Top 10 Call Center Trends That Will Make an Impact in 2021 and Beyond

Top 10 Call Center Trends That Will Make an Impact in 2021 and Beyond

With the rise in digitalization and globalization, the call centre industry is changing rapidly. As a result, there are many new trends in customer support that companies should be aware of. This blog post will discuss some of the top trends associated with inbound call center services to help you stay on top of your game.

The Importance of Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions

Cloud-based call support services are increasingly popular with entrepreneurs for their customer support services. Cloud providers offer a more secure and cost-effective solution than traditional onsite or hosted options, resulting in the rise of cloud-based centers worldwide. This means that organizations will be able to continue investing in other aspects of their business without disruption.

The most notable trend in inbound call centers will be expanding AI-powered customer service solutions, which have become increasingly popular with companies. These new technologies allow managers to focus more on providing personalized and high-quality customer service instead of repetitive tasks such as fielding common questions or complaints. 

With these trends continuing through 2020, there will likely be a shift towards increased automation in the space, entrepreneurs using AI and machine learning to power their customer service needs. In 2021, we also expect to see an increasing number of global organizations enter into agreements as they broaden their customer bases.

Increasing Priority of Data Security in Call Centers

Data security is a top priority in the call center service industry. Small businesses and enterprises are increasingly aware of the risks that customer data can face from hackers, malicious software, or human error. These threats have increased demand for secure and reliable solutions like virtualization platforms and cloud-based services, which offer customers greater protection over their data.

Data protection compliance, customer privacy, and the safety of personal information have become a top concern for call centers across all industries as their operations continue to grow globally. It is not just the customers who are demanding these services. The industry itself has adopted new data security requirements to meet growing global demands and comply with government regulations.

Entrepreneurs are also becoming more aware of the importance of protecting business data. Organizations are now beginning to shift from a dependency on third-party providers for solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) and CRM integration, and other application services to taking responsibility themselves to ensure that they can maintain full control over their data.

Data Analytics in Call Center Solutions

Data analytics is a powerful tool that can help companies with customer service. It has the power to track and predict changes in call volume, performance metrics, response times, and more. Data analytics also helps entrepreneurs improve their customer experience by providing better self-service options for customers who want it or need it.

One of the trends we are seeing is that call centers are integrating data analytics with AI, machine learning, and other technologies as part of their customer support services.

One goal is to reduce contact center costs and improve service to customers. This can be done in many different ways. For example, intelligent routing, offers, and ions help managers focus on the right customers or improving decision-making processes by analyzing past decisions to make better ones.

Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel communication is a new concept that has been on the rise in recent years. The term itself implies cross-channel presence and accessibility, such as chatting with your customer while they are browsing your website or taking advantage of voice recognition technology when making phone calls. 

Omnichannel communication is becoming more popular because it is a great way to stay connected with your customers. This inbound call center is coming from a need for customers to have easy access to all channels of contact at any time and because it provides more opportunities for sales.

Adoption of Recall Technology in Call Centers

The growing adoption of recall technology in call centers will be one of the top ten trends impacting the industry. When a customer has an issue with their order or needs to cancel, these systems help manage those conversations. Having this capability can reduce costs and increase efficiency by not having to go through cumbersome processes that were previously manual.

Social Media Management in Call Center 

Social media management is an important task for call centers to get a leg up on the competition. More than 50% of customers use social media as their primary way to interact with companies, so your customer service team must have at least some talent in this area.

This is an important trend for inbound call centers, as it better serves customers in meaningful and relevant ways. The more time you spend on social media, the quicker you will be able to identify trends in customer sentiment and provide quick responses.

Optimization of Call Center Workforce

It is essential to optimize the call center workforce to deliver a high level of customer service at a low cost while still leveraging technology for efficiency.

Call centers are being forced to change how they operate as digital technologies, such as AI-powered chatbots and social media tools, continue to evolve. The customer experience will be at the forefront of call center design in 2021. For example:

Customers prefer voice interaction over text for routine tasks (e.g., account balance)

Customers expect the same level of service and speed regardless of channel (e.g., email to chatbot, voice, or text).

The call center workforce will increase in 2021 as companies strive for customer satisfaction with a high level of personalization and customization. Entrepreneurs need to leverage call center services that offer: 

  • Immersive virtual reality experiences that mimic face-to-face interactions
  • A customer-centric workforce with personalized approaches and scripts.

A Shift To Remote Working Environment

Customer support managers are no longer confined to their desks. As they work with customers across the globe, a shift in the working environment is taking place now more than ever before. Many of these outsource inbound call center trends, such as remote-working and employees picking up shifts for other callers, fall under the umbrella of flexible staffing models.

Some companies have adopted a 100% distributed model with agents working from anywhere they like. Others still maintain an office but require employees to work remotely only sometimes or as needed during non-peak hours. This shift has been driven by several different factors, including the need to save on office space and better use employees' skills.

Implementation of Self-Service Tools In Call Centers

Call center customers are now more knowledgeable and aware of the available self-service options. As a result, they're spending less time on the phone with customer service representatives to resolve their issues. This has created an opportunity for customer support managers to work smarter by using new tools that increase efficiencies in ways not possible before. 

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Customer satisfaction measurement is crucial for call centers and contact centers. These days, you can't just measure it on a customer service questionnaire alone because customers are changing what they expect from the business interactions that they have with vendors. Customer satisfaction measurement is also important for a call center because it has an impact on the way that phone calls influence customers.


Providing excellent customer support services has become more important than ever, with customers becoming more demanding. 54% of global consumers say that they have higher customer support expectations than a year ago. 

But with entrepreneurs, especially small business owners juggling various tasks, it becomes difficult to focus on customer service efficiently. This is why small businesses owners and big conglomerates should consider their customer service. If you are looking for customer support, then get in touch with Wow Customer Support. We can provide a highly-reliable remote workforce at a cost-effective price. Save costs up to 60% with us. Let us know what you think of the new-age call center landscape in the comment section below.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your BPO Partner

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your BPO Partner

Are you looking to hire a new business process outsourcing (BPO) service, but have no idea how to pick the right one? Choosing the right BPO partner ensures you pick the right company for your needs. BPO services have the potential to take a significant load off your business allowing you to grow to new heights.

BPO services have their own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to evaluate factors such as technological capabilities, experience, and pricing to figure out if they are a good match for you.

A third of small businesses use a BPO, and that number is projected to increase to 52%. Choosing the right service for you ensures you maintain a competitive edge.

Insights to Choose Your BPO Partner

BPO Services must offer advanced technology

Competing in the modern business landscape means utilizing up to date technology. Implementing technologically advanced systems costs a lot of money and might be beyond what your business can handle. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a business process outsourcing service that uses the technological edge you’re after.

For example, BPO services using advanced artificial intelligence systems might make use of chatbots for live chat support to help deal with a high volume of customer queries. Customer service is an important part of running a business, but can become overwhelming when you scale. Offloading the task to a technologically advanced BPO company ensures your customer queries are handled effectively and to high satisfaction levels.

Does the BPO service have experience?

Do background research on the BPO service to determine how long they have been around. It takes something special to stay afloat in the competitive BPO service industry. Services that have stood the test of time typically have the experience to overcome challenges your business is faced with. It’s safer to go with an established BPO service that has a list of reputable brands as clients.

Also, scrutinize if experienced agents are working at the service. You want the best agents in the industry working on behalf of your company. After all, their work impacts your business. It’s more important for front office operations where BPO agents directly interact with your customers.

Ideally, BPO agents should have experience working in your industry. It advantageous because they will have detailed knowledge about what your business needs to succeed. The teething period is reduced and less training is required to ensure you get the best possible service.

BPO services pricing is a critical consideration

There is no point in hiring a BPO partner you can’t afford. You’ll end up canceling their service shortly and be back at square one. Choose a service that offers a competitive deal and is within your budget. Perhaps they offer a discount if you need more volume as you grow?

Hidden charges are a nasty technique used by services to extract more money. Reputable services will clearly disclose the final price upfront and won’t ask for more money.

Furthermore, you need to know what you’re paying for. Make sure you understand what the BPO service will do for the price. A detailed summary of the service provided leaves no ambiguity. It avoids a lack of misunderstanding that can lead to disagreements down the line.

Does the BPO company provide good communication?

Good communication is a key ingredient of a healthy partnership. It would be frustrating if you struggled to get in touch with the manager responsible for your account.

You may want real time reporting that details how effectively the call center company is able to complete tasks. Also, you might want to communicate what changes you’d like to make. In some cases it’s important that you immediately get an answer so communication is a key ingredient for a successful relationship.

Scalability and limitations

Will the BPO service allow you to scale without limitations? To ensure there is consistency you’d want to pick a BPO partner and stick with them for many years. Therefore, the service must have the infrastructure and staff to handle requirements as you grow.

Consider your projected growth and look for a BPO service that already handles clients of that size. Make sure they can give you their full attention and prioritize you as one of their important clients.

Furthermore, think about what limitations this BPO service will inflict on your business. For example, if you’re hiring a customer service team, then ask about the channels of communication they offer.

Customer convenience

The BPO company you choose must provide an excellent service for your customers too. After all, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. BPO service agents need to be respectful, considerate, and solve problems effectively when customers get in touch.

Also, the BPO service must be large enough so that waiting times are kept at a minimum. Otherwise customers might get frustrated with your company.

Final Glance about Your BPO Partner

The considerations to make suggested above are just part of the picture. BPO services company should be chosen with the specific requirements of your business. Therefore, you’ll need to make a list of requirements to see if a business process outsourcing service can match them.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level consider using WOW Customer Support. We take the load off your business by handling customer queries, problems and questions. Wow Customer Service is an industry-leading operator that is an investment worth making.


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