5 Ways to Remove Friction in Your Customer Support Channels in 2021

With a growing customer base looking for instant results in this constantly evolving competitive world, customer experience has become more critical than ever. The most crucial way to improve your customer experience is to remove the friction in your customer support services.

Removing friction in your customer support channels reduces the chances of customers getting disappointed, frustrated, or angry with your business. So what would cause friction in customer service?

Factors that create a hassle in your customer service :

  1. Limited support channels or support not available for preferred channel
  2. Customers have to wait in line to purchase a product or to avail a service
  3. Delayed response to the support email
  4. Hours of waiting on the phone line to connect with an agent
  5. Provide the same information repetitively when transferred from one agent to another
  6. Asking too many irrelevant questions
  7. Complicated processes that confuse customers

Eliminating these factors from your customer support channels would enhance the customer experience and remove friction from your process.

Here are five ways to remove friction in your customer support channels in 2021:

Provide Multi-Channel Support to Customers

In this digital world, every customer has their choice of channel to connect with customer support. Some prefer it through email, some would like to call the agents, and others may like to connect through chat. Multichannel support will provide the customers with an option to choose their preferred customer support channels. With this, they can connect with your support instantly through the device they are using.

With omni-channel support, customers need not run across channels to access customer support. This would allow customers to access your support on the go, reducing their efforts and providing frictionless customer support. Customer service outsourcing to a professional company will allow you to avail this multichannel support.

Multichannel customer support will align your business closer to the needs of your customers. Moreover, channels like social media and chat support are more casual and quicker. The support questions and communication through these channels would be to the point.

Use AI in your Support Process

With rapidly evolving technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is completely revolutionizing the customer support process. Artificial intelligence can be used in support services to reduce the customers' efforts, anticipate the customers' needs, automate your organization's approach to customer support, and ultimately provide better customer satisfaction.

Outsource customer service process to a company that implements AI to reduce the customers' efforts by offering self-servicing tools and chatbots that would automatically resolve most customer queries with high-quality issue resolution. The chatbots would collect the information from the customer and provide it to the agents before connecting the customer to the agent, in case the automated tool is unable to resolve the issue.

Big data can provide real-time updates to the customer support agents, helping them resolve the issues instantly. In addition, an AI-powered CRM tool will provide the agents with real-time information that helps them handle customer issues faster.

Offer Personalized Services

With the growing competition in every industry, it is unlikely that the product and services your company offers have a unique selling point. The competitive environment allows customers to choose the company that values a good customer experience over anything else. A personalized support service would play an important part in delivering satisfactory services.

Using artificial intelligence and advanced Customer Relationship Management software, the customer support agents would have access to real-time information, which authorizes them to deliver personalized services to every customer.

Providing a single point of contact to each customer will make them feel special. Allowing them to connect with the same agent every time they have a query will strengthen the relationship between customer and company. The representative would provide efficient support services using the knowledge acquired from past experiences with the customer. A single point of contact removes friction and allows your company to provide seamless and valuable support to every customer.

Getting customer support outsourced to an experienced team would allow you to provide personalized services to your customer.

Consolidate Your Support Teams to Enhance the Communication

The two most important factors that would increase the customer's friction and the company are having customers wait for an infuriating amount of time and transferring the support call between two or more representatives. Usually, transferring the call to different representatives means that the customer would have to explain the issue to them before someone could provide the resolution. The customer would have lost the patience explaining the problem to everyone and would be highly furious when the call is transferred to the final representative.

For instance, if the customer has called the sales representative with a support query and the support team is located in different locations, the call would travel through various levels of representative before reaching the right person, and the customer would have to explain the query to every person before getting transferred to the next person.

Consolidating different teams and establishing an efficient call transfer plan would improve the problem. This will help them resolve the problem quicker and reduce the waiting time for other customers on hold to get their queries resolved.

Train and Empower Your Representatives

Dealing with an inexperienced or inefficient representative may also lead to an increase in customer friction. Customers may get frustrated while dealing with a representative who cannot provide the solution to the problem. The representatives handling your call flow need to be competent and have the required permissions to resolve the queries.

Furthermore, create a knowledge base that would include all the information about your business. Then, store the complete information using artificial intelligence and CRM software. Finally, many companies upload the knowledge base on their website to allow customers to access them whenever required.

The knowledge base would reduce the need for contacting customer support for simple queries. The knowledge base can also be in the form of an in-depth FAQ section on your website.


Eliminating the chances of customer friction will result in a better customer experience and more satisfied customers. Use these five methods to remove friction in your customer support channels and enjoy better customer satisfaction.

Customer support outsourcing to a company that follows the ways to reduce friction will allow your business to access innovative technology and top-notch strategies that improve customer experience and boost sales.

Outsource your 24*7 customer support needs to our highly experienced team of professionals and provide an excellent customer experience. Contact us today for outsourcing!

Customer Engagement: Why It Matters In This Pandemic Era?

The year 2020 has been a life-changer in many ways. Storefronts went digital, kitchen tables turned into conference rooms, and how we live, work and shop have had drastic changes. But what hasn’t changed for businesses is outstanding customer engagement. Customers always look for feedback and reviews before purchasing any product. A healthy customer engagement can create a positive image of your brand and this in turn, can bring in more business. A research by PWC stated that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

Here are a few pointers on why customer engagement plays a huge role in any business.

  • Staying Trustworthy

In general, people shop for top brands as they can keep their faith and provide quality goods. This notion still holds true even after the pandemic hit us. Unlike most relationships, gaining trust doesn’t happen overnight. One of the ways businesses can earn their client’s trust is by staying consistent and making sure the customer and clients are always aware of how your business is performing—also, almost 61 percent of the business owners aid customer support outsourcing services.

  • Empathetic, unified teams 

When a customer shops, it is always advised that there should be an interaction with brands to make their shopping experience not only convenient but also infused with empathy and understanding. Furthermore, 90 percent of the clients say the true nature of a business is determined by how they survive during the time of crisis. Customers want to see brands prove they are interested and value them apart from surviving a pandemic situation.

  • Corporate Values

Most brands are in the midst of transforming their businesses to go digital to cater to their customers. In recent reports, 71 percent of the clients pay more attention to corporate values than they did a year ago. Generally, customers want agencies to fulfill the specific needs and expectations at every touchpoint. They are making purchasing decisions on personalized experiences.

  • Consistent Interaction across different departments

Did you know that online interactions grew from 42% of customer engagements in 2019 to 60 percent by 2020 due to this ongoing pandemic!? Besides, 76 percent of customers expect consistent interactions across different departments. Before 2020, customers were well on their way to becoming more digitally dependent in their brands’ interactions. In a socially distanced environment, many have come to view digital engagements as not only a convenience but a necessity. Brands, in turn, have had to accelerate their digital transformation. Due to this, a huge mass of people are working much of their lives online. In fact, the vast majority of consumers say they prefer online shopping. As a result, they’re looking for companies to provide more digital options. In fact, 54 percent of customers would like companies to introduce new products or services in response to the pandemic.

  • Go Digital

Eighty-eight percent of the customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to the mass pandemic. As the world order is adapting to new ways of running their business, giants worldwide, have a real good opportunity to use this knowledge to revamp their business on a larger scale and make it more interactive with their customers. As a result, they can troubleshoot customer’s problems and solve them as soon as possible.

If you are looking for great customer support services, plan on hiring customer support outsourcing services, we at Wow are one of the leading customer support outsourcing companies providing top-notch customer support outsourcing services focusing on serving the best of what services can offer.

To know more about customer support outsourcing services, click here.

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6 Core Benefits of Multiple Customer Support Platforms for eCommerce Business

Growing a business is a challenge in today’s world, especially if you are a small business owner. So do you want to take your business to the next level? Here’s a secret that many eCommerce companies have that enables them to build a strong relationship and have loyal customers. Having strong multiple customer support services has always been a major business booster for the eCommerce industry.

They help you in many ways and boost sales like no other. Customers tend to come back to you when you make their transactions smooth and seamless. Also providing customer support services on multiple platforms such as emailchatsphone, and various social media applications can be advantageous to build strong relationships and sustenance.

Are still wondering if you need to invest in multiple-channel customer support services? Then here are a few reasons that might help you change your mind.

  • Easily manage your customer’s requests

Are your emails flooded with requests from customers but you would instead answer them by a call or a chat? That’s where  multi-channel customer support services come in! You can answer their queries through a call, chat or any means of communication. A multi-channel customer support service can create different streams of information that can be utilized for your business to understand your customer’s needs. Also, it provides the capability to understand, quantify, and review communication with customers. Furthermore, when you outsource customer support services, you can use their CRM system which can help you streamline the way your company handles all customer requests to improve efficiency.

  • Target specific audiences

When there are different customer support channels, you’ll know the transaction analytics and retail experiences of the customers. Hence you can focus on services that they require the most. If a customer enquires about haircare services, you can throw in a coupon or a discount to attract more customers. When you have your customer support outsourced, it enables sectors such as integrated customer service, sales, merchandising, inventory, and enterprise resource planning to perform better—thus increasing your boost sales and efficiency of your business.

  • Route all your customer requests to the right person

With multi-channel customer support services, you can route their queries to the right personnel every time. Be it technical or product-related assistance; your customer service representatives will ensure to connect them in the quickest manner possible. As you don’t have to wait for a single-line of communication, the responses get faster and queries get resolved quicker.

  • Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, we all can agree that the challenge is to have high customer satisfaction. Happy customers tend to stay loyal as well as refer more people, thus bringing in more business. Moreover, customer retention is easier than customer acquisition. The more easily available you are to cater to your customer’s needs, the more you build on trust and loyalty. Therefore, if you have your customer support outsourced, your business becomes easily accessible and can build on customer relationships.

  • Keep track of your customers

Most often, when a customer calls for a query, they are put on hold for a while. Meanwhile, the executive looks for their details and history of their business with them. This can get quite annoying when your customers are in a hurry. Therefore, if you integrate multi-channel customer support services in your business, you can streamline all your customer interactions. This helps you sort all their information and records every interaction so that you don’t miss out on a detail. Also, having multiple channels enables you to all generate all kinds of reports. Furthermore, you can keep track of your sales team performance and what know works best for you. You can have your customer’s issues and queries, and feedback organized and well managed.

  • Marketing opportunities

Proactive customer support services create a vast space for marketing opportunities. When you have a wide-channel of support, you can always suggest a better option or throw in a few offers. For instance, if a customer calls to enquire about a service, you can answer their query as well as tell them about a new product you’ve recently launched.  Thereby you can use customer support services as a  marketing tool for introducing and promoting new products and services.

Final Thoughts on Multiple Customer Support for eCommerce

Therefore, when you outsource customer support services,  you can serve your customers better, provide fast and high-quality service and have access to their entire communication history. If you are looking for such services, we at Wow are one of the leading outsource customer service companies providing top-notch customer support services focusing on serving the best of what services can offer.

To know more about multi-channel customer support services, click here.

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How to Build a Successful Offshore Team for Customer Support?

Customer Support Services

Customer support has been the deciding factor for a company to thrive in the long run. And the reason behind this is, effective telephonic and chat support services are what increases customer retention.

But still, the question remains, ‘Why Offshore Customer Support Team?’

Benefits of Building an Offshore Live Chat Support Service Team

Live chat outsourcing and chat support services offshoring allow you to focus on improving core business activities while delegating the established functionalities.

Further, the talent pool in developing nations, despite concentrated and brimming, is highly economical and can work wonders in bridging the skill shortage. In other words, you are paying less for better work than what is available in your country.

However, of all the advantages, the one that takes the highlight is the time zone coverage. A lot of professionals are usually in dissent for rotational and night shifts. But offshoring live chat support services allows you to take advantage of different time zones to be active 24×7.

Now that we have established the need for offshoring live chat support services, let’s dive into how to build the right team.

There are two methods to build a customer chat support team.

1st Method: 5 Steps to Build the Best Live Chat Support Services Team

In this method you or a delegate from your company have to temporarily move to the offshore location, rent a workspace, and hire a team to build your offshore customer chat support services wing.

1.      Prioritize Strong Communication

Communication is especially important for your customer support executives as they have to converse with your customers regularly. And the last thing you want is to lose customers because they couldn’t understand your executives.

Communication also matters in order to keep you updated with the improvements in everyday activities.

2.      Share Your Business Vision with the Live Chat Support Services Team

The quality of your customer support drops when your team doesn’t know what they are working for. Even when you are hiring the customer support executives, inform them of your plans and vision for your company.

Although your live chat support services team is not seeing the progress, keeping them in the loop will motivate them to work harder.

After all, everyone is working for their own small visions. If your vision is reverberating with their personal goals, your offshore live chat support team’s productivity will skyrocket.

3.      Designate Live Chat Support Service Team Leaders

Offshore teams often have a different way of working around things. They are different by culture, work preferences, latent inclinations, trends, and many other aspects. Expecting them to work just like how the in-house teams work might not be fruitful for the company.

That’s why it is advised to designate team leaders who understand the populace. They can better sort out the problems and guide the teams down the path of productivity. Even if it is criticism, the team leaders can tweak it in the way to provide it constructively.

4.      Eliminate In-house vs Offshore Mentality

One of the mistakes companies does when putting together offshore teams is making it a competition with in-house teams. It may work effectively for the short term. But in the long run, it does more harm than good.

It needlessly puts pressure on both in-house and offshore chat support services teams and makes them stressed out leading to decreased productivity.

5.      Visit Your Live Chat Support Services Team

A team that doesn’t know under whose leadership it is working has more chances of losing the motivation and fervor in the work they do. This happens quite a lot for customer support teams as the work tends to get repetitive.

Visiting your offshore teams also conveys that you care and pay attention to the work they are doing and value it. You can further choose to talk with the teams about how the company is proceeding and how they are doing a good job out there.

2nd Method: Partnering with an Offshore Live Chat Support Service Provider.

By this method, you seek out the best live chat support service provider, and partner with them for customer support.

This again works in different ways, but the prominent ways are where you can partner with the service provider who provides customer support as a service or hire a service provider to put together a team you can manage.

Wrapping Up

Both methods have proved quite successful in building successful live chat support teams based on the requirement. The latter is quite foolproof and is ensured to succeed as you will be hiring a live chat support service provider who knows the dos and don’ts.

But the former can be quite tricky as you will have to dedicate the manpower to build everything from scratch and can’t avoid the pitfalls.

We, wow customer support, are well versed in the nuances of support every industry wants and have been quite successful in providing quality live chat support services. We are open to partnerships and our portfolio is the testimony for our prowess.


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Why Is Customer Support Services Vital for Online Retail Business?

Customer Support Services

With exceptional customer support services, online retailers can make the best decisions. Customer support is vital for an online retail business, just like every other. However, the importance of such services has a lot more to do besides helping online business people make prudent choices.

Several uncertainties lie in the minds of the end customers, which need to be dealt with efficiently. Through this post, you will come to know several reasons pointing out why customer service outsourcing signifies the operability of an eCommerce store.

9 Reasons Why Customer Support Services Are Vital For Online Retail Businesses

1.    For Answering Questions About Products

Perhaps, the most important reason for having customer care services is to get solutions for the purchased products. Once an end-user buys a product from your online store, he/she might have issues that need to be sorted out. In that case, a customer service executive needs to be there to answer the queries.

2.    To Build Trust

The world of eCommerce is all about building trust. Customers are likely to find the reputation of your brand not just through the products, but also through the outsourced customer support you provide them. As per a survey done by Concerto Marketing and Research, 82% of the customers, who trust a brand, will continue using it for the long term.

3.    More Profits

Imagine a customer that has felt satisfied with the way your outsourced customer service solved his/her problem. Such an interaction is likely to turn him/her into a loyal customer. A customer experience impact survey noted that 86% of customers tend to spend about 25% more without being annoyed when they feel satisfied with the solution given to them through excellent customer service.

4.    Customer Support Outsourcing To Build Your Brand

Not everyone can give valuable time to train employees for attending the customers. Lack of dedication and time in this situation can even break your brand. That’s why choosing outsourced customer service companies can be an advantage, as they are already trained to handle all types of inquiries for your online retail business.

5.    Utilizing Customer Care Services For Marketing

Who says you cannot promote your products through customer support calls? That can be done too. The only difference is that marketing in this situation needs to be adapted within the solution being given to an end customer. A trained executive would efficiently upsell or cross-sell if he/she has to. That is the beauty of a good business model.

6.    Using An Outsourced Customer Service For Getting Insights On Customer Experiences

Spending money on customer surveys for learning about customer preferences, brand reputation, etc., can disturb your budget. Instead, you can invest in an exceptional customer support outsourced team, which will occasionally ask survey-based questions from the customers for your business. That way, you can get more output from less input.

7.      Customer Support Service Is Great For CLV

Customer lifetime value or CLV gives you an estimate of the gross profit attainable by maintaining a relationship with your customer. The importance of CLV determines the growth of your business. Through an excellent team of customer support executives, you are increasing your chances of retaining your customers for a longer duration. As a result, your customer lifetime value also increases.

8.    Helps Manage Problems

No matter how reputed your online brand has become, you are still going to face customers who are frustrated, furious, skeptical, etc. Dealing with such customers can be challenging unless you have an excellent customer service team to support you. When you outsource a brilliant customer support company, you reduce the costs of dealing with negative customers. Furthermore, a customer support team will proactively listen to all sorts of customer queries and complaints and give relevant solutions to clear their issues.

9.    Ensures Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that customers are satisfied with your online retail services, you need to exceed their expectations. And, you cannot manage all that single-handedly. Moreover, you cannot satisfy a customer with a mediocre team of phone answerers, who do not possess the required skills. What you need are professionals, who can empathize with your clients and connect with them to deliver your services with the utmost responsibility.

Final Notes

Using customer support services is a necessity that can either make your brand or break it. But, why risk it by hiring an inexperienced in-house team when you can rely on customer service outsourcing through reputed firms?

With the right customer support services provider, you can get profitable results for your online retail business. Instead of wasting your time and money on training new ones, focus on hiring experienced executives who know how to interact with your customers from the start.

Reach out to us at Wow Customer Support for hiring our exceptional customer support outsourcing services today!

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13 Reasons Why Social Media Moderation is Important

Top 6 Customer Support Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

Customer Support Mistakes

Historically, a lot of businesses publicly strives and struggles to improve their customer support mistakes, mainly via customer service outsourcing, and were successful in building an empire by the lessons learnt. Today, customer service is indeed one of the most important success factors for any business, and for good reasons.

Today’s customers are smarter and more connected than ever before, having higher expectations from the brands they buy from. In the presence of an overwhelming number of options, they tend to switch to competitors faster if they don’t get satisfactory customer service from your business. In the online world, where everything goes viral, either good or bad, customer support mistakes can ruin your business instantly.

Customer support outsourcing is rising as a key solution to avoid customer support mistakes and to remain competitive.

Here we caution businesses, presenting the top 6 customer support mistakes that can ruin a business!

1.      Inaccessible Customer Care Services

Many businesses, especially the small ones, are unable to make their customer service accessible 24/7 since it requires enough resources. However, this inaccessibility kills a business. Once the business is up, you must have means through which customers can be in touch with you immediately. Usually, businesses include means like customer support contact, email, feedback form, online chat and social media pages for the same. But it is not the end. These must be accessible 24/7. This is where small businesses usually end up losing their customers since they are unable to offer this facility to customers. Customer service outsourcing for small business helps here since outsource customer service let businesses offer 24/7 accessible customer support without incurring overhead costs.

2.      Arguing with customers

If any of your customer service representatives argues with customers to prove they are wrong, it is going to be the biggest turn off for them. This loss of customer is often followed by a trail of negative comments and reviews that can add to further sales loss. Keep in mind that it takes 5 times the money and efforts to attract a new customer than keeping an existing one happy. Small startup businesses usually take the help of outsourced customer service companies to get professional customer representatives on-board to deal nicely with their customers.

3.      Not Tracking Customer Records

Customer records are critically important for any business. Recording, reviewing and maintaining customers’ calls, queries, complains and feedback from different channels is a greatest business asset. It helps to personalize products and services in the long run. If you are constantly tracking customer’s previous history, it would help you spark up a conversation to let customer feel welcomed and more valued knowing you remembered. The same is applicable for emails. Don’t have sufficient staff or tools to track and maintain your customers’ record? Customer support outsourcing can help here too!

4.      Rigid adherence to policies

No matter how complex this might seem, businesses treating each customer interaction as special and unique are on the winning side. Whenever a customer comes to you regarding anything, it is an opportunity to develop a strong and personal relationship with them. So instead of telling your customer service representative to always tell customers, “sorry this is our company policy”, how about helping them handle customers differently. However, make sure the exceptions you make don’t hinder the business but are flexible to accommodate the occasional requirements. Customer service outsourcing for business helps address this challenge.

5.      Impersonal Messages

The modern customer of today indirectly calls this as “spam”. On a daily basis, we all receive unsolicited marketing messages and impersonal emails in our inbox. Customers don’t like uninvited and irrelevant marketing from the brands and this is a great turn off even if they can ever be interested in them in future. Today, every customer wants to be treated as special, and personalized customer support is a great way to achieve that. This is where outsourcing customer support is of great help.

6.      Late Responses

Though all feedback may not be constructive, it is mandatory to make your customers feel important and heard. A customer cannot be annoyed more by anything than a delayed or no-response.  If your customer support fails to give prompt response to their feedback, queries and complains, they would go somewhere else. A timely and effective response to customers is the key to business success. Also, it is one of the core competencies offered by professional and reliable outsourced customer service companies.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s tough to start a business, and even tougher to make it a great hit. Fortunately, by avoiding customer support service mistakes, you can make your business lucrative for a number of years to come. If you don’t have resources to develop an in-house customer support team, outsource it to Wow Customer support, a leading BPO service provider, known to build the best customer experiences by providing meaningful, personal and productive customer support.

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Tips to Find Customer Support Outsourcing Company

11 Incredible Ideas to Improve Your Customer Service Strategies

Customer Service Strategies

Gone are the days when businesses were based merely on buying and selling products. With the dawn of the 21st century, business models have changed a great deal. The cut-throat rivalry in ever-expanding competitive markets has forced companies to establish healthy relations with their customers. For that reason, companies are focusing more and more on improving their Customer Service Strategies.

As a matter of fact, customer support services lie at the heart of any successful business model. However, it is also a reality that handling these services while looking after your flourishing business can become an uphill task. Under such circumstances, companies take help from some valuable practices such as Customer Support Outsourcing to make things keep working smoothly.

If you are also running a business and facing a similar situation, this blog is for you.

So, What Does Customer Support Service Mean?

A customer support service, as the name suggests, aims to provide customers with assistance regarding products and services of an organization. It works as a bridge between the company and its buyers.

According to a research, 92% of people want to be treated with dignity while in day-to-day affairs. Therefore, in your bid to realize your dream of business expansion, make sure you make the perfect customer service strategies and customer support services your first priority.

Luckily, we have jotted down 11 high-yielding ideas to help you improve your customer services below. Make them count!

1. Customer Support Outsourcing

If your customer service responsibilities are eating a sizeable chunk of your time and are resultantly coming in the way of your business’s growth, then it is time to outsource them. There are customer services companies that can do the job more efficiently than you in an affordable fashion.

2. Keeping Track of Outsourced Customer Service

Outsourcing your customer services does not mean you cannot track the progress. Keeping track of feedback and improvements come handy when you want to see how is the customer experience. Make use of metrics, stay in contact with your service providers and keep visiting the goals. This practice will also enlighten you with the performance of customer services staff and help you make pertinent decisions.

3. Pick the Right Partner for Customer Care Services

Choosing the right partner for outsourcing is another aspect you cannot ignore. The right partner will save you from many worthless headaches. Also, do not hesitate to pay reasonably for quality services because cheap isn’t always the ideal.

4. Vision-Driven Customer Service

Your customer support service needs to be goal-oriented. A visionless service not only brings the business to a halt but also puts it on a track to failure. Therefore, make sure you revitalize the customer service by setting some practical goals driven by a vision.

5. Do Not Neglect Customer Feedback

Feedback plays a crucial role in the improvement of your products and services. Hence, never shy away from seeking honest feedback and reviews from your customers. This practice will help you recognize the weak areas where work needs to be done.

6. Quick Response

Time is money, and no one wants to waste it. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of efficient customer services is responding in a swift manner. If your company takes ages to provide assistance to the customer, the customer is most likely to lose interest in your products and might never come back again.

7. Train the Staff

Many employers do not seem to give this aspect its due importance. But the fact is that trained staff is much more likely to bring about positive results. A trained customer services representative knows the duties and ensures that the customers always get satisfied. Invest in it.

8. Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools at the right time is a prerequisite to the success of customer services. Make sure that your helpdesk is equipped with the latest software and other digital plus physical tools. This helps save time and effort but results in enhanced productivity by meeting the needs of the customers efficiently.

9. Incentivize Agents

Everyone loves incentives, so why not put them to some good use? Key performance indicators or KPIs are a great way to boost the productivity of customer care service. These KPIs can comprise of various performance factors such as speedy problem resolution, average queue time and rejection rate. You can use them to reward the hardworking representatives.

10. Measure success with Great Customer Service Strategies

Once you are done setting up or outsourcing your customer services, measuring the extent of success is always a good idea. You can use indicators such as weekly problems solved, calls received, calls that resulted in a smooth customer experience etc. Your priority should be to improve the number continuously.

11. Create Communication Corridors

To ensure that your outsourced customer service company and you are on the same page, initiate communication channels. This way, you can discuss, explain and make decisions there and then. The element of red-tapism will eliminate, which will result in better cooperation between the two.


You must have an idea by now about the massive role that a resourceful Customer Support Service can play for your business, and Wow Customer Support offers you just that. Our customers support professionals are ready to take your business sky-high. All you need to do is contact our representative to discuss Customer Support Outsourcing and you are all set. The sooner you make the decision, the better.


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8 Effective Tips to Find Customer Support Outsourcing Company


Today in the digital world, you are not only looking for ways to communicate with more customers, but you also have the responsibilities to keep them happy. In this way, they will remain loyal to your brand and product, and continue buying your new products and using your services.

A faithful customer is a business’ most important asset. If you keep your customers happy, they will bring more customers to you and even spread the words about your brand better than most marketing campaigns. Therefore, you need good customer support services. They will help you build a good reputation amongst your potential customers. Therefore, lets have a look on how customer support outsourcing will help your business.

Does It Feel Right to Use Outsourced Customer Support Service Providers?

This may appear like a simple question; however, it is the first question to ask yourself. After reviewing your in-house capability and capacity, and the comparative expense of outsourcing, is it the right time to make the move?

Companies of different sizes can reap the rewards of having an adequately trained proficient call answering team available without all the training and HR worries that accompany it. Senior managers will undoubtedly concur that being allowed to concentrate on other important business would be time well spent.

Finding The Right Customer Support Outsourcing Company

Well, the most significant thing for a customer is to get the help they need from the company. At the point when a customer dials the company’s number, they anticipate that the needed help will be rendered immediately. They look forward to getting good treatment and customer care services that will listen to their opinions.

Customers like to establish their opinions and see it heard and have a sense of belonging. After ending the call, they should have a better impression of the organization since they just received a decent treatment and got all their questions answered. Be that as it may, how do you expect to meet the customers’ needs if you don’t have a reliable customer service representative?

The followings are important tips to consider when looking for a reliable customer service outsourcing company;

1. Establish Goals

Decide on your key goals, for instance, retention, technical support or customer acquisition. The outsourced customer service will look different based on your KPIs. Realizing your end game will drive staffing and strategic decisions.

2. Plan Your Budget on Your Needs

Every business looks to maximize cost efficiency, particularly when dealing with customer service outsourcing for small business. You should prepare the budget ahead of time before contacting any outsourcing service and proceed with a profound analysis of all prices given by different outsourcing companies.

3. Ensure They Have the Required Resources and Technology

It’s better to get some information about the tools and technologies they will be using for your project. Talk to them about it and see if they are capable enough to deal with your outsourcing requirements. Many outsourcing companies offer different solutions; however, their under-trained customer care representatives won’t offer you the benefits that you are expecting. Therefore you should ensure that they are fully capable of executing your project.

4. Compute Your Present Customer Service Expenses

To effectively reduce customer care costs by outsourcing your customer support, you also need to analyze how much money, resources, and the time your company spends on training and employing customer care departments and representatives. This will provide you with the idea needed when checking out the expense of outsourcing.

5. Establish Contractual Commitments with A Third-Party Contractor

Once you’ve determined that your company’s customer service responsibilities will be given to outsourced customer service companies. There is a lot of money, time and resources involved, so you have to establish a contractual obligation with a third-party contractor. In addition, ensure that the two parties’ commitments will be met by organizing a formal contract.

6. Physical or Virtual?

Your business’ outsourced customer support can be virtual or physical. Some vendors make use of hybrid solutions to draw in and retain suitable agents and scale to fulfill client needs. A physical area has representatives all together in a normal call-center setup. Virtual representatives may work from anywhere in the world.

7. Facilitate Success

Establish training and review procedure with the customer service provider. Engage their representatives in developing scenarios and scripts based on typical comments and questions that come in through different channels available. Make sure the workplace supports physical and mental comfort, and reward representatives fittingly for sales and other achievements.

8. Check Legal Compliance

Laws and legal protections hugely vary from country to country. To survive this, you need to educate yourself on the requirement of legal protections explicit for your outsourcing activities. Compliance with rules about the safeguarding of customer confidentiality and sensitive data is a critical factor to think about.


Outsourcing your customer support needs will have a lasting impact on your business. At Wow customer support service, we offer work personalized for your company’s needs. Wow customer support will provide customer care that will please your customers and encourage them to keep doing businesses with.

Eventually, the success of your customer support services isn’t driven by your astounding technology. It relies upon the individuals using that innovation and how well they treat your customers.


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