Top 8 Customer Support Services Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Customer Support Services Mistakes

Many firms have publicly strived and struggled to fix their customer service mistakes, primarily through customer support outsourcing, and have been successful in developing empires due to the lessons learned. Customer support services are becoming one of every organization's most critical success aspects.

Customers today are more innovative and more connected than they have ever been, and they have higher expectations of the brands they buy from. They are more likely to move to competitors if they do not receive excellent customer service from your company because they have so many options. Customer service errors may rapidly wreck your business in the online era, where everything goes viral, whether good or bad.

According to a Forrester analysis, poor customer experience causes consumers to abandon planned purchases, resulting in an estimated $62 billion in lost sales in the United States in 2015 — a startling 51 percent raise over the previous two years.

Today, let's dive into several customer support service mistakes you should know.

8 Customer Support Services Mistakes to Avoid

A successful customer relationship comes with excellent support. Nonetheless, knowing some of the most typical customer service blunders is beneficial.

1. Not Accessible Customer Care

Many firms, tiny enterprises, cannot provide live customer support due to a lack of resources. However, inaccessibility is fatal to a firm. Once your company is up and running, you'll need a way for consumers to contact you right away. Customer service contact, email, feedback form, online chat, and social media profiles are standard methods organizations use. 

These must be available at all times. Small businesses frequently lose customers because they are unable to provide this service. Small businesses can benefit from customer service outsourcing since it allows 24/7 accessible customer service without incurring overhead costs.

2. Disputes with Clients

Customers will be turned off if any of your customer support professionals dispute with them to prove that they are wrong. This customer loss is frequently followed by a trail of adverse comments and reviews, resulting in more revenue losses. 

Keep in mind that attracting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an old one happy. Small startup enterprises frequently use outsourced customer service organizations to hire skilled customer service agents to deal with their consumers.

3. Doesn't Track Records

Customer records are crucial for any company. A valuable company asset is recording, reviewing, and maintaining client conversations, inquiries, complaints, and feedback from many channels. In the long run, it aids in personalizing products and services. 

If you're continuously keeping track of a customer's previous history, it'll be easier to start a dialogue and make them feel welcomed and valued. The same may be said with emails. Don't have enough people or resources to keep track of and preserve your customers' information? Outsourcing customer service can also assist!

4. Strict Compliance with Policies

Businesses that consider each client connection as special and unique, no matter how complicated this may appear, are on the winning side. When a consumer approaches you with a problem, it is an opportunity to build a solid and personal relationship with them. Rather than encouraging your customer support agent to consistently say, "Sorry, this is our corporate policy," help them approach consumers differently. 

Ensure that the exceptions you make do not harm the business and are flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Outsourcing customer support services for businesses can help with this problem.

5. Inappropriate Messages

This is referred to as "spam" by today's modern clients. We all get unsolicited marketing messages and impersonal emails in our mailboxes daily. Customers dislike unwanted and irrelevant marketing from brands, and it's a big turnoff, even if they might be interested in them in the future. 

Every consumer wants to be treated as an individual, and personalized customer service is an excellent method. This is when customer service outsourcing comes in handy.

6. Late Replies

Though not all feedback is positive, it is necessary to make your consumers feel valued and heard. Nothing irritates a customer more than a delayed or non-responsive reaction. If your customer service fails to respond quickly to their feedback, questions, and complaints, they will go elsewhere. 

The key to corporate success is a quick and effective reaction to clients. Professional and reputable outsourced customer service firms also offer it as one of their essential skills.

7. Not Listening to Customers

If your customer support representative said an answer that isn't relevant to the customer's question, you've failed. Your Support personnel must listen to the customer and not make assumptions on their own. The agent must pay close attention, take notes, and not ask the customer to repeat the question.

8. Lack of Training

Customer service representatives are instructed to train using a specific set of user manuals or guides to deliver the best solution to the customer as quickly as possible. Customer satisfaction may suffer due to insufficient training for the customer support services staff. 

They will be unable to ask the appropriate questions, resulting in clients not receiving a timely response. As a result, the team will not comprehend the customer's needs, resulting in a negative customer experience.

Customer Support Services: Best Practices

Customer Support Services

Excellent customer service entails not just adhering to industry best practices, such as maintaining a pleasant demeanor, respecting customers' time, and providing informed and resourceful resources, but also going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Here are the best practices your outsourced customer service team should have:

Understand Your Product

A broad understanding of a product is essential to customer serviceability. Your outsourced customer support services should ideally believe in your product, be able to describe features and use cases in-depth, and demonstrate how the product may help your clients – not to mention troubleshoot any issues.

Your outsourced customer support services goal is to make sure your customers get the most out of their purchases and feel like they received a good deal. Make it a point to understand everything your agents can about your product to wow your consumers with timely recommendations for additional features and services.

Equip Positive Vibes

A positive attitude is vital, and it goes a long way toward giving outstanding customer support services.

It's easy to misinterpret the tone of textual communication, and email or live chat can appear icy. The brain interprets someone else's emotional tone using various signals, including body language and facial expression, many of which are absent online.

If an email or chat conversation becomes tense, your agents should not be afraid to utilize emoticons to show warmth and good humor or call up the phone.

Quick Resolution

66% of consumers say that the most crucial aspect of any online customer experience is respecting their time. Rapidly responding to consumer questions is a cornerstone of good customer service, and speed should be a top priority, especially for minor issues that may be remedied quickly.

However, excellent customer service always triumphs over speed. 

Customers are aware that more difficult problems take longer to resolve. There's a distinction between how long it takes your customer support services team to respond and how quickly they fix the concerns. Customers do not like to wait in a ticket queue, but they are willing to wait as long as it takes to fix their problems. 

Return client calls as soon as possible, but don't rush to get them off the phone or dismiss the ticket without fully resolving the issue.

Personalized Service

Customers prefer dealing with people over businesses. It's one of the reasons why many businesses give their customers birthday gifts.

Do your agents remember your customers' birthdays as well as their names? What about their hobbies or interests? Are they able to make your clients laugh? This isn't possible for everyone, but going off script and adding a personal touch when necessary is an integral approach to show the clients that your agents know who they are and that your staff care.

Personalized Service


Establishing a business and even more challenging to make it successful is tough. Fortunately, by avoiding customer service blunders, you may ensure that your company is profitable for many years to come. 

If you don't have the resources to construct a customer support solution team in-house, outsource it to Wow Customer Assistance, a prominent customer support services provider known for offering relevant, personal, and productive customer support.

Cold Calling Tips from Customer Support Outsourcing Services for Sales Success

15 Cold Calling Tips from Customer Support Outsourcing Services for Sales Success

Cold calling all by itself is a challenge. It can get frustrating for both the caller and the receiver as the latter has no idea why he is called. When a receiver receives a cold call, he is likely to show zero interest. However, it is good to note that no two cold calls are the same. When a few techniques are followed, the cold call can become more than just successful. In no order of importance, we have listed the top cold calling tips from customer support for sales success.

Observe and understand your market

The debut step is to study and understand the market that you are dealing with. It will help while conversing with the caller. Also, the receiver will appreciate a mature conversation instead of a script or a sales pitch being read out.

Know what you are selling

Know the product/service you are selling thoroughly. Learn more about your products so you can comfortably answer any related questions thrown at you. It’s also a good idea to have a thorough understanding of all the products/services you offer and not just what you must sell. It can help when you need to cross or upsell products.

Map out the conversation

A call can go different ways. Consider all other areas and directions a call could lead and how you will tackle each scenario. Create a mind map that branches into various directions—for example, booking an appointment for a demo, setting up a call at a more convenient time, or even closing a deal.

Draft a successful cold calling script

A 30-second script will be perfect - a script should include an introduction, a reason for calling, and information about how the product/service is the ideal problem solver. You might have to create multiple scripts and then test each one individually to see which works best.

Prepare to deal with objections

Rejections and objections are a part of selling your product. When you cold-call, you have a few seconds to deal with it. First, make a list of all the possible objections you could face, and then work on dealing with each of them. Next, get information regarding what questions to expect from potential customers and how to answer them.

Invest in customer relationship management software for better customer support services

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you manage your customer support services, including your cold calls, by:

  • Keeping track of your prospects and productivity.
  • Connecting you instantly with missed calls and leads.
  • Recording calls to offer you better sales insights.
  • Helping with call training.

Personalize your calls

Every potential customer is unique. Research on individuals and learn about them. Then personalize your call to have a more meaningful conversation. Your potential customer visits social media platforms that provide a goldmine of information on their recent activities, hobbies and interests, education, mutual connections, professional background, and more.

Call only when your call will be received well

Research proves that certain days of the week and specific times are better than others for cold calling. Therefore, consider making your calls on specific days and at a suitable time. Also, analyze your call records for when you got the best results and schedule your calls accordingly.

Lead with your prospective customer

Learn to focus on the person at the other end of the call. Listen to what they say to learn about their requirements and concerns. According to some studies, the best sales professionals listen to the prospect 57% of the time and speak only 43% of the time.

Stay on track

Don’t lose focus when on a call. Here are some things to do on a cold call:

  • Engage the prospect.
  • Ask questions but stay on topic.
  • Take notes as they talk – their interests, problems, and concerns.
  • Organize your thoughts around the data you gather to make your pitch relevant to them.

The tone of your voice is important

Your prospective client cannot judge your body language or facial expressions. So, they rely on your voice to better understand you. Voice modulation makes you more human, lends a breath of freshness and enthusiasm to the conversation, and makes your offer sound more appealing. Add warmth to your call. Match your tone of voice with your words.

Gauge the prospect’s response

Understand your prospect’s response, so you know whether you have their attention or are losing them. Learn to gauge their interest by the:

  • Questions
  • Responses
  • The tone of their voice and volume
  • Choice of their words.
  • Avoiding pitching prematurely

A premature pitch can lead to failure

Understand what the potential customer wants and if the product/service you offer can counter their problems. Then, when you are sure you have a solution to their problems, dive into your pitch.

Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks

Your solution should be as big as your buyer wants it to be. So if you can sell more than what you originally intended to sell, don’t be afraid to drop that pitch and pitch a bigger deal. Your cold-call script must make room for selling bigger and more.

Leave voicemails

Many people avoid taking calls from unknown numbers. So, leave a short voice mail delivering your pitch uninterrupted. Remember, you have only approximately 15 seconds on a voicemail, so use that time effectively.

Know when to stop

If you don’t get a prospect on a first try, try calling again at a different time. If your calls and voicemails are unanswered after four or five shots, it’s time to move on to other prospects. You could try reaching out to this prospect after a couple of months.

If you can’t overcome call reluctance, then outsource call center services will help. If you believe that cold calling is a thing of the past, then consider investing in customer support outsourcing. When you hire an outbound call center outsourcing services to a reliable customer support services company, you can be sure that they will help you reach your cold calling campaign goals. You can take a closer look at the services offered by Wow Customer Support. Get in touch with the team of experts who will be glad to help you.

7 Core Benefits of Multiple Customer Support Platforms for eCommerce Business

Benefits of Multiple Customer Support

Customers used to rely on the convenience and security of having a physical shop they could visit if they couldn’t reach someone over the phone. Make every effort to alleviate such anxieties by ensuring that your customer support services are always available whenever something comes up. Failure to do so increases the likelihood of losing a convert on your site.

Providing exceptional customer support solutions benefits sales, brand loyalty, and customer retention, resulting in fewer difficulties or complaints and higher satisfaction. It can help your brand’s image, leading to greater sales. In fact, According to Microsoft data, customer support services are vital for brand loyalty for 95% of customers.

Customer Services Role In Any Business

The customer service role is critical in developing connections and trust with customers. Providing excellent customer support services may be a game-changer for your company. Businesses that provide excellent customer service recover their client acquisition expenses, create loyal followers that recommend your services, serve as case studies, and give feedback and reviews.

Now, let’s discover the main roles of customer support services in an eCommerce business:

Makes Your Business Trustworthy

Your business may win your clients’ confidence by remaining constant and ensuring that customers and clients are always aware of how your firm is performing—in addition, over 61 percent of business owners embrace customer support outsourcing services.

Better Understanding of Your Clients

When a client purchases, they usually recommend connecting with companies to make their shopping experience convenient and filled with empathy and understanding. Customers want to see businesses demonstrate that they are interested in and appreciate them in addition to surviving a crisis. Therefore, customer support plays a vital role in connecting to customers and providing them with better understanding and accurate solutions.

Provide Adequate Solutions

Most firms are in the process of digitizing their operations to serve their consumers better. Customers want agencies to meet their requirements and expectations at every touchpoint. They base their purchase decisions on customized experiences.

Customer support services are used to understand the customer’s expectations better. They seek to enhance and streamline customer communications to increase customer satisfaction. They are more likely to promote brand loyalty and profitability in any businesses that adopt them.

Helps In Strengthening Brand Image

Good customer service helps strengthen the brand image in the customer’s minds. The business needs to stay in the good books of every customer. One of the ways to achieve this is through customer support. If the customers are happy with the customer support, they will automatically be happy with the brand. In this way, the brand image is strengthened in the customers’ minds.

What is Multi-channel Customer Support?

Multi-channel support businesses like Wow Customer Support provide several communication channels for your customers to reach you. Email, live chat, phone, social media, knowledge base, and similar channels are the most common. While some consumers like the quick response provided by live chat software, others prefer to locate the answers through a knowledge base. Essentially, the concept is that every customer interacts with companies differently, and you want to be able to respond to all of them with the same degree of professionalism and speed.

The concept behind multi-channel assistance is that providing extra communication channels would boost customer happiness and retention. Clients are more inclined to purchase your goods if they can readily reach you with any inquiries or issues. Being able to give support promptly reassures your buyers that you are eager to assist them and will only help to boost your sales and business.

Key Advantages of Using Multiple Customer Support Platforms

Multi-channel customer support services give your customer many ways to communicate with you. Essentially, the concept is that every customer interacts with companies differently, and you want to be able to respond to all of them with the same degree of professionalism and speed.

1. Manage Your Customers’ Demands with Ease

Multiple Customer support solutions let you respond to your customers’ questions by phone, chat, or other contact methods. A multi-channel customer support service can generate many information streams that your company can use to understand your customers’ demands better.

It also allows you to comprehend, quantify, and evaluate client dialogue. Furthermore, with customer support outsourcing, you can leverage their CRM system to assist you in optimizing how your firm handles all client requests to boost productivity.

2. Target Specific Audiences

Customers’ transaction statistics and retail experiences will be known when there are several customer service channels. As a result, you may concentrate on the services that customers demand the most. If a consumer inquires about hair care services, you might provide a voucher or a discount to entice them.

Outsourced customer support services allow integrated customer service, sales, merchandising, inventory, and enterprise resource planning to operate better, enhancing the business’s revenues and efficiency.

3. Redirect All Requests to The Correct Employee

With multi-channel customer support services, you can always route client inquiries to the appropriate employees. Whether it is technical or product-related help, your customer care specialists will make every effort to connect them as soon as feasible. Because you are not waiting for a single communication channel, replies are faster, and requests are answered more quickly.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Client retention is less difficult than customer acquisition. The more effortlessly you can meet your customers’ demands, the more trust and loyalty you will gain. As a result, if you get customer support outsourcing services, your company becomes more accessible and may capitalize on client connections.

A positive customer experience leads to increased spending. 86% of purchasers are prepared to spend more for a positive client experience. According to a PWC study, the more costly the item, the more eager people are to spend.

Customers, for example, are prepared to pay a price premium of up to 13% for indulgence services merely because of a positive customer experience.

5. Track Your Customers

By incorporating multi-channel customer support services into your organization, you may simplify all client interactions. This allows you to go through their information and record every encounter so you don’t miss anything.

Having different channels also allows you to produce various types of reports. You may also keep track of your sales team’s performance and what works best for you. You may organize and manage your customers’ concerns, questions, and feedback.

6. Marketing Opportunities

Proactive customer support services open up a plethora of marketing possibilities. When you have a large network of supporters, you can always recommend a better solution or make a few proposals. For example, if a consumer calls to inquire about a service, you can respond to their inquiry and inform them about a new product you’ve recently released. As a result, you may utilize customer service as a marketing strategy to introduce and promote new products and services.

7. Boost Sales and Conversions

If something goes wrong, customer support personnel can address price, other goods, services, or support capability inquiries. Making it simple to contact a firm implies that it can be trusted to communicate with customers, moving prospective leads farther down the purchasing process until the client is ready to make a purchase.

Wrap up

When you use customer support outsourcing services, you can better serve your clients, provide rapid and high-quality assistance, and access their full contact history. If you seek such services, Wow Customer Support is one of the major customer service outsourcing businesses delivering top-notch customer support services with an emphasis on serving the best of what services can give. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot now, and check out our services today!

Benefits of employing Remote Customer Service Representatives

5 Suprising benefits of employing Remote Customer Service Representatives

Customer support is the backbone of any business. A majority of business owners are considering the option of employing remote customer service representatives. There are many advantages in doing this. Listed below are a few of them.

Option to offer 24x7 support

A massive 95% of consumers say that they cannot be loyal to a brand that does not provide good customer service. According to statistics, 40% of people prefer talking to a real person to interacting with a machine. So, there’s no denying you need to provide customer service and have representatives ready to answer calls and solve problems – day and night. Unfortunately, in-house representatives can answer only so many calls per day. When your representatives fail to respond to angry customers, they will not hesitate to take their business elsewhere.

Hiring remote workers gives your customers access to multiple customer service representatives. Your remote customer service representatives have the benefit of choosing flexible work hours. So you can have someone ready to resolve problems and answer questions on behalf of your organization - day or night.

Customer support handled across multiple channels

If you think your customers are reaching out to you only via phone, think again. According to statistics, 31% of customers reach out to companies via Twitter, and 33% through Facebook. But that’s not all – over 60% of millennials get online for customer service interactions, while a third of customers use SMSs to reach out to companies for assistance. You need representatives to operate the phones, look after your customers on social media platforms, and talk to customers via online chat and SMS. In short, you need people with different skill sets. Hiring full-time employees can be expensive.

Hire multiple customer service representatives who can look after specific channels individually, so your customers’ needs are looked after 24x7.

It’s cost-effective

Small businesses and startups often can’t afford office space for employees. Then there is the cost of hiring full-time employees. Employees are expensive. They must be paid a salary, provided with paid sick leave and vacation, insurance, and any added costs.  Plus, they need office space, a computer, a phone, and the internet.

When you hire remote customer service representatives, you only pay them for the services they offer and the number of hours they work. You can save significantly on overheads. Your remote workers work out of their homes, use their computer, phone, and electricity, and won’t expect you to foot any of those bills.

Another advantage is that during leaner months, you can condense your team of customer service representatives. That will bring down costs further.

Your remote workers are satisfied

Customer satisfaction is not the only thing you need to be concerned about. Employee satisfaction is equally important. Most representatives are happier working from the comfort of their own home, where they are free from the distractions of the office. When they work from home, they can concentrate on getting their job done.

Customer service reps work independently – very rarely is teamwork involved. So, it does not make sense to commute to an office every day.

Remote workers are satisfied employees – and happy employees are more productive.

Hire from a wider pool of talent

Finding suitable candidates to hire is a task that could take months. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury of waiting for the right candidate to fall in your lap.

When you hire remote workers, you shorten the hiring process. You don’t have to worry about going through long resumes, conducting lengthy interviews, or communicating multiple times to arrange meetings. Instead, you hire someone from anywhere around the world. You are more likely to find talented, skilled, and experienced remote workers you are satisfied with than a full-time employee who meets your requirements.

Solves the problem of language barrier

Acquiring talent is no longer limited to a geographical location. When you employ remote customer service representatives, you get access to a wider talent range, cutting across geographical barriers. This is especially good for business owners whose business is global as it solves the issue of language. When you hire and employ remote customer service from multiple locations across the globe, it will solve the language barrier problem. Thus, your team of customer support executives will be able to service a wider audience.

Ability to work from anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of employing remote customer service representatives is that the team of agents can work from almost anywhere. All that they need to get going is the basic infrastructure. The geographical location of work does not matter.

How to select and put together a team of remote customer service representatives who can work for your business?

There are no hard and fast rules when selecting a team of remote customer service representatives. However, as a business owner, you can have these few aspects in mind while putting tougher your team.

Make sure that every team member is aware of your business and brand

Ensure that every team member is aware of your business and brand. It is the responsibility of a team of remote customer service representatives to convey the right information to the customers who call in for support. Any misrepresentation will cost your business besides tarnishing the brand image.

Select candidates after putting them through several rounds of tests

Selecting the right candidates who can work for you can be a challenge. However, you must do so with caution. As a business owner, you can select the right candidates to work as part of your remote customer service representatives by putting them through tests and checking the quality they deliver. If candidates meet the standards, they can be included in the team of remote customer service representatives.

Do a background check of the candidates

One of the challenges when working with a team of remote customer service representatives is checking how authentic each and every member of the team is. As a business owner, you must ensure that the official data and information is in safe hands. Thus, it is advised to have multiple layers of security in place. Also at regular intervals, it is a good practice to run a security check on the infrastructure and equipment that is used.

If you wish to have a customer service team who will represent your business, you can get in touch with Wow Customer Support. The team of experts will offer the best customer support service. You can visit their website to know more of the services they offer and you can get in touch with the team at Wow Customer Support for a quote.

9 Reasons Why Customer Support Services Is Essential In Online Retail Business

Reasons Why Customer Support Services

There are many distinct links in a chain that work together to make an online store effective. To begin, marketers must think of new and creative ways to advertise a brand, shop, or product. On the other hand, the sales team is in charge of ensuring that clients eventually choose those products.

Online Retail Business

Other considerations are the website's quality, design, functioning, and any technical challenges that users may encounter. On the other hand, customer support services are frequently overlooked.

While the consequences of bad, or even non-existent, customer service should be evident, it's also crucial to remember the advantages of excellent customer service, including increased sales over time.

The Growing Demand for Customer Support Services

According to Microsoft's "State of Global Customer Service" survey, 54 percent of consumers had higher expectations for customer service than they had a year ago. Furthermore, the obvious issue of customer-product loyalty impacts a buyer's brand decision, but 96 percent of respondents also consider the quality of customer service to be a deciding factor.

Meanwhile, 72 percent of those polled by Microsoft anticipated brands to have a complete picture of each customer's personal information, purchasing history, and overall happiness. The bottom line is that customer service is more crucial than ever, and firms that fail to provide it will be left behind by those who do.

9 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Vital

Online shops can make the best judgments if they have excellent customer care. Customer support services are critical in any organization, including online retail. However, the value of such services extends far beyond assisting internet entrepreneurs in making sound decisions.

1. For Customer’s Resolution

The most crucial reason for having customer support services is to get answers to questions about the things being purchased. When customers purchase a product from your online business, they may encounter problems that need to be resolved. In that situation, a customer care representative must be present to respond to the inquiries.

Here are some of the resolution tips that your live customer support should be doing when providing customer support services:

  • Allowing customers to talk and explain their issues.
  • Showing the customer that they care about the client's frustrations using empathy statements.
  • Using the correct tone of voice.
  • Not talking about personal opinion.
  • Focus on the problem and provide the correct resolution.

2. For Building Trust

Building trust is crucial in the world of eCommerce. Customers are likely to learn about your brand's reputation through the things you sell and the outsourced customer service you provide. According to a poll conducted by Concerto Marketing, 82% of customers who trust a brand will continue to use it in the long run.

3. Additional Profits

Every business choice is driven by revenue. Money in minus money out is how businesses determine success or failure. An essential reason for customer service in a firm is that it is linked to revenue: 84% of companies that improve customer service see a rise in revenue.

Customer support services may help organizations become more successful by establishing long-term customer relationships. When businesses prioritize better customer service experiences, they can generate sales between 4% and 8% faster than the market. 

Creating a better customer support services experience than competitors can help businesses stand out in their industry and, as a result, increase revenue. Consider a customer who was pleased with the way your outsourced customer service handled his or her issue. After such an encounter, they are likely to become loyal customers.

4. Developing Your Brand's Image

Not everyone has the time to devote to training personnel to assist consumers. In this case, a lack of commitment and time can even damage your brand. On the other hand, outsourced customer service companies like Wow Customer Support can be advantageous because they are already trained to manage a variety of inquiries for your online retail organization.

online retail organization

5. Using Customer Service as a Marketing Tool

Who says you can't market your items through customer support services? That is also possible. The main distinction is that, in this case, marketing must be tailored to the solution being provided to the end client. If necessary, a trained executive would effectively upsell or cross-sell. That is the allure of a sound company strategy.

6. Getting Customer Experience Insights

Spending money on customer surveys to learn about client preferences and brand reputation might cause financial problems. Instead, you can invest in a top-notch outsourced customer service team that regularly asks your clients survey-style questions. You can obtain more output from less input this way.

7. Enhancing Customer Lifetime Value

Client lifetime value, or CLV, estimates the gross profit that can be made by continuing a customer connection. The importance of CLV influences your company's growth. You're raising your chances of keeping your customers for a longer time by hiring a great team of customer support solutions. As a result, the lifetime value of your customers rises.

8. Aids in Problem Solving

Even if your online brand is well-known, you will encounter clients who are upset, angry, distrustful, etc. Dealing with such clients might be difficult unless you have a strong customer support services team. You can lower the costs of dealing with dissatisfied clients by outsourcing a fantastic customer support firm. Furthermore, a customer support crew will listen to customer complaints and inquiries and provide applicable answers to resolve their concerns.

9. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Customers want you to exceed their expectations regarding your online retail services. And you can't handle everything on your own. Furthermore, you cannot please a consumer with a subpar phone answering service that lacks the necessary expertise. You require specialists who can empathize with and connect with your clients to deliver your services with the utmost care.

Benefits of Customer Service to Online Retail Business

Customer Service

More Sales

Customer support services are much more than just keeping consumers. It's also a powerful strategy to boost sales. Provide online help or simple ways for your customer service representatives to access the answers they need. Get customers and prospects the information they need when they need it to save your sale.

Loyal Customers

It's a well-known fact that getting new consumers costs 6–7 times more than keeping existing ones. Customer happiness is even more critical for small enterprises with limited time and resources. Providing prompt and helpful customer service is vital to customer retention. Not to mention that satisfied customers and word of mouth are two of the most powerful drivers of new business.

More Opportunities

One of your best sources of business may be your present clients. When all of your support channels and business tools, such as a customer relationship management app, are connected, everyone at your firm can be informed about customers. Order histories, open opportunities, and delivery status are visible to support agents. 

When a customer requires assistance, sales recognizes it. Everyone can be more productive and create better relationships when customer information, product insights, and support metrics are shared across the firm. Still, you can also unearth chances to cross-sell and upsell clients.

Improvement to Products and Services

Your support team, whether it has three or twenty members, is an important link to the outside world. Unlike product management or marketing teams, who only interact with customers occasionally, your agents interact with genuine customers daily. A strong customer service application will collect data from various sources both inside and outside your company.

It can tell you how clients engage with your product and whether they have any issues. If you carefully categorize your cases, you may identify what improvements and features clients would want to see in your product or what the major pain issues are. These customer support services insights are essential for making vital product decisions.

Improve Business Decisions

You may use your customer support services tools for more than simply customer service. They can assist you in nearly every facet of your company. Data from your help desk allows you to assess how well your agents function and provides indicators for improving your customer service team. Your support desk can also give you an overview of client satisfaction numbers and health indicators. 

Alternatively, keep note of the most often requested consumer features. Make sure the data you need to make faster, more educated decisions is easy to access when picking a help desk solution.

help desk solution

Final Thoughts

Customer support services are a must-have that can make or break your brand. But why take the risk of hiring an inexperienced in-house team when you can outsource customer support to reputable companies?

You may acquire profitable outcomes for your online retail firm with the correct outsourced customer service team. Rather than wasting time and money training new employees, hire experienced executives who understand how to deal with customers.

Contact Wow Customer Support today to get our outstanding customer support outsourcing services! Did you find this blog useful? Share it with your friends!


Effective Ways to Remove Drawback In Customer Support Solutions Department

Effective Ways to Remove

Your customer support services department serves as the company's face to its clients. Any experience they have is largely due to the team's competence and quality. Therefore, any successful organization will seek to leverage the power of customer support solutions to foster great client relationships.

customer support services

The essential concept of exceptional live customer support is to pay attention to your client's wants and expectations by carefully listening. To keep the relationship from becoming stagnant, you must always look for fresh and imaginative ways to improve the experience.

According to studies on the state of contact centers, poor customer service costs businesses more than $75 billion each year. Removing hindrances that could alter your customer support services is an essential factor. 

Today, let's dig deeper on the factors surrounding customer support solutions and how to remove difficulties in providing the best customer service.

Removing Difficulties In Customer Service: Why Does it Matter?

Customer satisfaction is the most important statistic for determining customer happiness. It can help you stand out from the competition and improve your business image.

Customers are also the finest judges of what your organization has to offer. On the other hand, businesses are constantly battling to resolve customer support solution issues and provide a positive service experience, as delighted consumers are unquestionably preferable to dissatisfied customers.

The clients who complained online about bad customer service received 79% of their complaints ignored. Thus, they will never do business with that company again after one bad experience. As a result, detecting and proactively resolving customer support solution concerns is critical for establishing long-term client connections and increasing customer retention.

Every business has issues, but what matters most is how successfully they address them. Customer support solution issues must be resolved because they affect other company sectors. Businesses must become customer-centric and align their services to delight clients by effectively solving their concerns.

Providing an outstanding experience assists businesses in achieving essential objectives such as:

Getting More Clients

When you go the extra mile in providing excellent customer support services like what Wow Customer Support does, your consumers are more satisfied. Happy customers might suggest more clients to you through word of mouth, which will boost your customer base and sales conversion.

Foster Client's Loyalty

Your customer will be impressed when they receive a timely customer support solution and acknowledge their problems with efficient remedies. Satisfied customers are more inclined to associate with you, enhancing client loyalty.

Preventing Customer Churn

Clients are likely to switch to competitors if you provide an unpleasant live customer support experience, even if your product is good quality. Premium customer support solution is an investment in your business since it lowers customer turnover and raises customer lifetime value.

5 Common Problems In Customer Support Services

Common Problems

It's not rocket science to provide excellent customer support services. But, if it's that simple, why do so many businesses have trouble with customer support solutions? Perhaps investigating and evaluating the causes of typical customer support service issues reported by customers is a step in the right direction.

Let's take a closer look at the choices that can assist you in improving your customer support solution standards.

1. Response Times Are Long

Customers nowadays anticipate instant contact from service departments and expect a fast resolution to their issues. Therefore, this is one of the frequent customer service issues that need to be handled by organizations.

2. Unheard Customer's Problem

You may not want to find yourself in a situation where you have to listen to clients' complaints. If you don't pay attention to what the consumer is saying, you won't be able to figure out what they want or how to address their problem.

3. Client Gets Transferred In Various Departments

When a consumer is repeatedly shifted from one agent or department to another, you can be sure that they will never return to you or your company again. They won't even tell their friends about you. This leads us to the second most common issue with customer support.

4. Rude Customer Service

No matter how irritated or shrill a client becomes while speaking with a service representative, this does not give the representative the right to be rude to the customer. An experienced manager is usually in charge of such situations.

5. Cannot Resolve The Problem

You may not always be able to provide an immediate solution for the consumer. Telling the consumer this can be difficult, especially if you sense the buyer is already irritated. However, dealing with an angry customer is a necessary aspect of the work, and there is no way around it.

5 Ways to Remove Drawback In Customer Service

Drawback In Customer Service

Client experience has never been more important than it is now, with a rising customer base expecting rapid results in an ever-changing competitive market. Reducing difficulties in your customer support services is the most important approach to improve your client experience.

Offer Multi Channel Support

In today's digital environment, every consumer has their preferred method of contacting customer support via live chat. Some people prefer communication via email, while others prefer to call or chat with the agents. Customers will have the privilege of selecting their preferred customer service channels with multichannel help. They can instantly connect with your assistance using the device they're using.

Customers don't have to switch between channels to get help with omnichannel assistance. Customers would be able to access your assistance on the go, saving time and providing frictionless customer service. You can get this multichannel support by outsourcing customer service to a competent business like Wow Customer Support.

Multichannel customer support services will bring your company closer to your customers' needs. In addition, social media and chat assistance methods are more informal and faster. Questions about assistance and communication through these means would be brief.

AI Usage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) radically transforms the customer assistance process thanks to quickly expanding technology. Artificial intelligence can be applied in support services to reduce customer effort, predict customer demands, automate your company's customer assistance approach, and ultimately improve customer happiness.

Outsource your customer service to a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce consumers' efforts by providing self-service tools and chatbots that automatically address most customer inquiries with high-quality issue solutions. Suppose the automated tool is unable to handle the issue. The chatbots will collect information from the consumer and send it to the agents before connecting the customer to an agent.

Big data can deliver real-time updates to customer service employees, allowing them to fix difficulties quickly. In addition, an AI-powered CRM application will deliver real-time information to the agents, allowing them to handle client issues more quickly.

Personalized Services

With increasing competition in every area, your company's products and services are unlikely to have a unique selling feature. Customers might choose the company that prioritizes a positive customer experience over anything else in the competitive climate. To provide good services, a tailored support service would be essential.

Customer support live chat personnel would have real-time information thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced Customer Relationship Management software, allowing them to provide individualized services to each customer.

Giving each consumer a single point of contact will make them feel special. Allowing customers to speak with the same agent each time they have a question will improve the customer-company relationship. Using the knowledge gained from previous interactions with the consumer, the representative would deliver effective support services. A single point of contact reduces friction and helps your firm to give consistent and valuable service to all of your customers.

You can deliver individualized services to your customers by outsourcing customer care to expert staff.

Combine Your Support Team

Waiting an excruciating amount of time for customers and shifting the support call between two or more personnel are the two major variables that would increase consumer and company friction. Transferring a call to a different person usually requires the consumer to explain the problem to them before they can provide a solution. When the call is transferred to the final person, the customer will have lost patience in stating the problem to everyone and will be enraged.

Suppose a consumer calls a sales representative with a support question. The call will go through several tiers of representatives before reaching the proper person, and the customer will have to describe the problem to each person before being passed to the next person.

Consolidating separate teams and implementing an effective call transfer plan would help solve the problem. This will allow them to resolve the issue faster and lessen the time it takes for other customers on hold to get their questions answered.

Train Your Representatives

Dealing with a customer service person that is unskilled or inefficient might raise customer friction. Customers may become dissatisfied while interacting with a representative who cannot solve the issue. The personnel that handle your call flow must be knowledgeable and have the authority to resolve issues.

Additionally, develop a knowledge base that contains all of your company's information. Then, utilizing artificial intelligence and CRM software, store all the data. Finally, many businesses post their knowledge bases on their websites so that customers may access them at any time.

The knowledge base would eliminate the need to call customer service for simple questions. A comprehensive FAQ section on your website can also serve as a knowledge repository.

Train Your Representatives

Wrapping Up

Customer Support Solution difficulties can be reduced, resulting in a better customer experience and more delighted consumers. Use the techniques discussed to reduce problems in your customer service channels and improve client satisfaction.

Outsourcing customer service to a company that follows the steps to decrease hindrances will provide your organization access to cutting-edge technology and will improve customer experience.

Provide an outstanding client experience by outsourcing your 24/7 customer service needs to our highly experienced team of professionals. For outsourcing, contact us right away!

How can outbound call center services increase productivity?

How can outbound call center services increase productivity

Call centers have proven to support a business. By outsourcing call centers, several businesses have reaped benefits. Outbound call center services take the responsibility of initiating the call on behalf of the business or a company. According to industry experts, an outbound call is made to a potential customer. A majority of times, the intention of the ring is to raise funds, generate leads, sell a product or service and the like. Telemarketing is also considered one of the most popular outbound call center services. Since the agent in the call center is dialing the customer, the service is termed outbound call center service. There are two methods business owners can adopt the outbound call center services. One of the ways is to have an in-house outbound call center team and the second and the most popular one is to have the outbound call center services outsourced to a third party or an agency. In both methods, the agents will be engaged in outbound call handling.

Additionally, the business owner decides the outbound calling strategy that will work best. If you are a business owner looking to have the outbound call center services outsourced, we recommend considering partnering with Wow Customer Support. In the last part of the blog, we will explain why we suggest that you consider the service provider. For business owners who are confident of managing their business's outbound call center services in-house, read on as we have discussed how can the outbound call center services increase productivity?

Make outbound call center services a part of your business 

It must be noted that not all businesses require to have included the outbound call center services. Thus, the business owner must be cautious when deciding about the outbound call center services or setting up an in-house team responsible for the operation and the functioning of the outbound call center, which will be a part of the business. And, if the business owner has made up his mind to have the services outsourced, a reliable partner must be chosen to outsource call center services. In both cases, the business owner must decide when is the right time to include the outbound call center services in the business. And another critical aspect is the budget involved in the entire exercise. Regardless of the services being in-house or outsourced, the outbound call center must work on a strict budget. When setting up the outbound call center services, the rest of the factors will fall in place if these two aspects are taken care of. 

Outbound call center services increase productivity. Here's how

When outsourcing a call center to a partner, the business owner can focus on numbers, deadlines and results. However, when the business owner decides to make the outbound call center service part of the business, he is constantly worried about how call center services increase productivity. Read on to gain insights in this direction as in no preference, and we have discussed a few aspects that can help.

Reward the performance of the team

The in-house team to provide outbound call center services is divided into various departments. The agents who work at the outbound call center are the backbone and will be more in number than the staff's strength working in other divisions. In some business organizations, outbound call center agents make hundreds of calls per day on behalf of the business. Not all call recipients respond and react in the same manner. The agents who are a part of the outbound call center services must, at all times, with all customers and on all calls, maintain a professional tone and not lose their temper on the call.

Furthermore, the agents of the outbound call center services teamwork on targets. The flip side is the outbound call center agents are paid for their job. Against this backdrop, as a business owner, one of the ways to spike productivity is to reward the agents working in the outbound call center services. There are several ways the outbound call center agents can be awarded. Agents who achieve their monthly target, those who satisfy the quality parameters and individuals who have a good attendance track record can be named and rewarded with incentives, gift voters or gifts. It will motivate the agents who continue doing their best at work. 

Ensure that a customer is given the option to interact in his preferred method

Outbound call center services continue to take advantage of technological advancements. Thus, it is no surprise that machines have replaced human agents in a section of outbound call centers. However, it must be noted that some customers do not like the idea of interacting with a machine. They prefer to speak with a human being. Also, the business will come across a few customers who choose to interact with one particular agent, which is next to impossible in an outbound call center. However, what can be taken care of is to check with the customer if he prefers interacting with an agent or a voice recording, and the needful can be adhered to. This will make the respective customer comfortable.

Additionally, when the customer is called from the outbound call center, it is more likely to oblige. According to estimates by research performed by Gartner, it has come to light that in the turn of 2025, a potential customer will manage a majority of 85% of the relationship without the involvement of human beings. Experts are quick to react to this finding, and they point out that it is one of the sure ways to increase productivity. However, it must also be noted that for performing specific tasks and activities, no technology, regardless of being advanced, can replace a call center agent when it comes to providing outbound call center services. 

Training the entire workforce

When it comes to outbound call center services, training the entire workforce is a critical parameter contributing to how the outbound call center service can increase productivity. Agents associated with the outbound call center services make outbound calls only after they successfully go through the prescribed training. The business that operates the outbound call center must necessarily host training programs or refresher training sessions for the staff. This will help the outbound call center agents perform well, which will increase productivity. The other individuals working with the outbound call center team must also be trained to perform their job. The entire workforce must be trained to handle crises if any occurs. When the outbound call center services team is prepared for the worst, this will help the section to sail through a challenge smoothly and thus, and it can help in increasing productivity. 

Pondering on the aspect as to how the outbound call center services increase productivity, a business owner can opt for outsourcing call center services. Read on to understand why we recommend that you partner with Wow Customer Support for your outbound call center services. 

Wow Customer Support can help increase conversions with professional and dedicated outbound call center services 

Call center services are indispensable to enhance your business's sales and marketing performance. An outbound customer service team can help your business connect with customers to increase sales and develop long-lasting client relationships.

Outsourcing to a top-notch outbound customer service provider such as Wow Customer Support will guarantee you stellar services with value for money. In addition, the team will provide exceptional customer satisfaction. The service offered is designed to reach out to customers to provide details on a new product or service, conduct follow-ups, or remind them of an upcoming appointment. 

With Wow Customer Support, business owners can take advantage of pocket-friendly quality services at all times. Here's what business owners can get partnering with Wow Customer Support for the outbound call center services:-

  • Savings of up to 50% of operating costs by outsourcing outbound call center services.
  • The dedicated team of skilled outbound call center agents can provide 24/7 support for 365 days.
  • The leading outbound customer service experts will professionally represent your business and increase ROI from the first call.
  • The team of dedicated managers ensures the quality of calls you can review and call monitoring and recordings.
  • The team also delivers a quick ramp up and down of up to 40% during seasons, on-demand
  • Outbound call center services that are provided by Wow Customer Support

The team of agents at Wow Customer Support is efficient in gaining access to the right prospects. They will double up as an extension of your business's sales team and help boost sales and marketing campaigns. The skilled agent is also well trained to handle initial sales pitches, lead generation, write niche scripts, and conduct email campaigns.

Wow Customer Support team can support your business by providing the following outbound call center services:-

  • Lead generation
  • Product promotion services
  • Telemarketing services
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Customer surveys
  • Subscription renewal services
  • Customer retention services

Visit the official website and partner with Wow Customer Support for your business's outbound call center services.

Methods to improve your ROI with Customer Support Services!

Methods to improve your ROI with Customer Support Service

Any flourishing and successful business relies on excellent customer support service. Customer service's aim is to create and maintain relationships with customers by ensuring that they are satisfied with your products/services and listening to their suggestions on how to improve your organization. As a result, providing a positive customer experience can have a substantial influence on your business's ROI by raising conversion rates, increasing market share, developing brand loyalty, increasing the potential for upselling and cross-selling, and attracting talent. Negative experiences, on the other hand, might lead to a loss of money as well as irreversible damage to your company's reputation.

The benefit to an investor from an investment of a resource is known as return on investment (ROI). A high return on investment (ROI) indicates that the benefits of the investment outweigh the costs. 

At Wow Customer Support, about how important it is to provide excellent customer support service in general. However, we stress the need of using concrete numbers to evaluate the success of your efforts. When you combine the two, you'll be able to see exactly how your customer service efforts are benefiting your company's bottom line. 

Let’s discuss the ways a company can improve its return on investment by taking the below-mentioned measures. 

Tips to improve your ROI from your Customer Support Service

More than 88% of businesses now place a premium on customer experience in their daily operations. Yes, it's that crucial. And it's not hard to see why. If a customer chooses to do business with you based on their customer experiences, then that's where you must stand out. Customer experience is now the primary differentiator for more than two-thirds of businesses. Consequently, you're increasing your company's return on investment because more customers mean more sales. 

Improving ROI by improving customer service management

  • Calculate Customer retention - It’s all about the perspective. If you start watching customer support services as customer success operations, the game changes. Customers will stay longer with the company if they’re getting their answers properly addressed. They are going to continue using your products and services because they know the customer support services provided by your company are reliable. Observe how and when customers reach out with an issue, getting the problem addressed by a call or any type of communication results in reducing cancellations and refunds. This way, you can improve the services and keep your customers coming back!

Nonetheless, we know that excellent customer service is linked to company success, and it's apparent that customers want to contribute their money to organizations that care about them.

  • Educate and Train your Staff -  If your employees don’t have a proper understanding of your products and services, it’s going to cost you a lot of company resources. It’s important that employees are easily able to navigate through different processes and systems are able to help your customers with ease. By training your staff you’ll be able to resolve your customer issues effectively and efficiently. Training them regarding the different processes, troubleshooting skills, product/service knowledge, active listening and resolving conflicts will enable your company to perform better in the long run and a small investment will be worth all of it and more. 
  • Identifying the right ROI indicators - It’s easier to sell your product or service to an existing customer rather than a new customer. Hence, the customer support service provided should be exceptional. Identify which ROI indicators seem to be working for your company and are proving the results. You can start executing modest, measurable trials with specific ROI figures once you've figured out which customer service metrics your team can use and how that adds to the company's performance.
  • Implementing Feedback Software - By installing feedback software, you can get complete information on the customer’s experience. This way, you can understand what’s working and what’s not working. The technique and approach used by high performing employees to handle customer queries can be utilised in training the one’s that are struggling to perform. 
  • Reward Employees for practising great Customer Service - Providing great customer support service and customer incentives that braces great customer experience, a company can expect direct investments in marketing and referrals. Keeping incentives for your employees will drive them to provide a high-quality customer experience. Moreover, prospects when going through your customer service reviews are likely to turn into customers after seeing a positive compliment on your company’s efforts to keep their customer’s happy. 
  • Sales - Customer support acts as marketing by offering a fantastic customer service experience that customers want to tell their friends about.

Improving ROI by reducing costs

A company can get a high return on investment by cutting costs on the customer service operations. The two major factors that play a big role in this strategy are Efficiency and Effectiveness. By improving the efficiency of processes and individual activities, time consumption is going to get lower and hence the cost per unit of work will reduce. If your employees are able to resolve customer issues faster, they would not be required to work extra. 

Similarly, if customer queries are solved on the first call, they won’t have to contact customer service agents several times through different means of communication. Less number of calls to attend means you’ll require less staff. 

Keeping these two factors in mind, there are proven strategies you can implement to lower the cost of your customer service, they are listed below:

  • Customer service tools and data - Improve the productivity of your customer support service operations by installing an IT system that’s updated and services like helpdesk management and online support can help along with customer queries and requests. Agent assisted support can be minimalised if there are self-sufficient solutions available for customers. Furthermore, with the quality of the information provided to agents, they’ll be able to handle customer problems effectively.  
  • Process Optimization - By reducing the number of steps in a particular process, eliminating the need of piling up work and unnecessary tasks will not only help your company in saving resources but is also going to improve the customer support service experience. 
  • Restructuring Customer service operations to build better teams - When customer support service operations increase, the possibility of redundancies developing between teams, business processes and organizations increase as well. Restructuring of customer service operations in specific intervals can create greater synergy and it will also help in reducing overhead costs of customer service management. 
  • Outsourcing - Customer support service outsourcing will give you the opportunity to access less costly resources to perform large scale operations. It will also allow you to work along with global workforces that will be of great support to your company’s needs. 

Improving ROI by improving performance

In order to improve your ROI by customer support services, you’ll have to improve the quality of your customer service functions. Here are the top four ways you can implement to improve your services - 

  • Listen to your customers - Sometimes when a customer comes to you with their query, more often than not they’re looking for a customer service representative to hear them out and empathize with their problems. Even if the problem isn’t resolved quickly if you’re customer service representative is able to communicate and build a relationship with the customer, it will improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. 
  • Don’t keep them waiting - A very simple and effective way to increase the value of your customer service operations is by not making them wait. One of the main problems faced by the companies is customers having to wait to get the agent’s attention and get their issues resolved. By the time, the customer service representative attends to the issue, the customer is already upset. Minimizing the customer waiting time will show them that you value their time and business. 
  • Caring and Knowledgeable staff - When customers interact with your company regarding a problem, they expect to interact with a knowledgeable staff that can assist them properly and handle their issues with utmost concern. 

How a Call Center Can Help

Even if you grasp the concepts of high-quality service, putting them into practice successfully is a different story. Despite their greatest efforts, many companies still struggle to provide excellent customer support services.

So, what can you do right now to improve your customer support services? Contact an outsourced call centre. 

With Wow Customer Support, you can improve your customer service results and increase your return on investment.

Why UX Writers and Customer Support Service Should Team Up

Why UX Writers and Customer Service Should Team Up

Most companies haven't tried it yet but user experience (UX) writers teaming up with customer support service has become a major point of discussion in 2021. As the name suggests, user experience starts from understanding user's (customer) expectations and nobody understands people better than customer rep themselves. They get to attend to customers' inquiries, reviews, and complaints. So they know what to do when improving users' experience. 

According to Tech Jury's UX research, 52% of customers leave websites without intending to return due to poor aesthetics. Users who are dissatisfied with what they learn on one website are more likely to switch to another service and continue their research there. Even your domain name has a significant impact on your brand identification and might detract from the user experience of your leads.

By anticipating and, ideally, preventing customer misunderstanding, good UX writers deliver proactive service. UX writing, like customer support service, leads to interactions that prioritize people. UX writers have been known to refer to their work as "the words on the buttons". However, it's more than that, because the collaboration between customer support teams and UX writers has a lot of benefits. Before delving fully into why they should team up, let's talk about UX writers.

What is UX Writing About?

The practice of designing the words, users see and hear when interacting with software is known as UX writing. It's all about figuring out how to make a product and its customer have a dialogue. 

One of the most difficult aspects of product copy is that it is frequently written by the same individuals who are constructing the product. They may unwittingly turn a blind eye to the difference between what they imagine the user does with the product and what the user actually does with the product since they are involved from the beginning. Consequently, the copy ends up not being effective.

This leads to the question: who should be working on the product copy?

This is when a UX writer comes in handy. A UX writer improves a user's experience with a product by improving the product's communication. A skilled UX writer spends time going through tickets and listening to customer calls to understand the issues that customers encounter, and then works towards resolving them. 

However, sifting through a sea of support tickets for incidents that can be traced back to poor product copy is a time-consuming task. While it isn't hard to complete this task on your own, a little assistance from someone who has worked with the customer support service team before can go a long way.

What UX Writers and Customer Support Service Have in Common

Customer Support Service is a Resource for UX

In an ideal world, all products and services would be simple to use and comprehend, and users would never need to contact customer care. Regrettably, this isn't always the case.

Even with an excellent UX write-up, users may have problems or have queries at any time, and they will contact or call you for assistance. During this time, the team of UX writers may be so preoccupied with crafting perfect write-ups for your company's product or service that they would overlook the fact that the experience is far more essential than the product they are creating.

However, one important source of information on user expectations is often overlooked: customer service. Customer support service refers to any action that involves anticipating and offering professional, helpful, and high-quality service and assistance to customers before, during, and after their needs are addressed. As a result, in addition to user experience research, customer support is another powerful source of knowledge about your users.

You can bet that if something is a hassle for your users, it will be a pain for your customer service personnel as well. Customer service and the UX team both want people who don't have any inquiries or problems when using the product. 

They Both Share Common Goals and Methods

As stated earlier, customer support service and user experience both strive for the same goal: a user who has no queries and encounters no problems when using their product.

When a user has a question, however, customer support's goal is to discover the best method to answer it, using the best language possible, so the user understands and doesn't have to ask again. When writing content for a certain feature or page, a UX writer's role is to anticipate these questions. 

When a user has an issue, customer support's role is to come up with a solution within their means and limits. This entails considering what the product can and cannot achieve, as well as providing a different option to bring the user as close to their desired outcome as feasible. Again, a UX writer's job is to come up with the greatest possible solution to the user's needs while working within the limits that they have. 

They Both Impact One Another

UX writers and customer Support have similar aims and use similar strategies to achieve them, but they also have a direct impact on one another.

Customers will complain less about an easy-to-use product, giving your customer support team more time to handle the concerns that do come in. They will be able to respond more swiftly and with more personalized responses, increasing user satisfaction with your product. As a result, there will be fewer complaints and more time to respond, among other things.

Consider this... Every user who has ever emailed customer support has taken 5 –10 minutes out of their day to tell you how they feel about your product. This shows that customer support and UX writers must pay attention to user complaints because they are a treasure mine of user expectations. Listening should be their strongest suit.

How UX Writers and Customer Support Service Can Collaborate

Design Better Interface

Designers accept input from multiple teams when designing a product's interface and customer service should be one of them. Involving a UX writer and a customer support representative early in the design process benefits all three teams – design, support, and UX. Of course, there's also the user.

Support representatives have hands-on experience talking customers through features and proposing solutions when they run into problems. They are a better judge of the flow of a feature from beginning to end as a result of these experiences. They also get frequent feedback on the product and are familiar with a variety of feature requests, which helps them make design decisions.

Understand Users Pain Points

Apart from understanding the audience, you must also consider their pain points when writing text that improves the user experience. To accomplish this, you must identify and eliminate hitches in the product's use through good copywriting. 

Taking customer calls will allow you to discover situations where the customer is having difficulty completing a task on their own. Speaking with support personnel, in addition to taking calls from consumers, can provide you with a more complete view of the issues users are having with the product. One method to achieve this is to talk about features (particularly those with low uptake) and request a download of various use cases and usability issues from the customer care team.

Know the User Better

To write copy that benefits your users, you must understand:

  • Who the user is 
  • How the user interacts with the product in various situations

As a result, UX writers and designers make use of the user's persona. Contrary to popular opinions, user personas are utilized by designers and customer support teams, and not simply marketing and product teams. 

Designers create user personas to better understand the target audience's needs, goals, and personality traits.

You must go beyond user personas to truly understand the user to develop great copy. To accomplish this, you should collaborate closely with customer service representatives, who spend a lot of time talking to customers and will have a thorough awareness of their viewpoints. Customer Support representatives are well-versed in the optimum workflows, use cases, comprehension, and expectations of various user groups. Working with them can assist you in putting yourself in the shoes of your users.

Use a Language That Customers Understand

A UX writer's major goal is to provide copy that is appealing to the user. Thus, you must ensure that the language you employ is consistent with that of your customers to achieve this.

Customers tend to refer to your product's qualities in a variety of ways. They may borrow vocabulary from previous products they've used, or they may invent new phrases depending on their understanding of the functionality. 

Final Thoughts

Customer support service representatives in any firm can be found attempting to limit the number of how-to queries they receive so that they can focus on assisting clients with more complicated issues. A UX writer aims to improve a product's usability through words, reducing the number of how-to queries in the process. When two teams with the same aim collaborate, the result is twice as satisfying: better UX writing and a significant decrease in how-to queries. 

If you're looking to outsource your customer support service and improve your user experience, look no further than Wow Customer Support. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Your Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service: Connect with Your Customer at Every Touch Point

Your Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service Connect with Your Customer at Every Touch Point

From texting apps, social media channels to video chats and emails, the way we communicate has become accessible and seamless. Consumers expect the same level of communication efficiency with businesses as well. There are various interactions that companies have to manage throughout the sales and purchase cycle. It includes answering emails, calls, chats, social media messages, etc., promptly. 

To be a successful brand in the market, you have to be available for your customers at all times. It implies going beyond conventional means of communication and choosing the most convenient platform for interaction. Although the multi-channel approach works great for customers, it can be challenging to maintain consistency for brands. It is where omnichannel customer service plays a pivotal role.

multichannel and omnichannel

Mapping The Modern Customer Journey 

The way customers shop has changed significantly, and so are their expectations from the brand. Though their purchase journey isn't predictable, customers expect you to cater to their needs on their preferred channels. They expect connected experiences irrespective of the channels that they use. Slight friction or a broken conversation might stop them from buying your products and services. 

But, How to create this seamless experience? In this detailed article, I will discuss actionable tips to assist you in delivering a seamless customer experience.

Empower customers with self-service options

76% of the customers try to solve issues on their end before contacting customer support. 

One of the best ways to empower your customers with self-service options is through chatbots or automated text messaging. Your company may have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section on your website, but that's about as far as it goes. 

Customers may be used to getting their answers fast through Google search or Wikipedia, so why not set up a chatbot program with an FAQ feature? Customers can ask questions and get an instant response. Moreover, brands can embed informational articles in email autoresponders. 

Integrate AI 

Approximately 73% of customers consider live chat the most satisfactory communication medium to interact with brands.

The future of customer support service is personalized. Technology has made it possible to deliver a tailored experience across every channel, even if that means engaging with your customers through an automated chatbot or voice-activated assistant rather than an actual human being. 

AI can help you achieve this goal by learning what each customer wants and how they like to communicate. AI integrated chatbots can help your business improve customer satisfaction by delivering a more personalized experience.

what can i help you with?

Provide a smooth transition between AI to agent

69% of global customers prefer brands that offer proactive and seamless services and notifications. 

For example, if your customer wants to hold a conversation with you instead of typing out their issues. This is especially important in retail and banking industries, where customers want to speak face-to-face when dealing with sensitive information. And, this means an agent needs to step in at the right time, on the right platform. 

Make sure the transition is smooth, and they can switch over to phone or video chat without any hassle. Meanwhile, ensure the customer background from the chatbot is transferred on time to the agent with all the information in hand.

Use data intelligence to enhance customer experience

One-third of the consumers say that they are considering switching to another brand after one bad customer experience. 

It is crucial to learn about your customers today. This data will provide insight into what they want, how they want it, and where they are looking for information. It can give you the competitive advantage in delivering a positive experience with your business from start to finish. Your agents and chatbot can utilize this information and provide quick customer support across channels effectively.

Empower agents to focus on what's important!

Let your agents focus on important customer interactions while you can automate the rest. Centralize your customer information to ensure your agent doesn't have to worry about the background work but focuses on what they need to do best - help your customers.

It's also time to automate common service requests to simplify and quicken the response time. This will help your agents focus on areas that require human intervention and deliver a personalized experience to each customer.

Communicate on social media channels

48% of consumers expect to get a reply from brands on social media within 24 hours 

You can quickly respond to customer issues and interact with them while generating new business by monitoring your social media channel. But this doesn't mean that every message is a chance for revenue: You need to set up filters, so you don't get bogged down in the noise of other messages. 

An example of responding to a customer on social media is asking for suggestions or recommendations. You can also use the channel as your way in with these people and create an opportunity for them to interact with your brand and ultimately buy from you.

Offer round-the-clock support

In today's hyperconnected world, customers expect to be able to reach you anytime and anywhere. If they can't contact your business 24/7 via a traditional phone line or chat interface, the chances are good that they'll turn to social media instead. That might seem like a great way to vent their frustration – but it's also one of the worst ways to cultivate a good relationship with your customer. 

When you're ready to go above and beyond what your competitors are offering, it's time to turn on the "24/7" light. Offering round-the-clock customer support service is a great way to prevent your customers from going elsewhere. Customers who need immediate service will be impressed by how fast they can get in touch with your company – and they'll be more likely to return the next time.

Get a 360-degree view of your customers

More than 35% of customers expect to connect with the same customer support service representative on various channels. 

Omnichannel customer service is more than just talking to your customers on social media and over the phone. It's also about knowing where they are online and what they do there so that you can engage with them in a personal way at every touchpoint — whether it's across their preferred channels or not.

For example, if you see many Tweets coming from a specific location, research that area and find out what's going on. Perhaps there was an event recently, or the local economy is doing well — whatever it may be, connect with your customer to let them know they are in the limelight.

Assign the right people for the task

83% of customers believe that they feel more loyal towards a brand that resolves their complaints timely.

When your employees are equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and training to engage customers from different channels, you'll have a 360-degree view of their customer journey. Gather data from all sources so everyone on the desk can be as consistent as possible when delivering amazing service across every channel.

Moreover, if you don't have the budget to set up an internal customer support service, you can consider outsourced customer service. Wow, customer support is an efficient customer support outsourcing agency that will be available for your customer 24x7. 

Wrapping Up

Modern customers are not easy to please, so brands have to go the extra mile to be available at all times. You have to learn everything you can about the customers to provide them with value and impact. Moreover, you should share the information you collect across the channel uniformly to create a panoramic view. Your multiple-point solutions should have a unified approach to provide seamless engagement.