professionals are well equipped with the latest technologies. Through outsourcing, the companies can free their resources and redirect any existing task or new project. The professionals update the software technology of the company's computer system from time to time. 

  • Cleaning Up Of Virus

Any best antivirus software is also not 100% effective. If the employees open the website, there could be a virus attack. The IT professionals remove these viruses from the system for better computer functioning. A virus removal tool can help in retrieving data when antivirus software fails. 

  • Optimization Of Software And Hardware Performance

An efficient IT system looks into the optimization of hardware and software performances. Many times high-level software does not run efficiently. In such cases, there is a dire need for IT professionals. These IT professionals look into optimizing the data stored in the data and its effect on the performance of the hardware systems. 

  • Overall Check Up Of The System

The team of IT professionals checks the overall performance of the system. The outsourcing company adjusts to the team's specialization when things go slow or the requirements change. The outsourced IT department helps strengthen the security of the data, which are in the hands of a skilled department rather than a technical novice.

Why choose WOW Customer Support For IT And Security Maintenance Services

Having IT support is crucial for an e-commerce business. Outsourcing technical support can help the company reduce the total cost incurred on IT management, support, and monitoring. It also helps in offloading the pressure on the in-house staff. As an entrepreneur, you should choose WOW customer support for IT security maintenance services for the following reasons:

  • Experienced technical support
  • Detailed reporting
  • Services from beginning to end
  • Prime customer satisfaction
  • Development of own resources
  • 24/7 support available

These are some of the most significant advantages that one can enjoy when they opt for WOW customer support services. So, we promise that once you make the most of it, there is no turning back. It genuinely comes to your rescue for all the right reasons.

In House Vs Outsourcing Lead Generation: The Choice that Improves ROI

Lead generation is the process of prospecting and converting the target customers into a person who indicates interest in the product or services that your business offers. Some common methods of lead generation include online and offline advertising, online events, inbound call center outsourcing, offering discounts and promotion, inbound calling, and other strategies.

However, the process of generating quality leads can be quite time-consuming for most startups and small businesses. This is why several businesses choose to outsource this process to lead generation companies. On the other hand, some business owners believe in establishing an in-house lead generation team to generate leads for their business. One question that can plague the business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers is whether they should establish an in-house lead generation team or outsource this process to a professional lead generation company?

Without any doubt, outsourcing is the better option for your business. Here are eight benefits of the outsourcing lead generation process to help you understand how outsourcing can better improve your business ROI:

1.  Lead generation outsourcing lead to better and swift results

According to a report, an outsourced lead generation agency can bring 43% more results when compared to an in-house team

When you outsource lead generation services, you know the process will be in professional hands. The experts who specialize in lead generation will be laser-focused on their best-fit audience. Not just numbers, but they will be targeting high-quality leads to help you close more deals. The agency can help you set bigger goals for your business and look toward the bigger picture as the business can enjoy a higher conversion rate through quality lead generation.

2. Lead generation outsourcing saves you time

In the business world, time is money. Lead generation requires investing a lot of time into targeting and prospecting your target audience to generate quality leads. Your in-house team will have to invest several hours to create content, research the audience, promote the content, advertise, and analyze and optimize the lead generation strategy. This will consume a lot of time. 

On the other hand, when you assign this whole process to a lead generation agency, they use their years of expertise working in the lead generation industry to target the right audience with the right strategy. You will also not have to invest in training them for lead generation. Hence, you will be saving several hours and money for your business.

3. Outsourcing can result in greater productivity

When business owners and entrepreneurs choose to hire a lead generation and inbound call center outsourcing agency, they don’t need to spend their valuable time managing and handling the in-house lead generation team. Business owners can focus on other aspects of their business that need their immediate attention. 

Additionally, when the sales team doesn’t have to spend their time on telemarketing to produce leads, they will be more effective and productive in converting sales for your business. The quality leads generated by the outsourcing agency will also help your sales team perform better and secure more sales.

4. Outsourcing lead generation doesn’t require staff training

When you choose to set up an in-house team for lead generation, you need to hire, train, and manage telemarketers for better performance. Hiring and training new staff can be a tiring task for your HR team. Moreover, new hires usually need 3 to 6 months to adjust to marketing tools and strategies. 

On the other hand, lead generation agencies have a rigorous hiring process, and they already have a team of professionals skilled at prospecting and generating quality leads for your business. The agents in the agency are trained specifically to perform their duties effectively for the benefit of your business.

5. Lead generation agencies provide a broader skill set and experience

Lack of resources such as staff, funding, and time remains the biggest obstacle to successful lead generation efforts for 61% of B2B marketers

When you choose the right inbound call center outsourcing agency to outsource lead generation, your business can avail of the services of several specialists that manage the day-to-day workings. The complete lead generation process would include different strategies, such as content creation, campaign management, analyzing the results, customer support services, web analytics, market research, and more. 

Outsourcing the lead generation process to the right agency will mean that only specialists will be handling all these tasks. Hence, the leads generated by the agency will most probably have better conversion opportunities, resulting in increased ROI for your business.  

6. They can help your business stay on top of the latest trends

Lead generation outsourcing agencies bring more than their expertise. When you hire these agencies for lead generation, you get the latest marketing trends. To generate quality leads, your business should always stay updated with the latest developments in marketing. 

When you hire these agencies, you can rest assured that your business will always be on top of things. Inbound call center outsourcing agencies work for various clients. They can implement successful lead generation strategies from their previous experiences. They don’t have to start over with every new client. However, businesses need to ensure that the lead generation company is not working with their competitors simultaneously.

7. You can run campaigns on demand

When you invest in an in-house lead generation team, you are under constant pressure to run the campaign continuously. You don’t want your lead generation team to do nothing the whole day. However, when you outsource the lead generation process, you have the freedom to run the campaign only when your business needs it. You may want to run your campaigns to boost sales or to support your marketing efforts. When you run the campaign only when required, you can reduce your marketing spends and improve the ROI for your business.

8. Lead generation agencies can help target multiple channels

42% of organizations believe email is one of their most effective lead generation channels, and 49% of B2B marketers are heavily engaged in mobile marketing for generating leads 

Lead generation outsourcing agencies use multiple channels and mediums to communicate with your target audience. They use various tools and strategies for prospecting your product/services to your potential customers. This will reduce the risk of depending only on one platform to generate leads. 

On the contrary, your in-house lead generation team may not be efficient enough to use multiple channels to connect with potential customers. Hence, outsourcing your lead generation to a professional agency means your business will be getting better results using the right set of tools and channels without investing in them.


To conclude, outsourcing the lead generation process is more effective and efficient, especially for small and mid-sized businesses, as businesses can get access to various skills needed for lead generation in one place. Lead generation will require various services, such as data mining, content creation, market research, advertising, customer support services, evaluating analytics reports, and more. 

Small and mid-sized businesses may not have enough resources to establish a whole team for this. Hence, outsourcing lead generation can help them save some time and money while generating leads effectively and improving the return on investment of their business.

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5 Most Important Tasks You Can Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

Outsourced Virtual Assistant

Are you missing your deadlines, because of laborious and repetitive tasks Do you think, you are overwhelmed with your workloads and unable to grow your business? Well, you are not the only entrepreneur in this world, who is dealing with such issues. Every entrepreneur finds it difficult to handle the entire business module on own. However, the successful entrepreneurs have found an innovative way to manage all of their tasks without missing any deadlines. At present, the entrepreneurs are simply hiring a virtual assistant to handle different core segments of their businesses.

It doesn’t matter, which challenges you are facing with task delegation; by availing outsourced customer support/ virtual assistance services, you can effectively streamline your entire business. Below here, let’s understand which kind of works, you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

5 Main Tasks to Outsource a Virtual Assistant

• Market Research

If your business standards and ethics are traditional, you may find difficulties in attracting potential customers. To sustain in this competitive market, it is essential to do a proper market research and stay updated with the current trends. Well, market research is a dedicated task, which requires a lot of time and patience. Moreover, being a busy entrepreneur, you cannot afford to spend time researching the market only. You can simply outsource your research tasks to a virtual assistant and can request complete research reports weekly.

• Database Management

Updating the database, is probably the most hectic task for an emerging entrepreneur. It takes a lot of time to maintain the database on a daily basis. Instead of wasting your valuable time on database management, it’s wise to outsource the tasks to an experienced virtual assistant. Simply specify your requirements and expectations to the VA and gives them access to handle your database.

• Customer Support

At present, there is a high demand for outsourced customer support services. As customer support is an integral part of every business, entrepreneurs pay meticulous attention towards both pre-sales and after-sales support. Instead of hiring a group of professionals and paying them a high salary, you can outsource the support tasks to virtual assistants. Therefore, no doubt that you will save well on your expenses.

• Order Management Support

For every entrepreneur, managing the orders and stocks is a daunting task. It is essential to keep a proper track of order entry, inventory, delivery, and customer invoices for ensuring a good profit and revenue. However, handling such calculative tasks within a hectic schedule is pretty challenging. In such situations, it is recommended to outsource the tasks to a virtual assistant and get the job done. Just provide necessary instructions to your VA, manage your orders and inventories without any hassle.

• Phone Calls and E-mail support

As an entrepreneur, you need to answer urgent phone calls and reply key e-mails without any miss. But though you are a human, you cannot attend all the requests at the same time. Therefore, you can hire a virtual assistant for phone and email support services, who had professional experience in doing such tasks. Give proper instructions and access to your VA, and never miss an important call or mail again.

Final Thoughts on Hiring Virtual Assistant

So, now you must have got a clear idea, why the virtual assistance/outsourced customer support services are gaining popularity. If you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to grow your business, then outsource your repetitive tasks to experienced virtual assistants.

Indeed, hiring a virtual assistant will save your time as well as money. Talk to an expert for more information.

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