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How to Set Up a Live Chat Support in India for Your Business in the United States?

Live Chat Experience

Adopting the newest technologies and applications recognized for increasing customer experience in India is the most excellent strategy to boost business growth. A perfect customer experience plan will considerably improve the customer journey, increasing sales. Live chat is thought to be the most effective consumer communication method out of all others.  

According to research, more than 30% of buyers anticipate live chat on a company's website since it makes purchase decisions much more accessible. Therefore, India is known as one of the best countries that provide customer-centric services for businesses all over the world. 

Outsourcing live chat services from India are a great option to assist consumers in quickly addressing their difficulties, which is the foundation of high customer happiness, whether an e-commerce firm or a retail organization.

Top Guidelines for Setting up Live Chat in India for US Market

Leading with discussion is an excellent way to scale assistance as your business expands, but it does take some preparation to do it well. Your team will be prepared for success right out of the start with a bit of practice and an understanding of what to focus on initially.

For a successful live chat support services rollout in India, adhere to these five best practices.

1. Initial Chat Support Restrictions

Managing chat discussion volume is similar to controlling water flow. You'll be faced with a firehose of noise if you put a chat widget on every page and display it to every visitor, making it challenging to stand your ground.

Decide carefully which pipelines to open instead. Start small with a page essential to your business since here is where permitting chat will have the most significant impact. This might be your price page, checkout page, or support page.

Depending on your company's objectives for implementing chat, you may choose where to display the chat option:

  • Try restricting the chat widget to only those people who are signed in if you only want to assist current clients at first.
  • If you want to increase conversions, start by limiting chat presence to your price page.

Keep in mind that you have complete control over the outsource live chat support services deployment. When you and your team are confident with how it's going, start small and then build on it. You can keep opening up the taps as you have more practice handling a conversation queue.

2. Use the Knowledge Base’s Articles and Stored Responses to Prepare

You can increase chat efficiency by having resources ready for your Indian chat teams to deploy at the push of a button. A comprehensive knowledge base and a repository of previously used responses are two tools that are especially crucial for accelerating discussions.

An assortment of how-to articles and user manuals for your product make up a knowledge base. These articles should include videos, images, or GIFs and offer detailed instructions on how to carry out typical activities in your product.

You may reply with a link to the complete article when a consumer requests instructions via live chat support services. The articles in your knowledge base will be helpful several times as you walk your chat consumers through the most frequent features.

Speaking of frequently asked questions, you may save responses to them. Your life will be easier if you can anticipate the most typical queries and have a prepared response saved. Send your properly prepared stored reply rather than typing it out each time to ensure a quick resolution.

Making resource preparations will pay off and ensure that your Indian team has a smooth day waiting in the chat line.

3. Ascertain That Consumer Information Is Readily Available

You will have full context on the customer you are assisting if your chat solution incorporates data from your business. More knowledge about your consumer will enable you to have the most compelling conversations, whether from your CRM, a product analytics tool, or a help desk.

Let's take the example of a chat request from sam@abccompany.com. He is currently in the middle of his 14-day trial if you can observe some critical pieces of data. If you have access to his previous support interactions, you may see that he has experienced some difficulties with some of the onboarding.

Armed with these two facts, you can go into the conversation prepared to work with Sam to become a paying client while also following up on his prior complaints.

4. Provide Chat Help Only When Possible

It's a frequent misperception that providing chat services requires being accessible constantly. That is not the case. Instead, it's about communicating your availability to them and creating expectations for when you'll be accessible.

Examine the current volume throughout the day and the availability of customer support representatives to determine the chat room's operating hours. When most consumers are online and browsing the website, staff the chat, move agents away from the conversation and toward other tasks, or pursue inbox zero when the traffic is reduced.

Most skilled and experienced agents can manage between two and five conversations at once, depending on your industry. One agent serving four consumers is preferable to four agents serving four chats for the most effective chat queue.

Additionally, remember that not all issues must be resolved via a chat session. It can be ideal to effortlessly move the conversation to email if you need to include a developer in the bug triage process so you can get back to the consumer with additional details later.

Establish clear escalation pathways to prevent wasting your time and your customers.

5. Make Live Chat Support Services Your Preferred Method of Contact

Because chat assistance is so efficient, it's frequently worthwhile to encourage consumers to utilize it instead of calling or emailing. Start taking your phone number off of websites that include chat widgets. Promote chat as the finest and quickest means of obtaining assistance.

Your clients will be happy that more of your traffic is handled through chat. The degree of control over chat assistance is its most attractive feature. Remove the widget from particular pages if traffic is heavy. Proactively engage visitors who have read a page on your website or help center for a while in conversations. The level of discussion activity on your team is entirely up to you.

You may expand chat to more and more clients as your staff becomes more accustomed to it.

How to Improve Customer Experience in India with Live Chat?

With live chat support services from India integrated into the website, brands can quickly transform each conversation into enduring connections and treasured experiences. It gives you the chance to respond quickly to consumers' questions while also enhancing agent productivity and raising customer happiness. Let's talk about a few practical ways companies may use live chat support services to engage customers and provide a great customer experience.

1. Give a Prompt Response

The business can rapidly answer clients thanks to the live chat support services. Customers expect chat sections to respond more quickly than other contact channels. It will also improve client interaction. Brands have found that real-time messaging is a beautiful tool for fostering customer connections, resolving problems, and onboarding.

2. Request Client Feedback

Positive or negative client feedback is precious to companies in improving customer service. Any issue relating to a product or service can be changed if the input is negative. If the customer reviews are positive, there is a likelihood that the customer care representative will deliver flawless customer service, automatically increasing the chance of client retention. To gather feedback, keep the number of multiple-choice questions in the brand's voice to 7–8, and make sure the platform is mobile-friendly and the tone is sympathetic.

3. Bring Some Humanity to the Conversation

The 24/7 live chat support services option is the most excellent technique to give the client dialogue a personal touch. The brand must guarantee that a customer care representative is available at all times to respond to inquiries from the public. Compared to voice calls, it is simpler for customer service representatives to communicate with clients via chat since they cannot hear the customer's voice in the conversation; therefore, they cannot tell if they are upset. According to research, more than 63% of customers who have used live chat support services to communicate with their favorite companies want to revisit the website.

4. Provide Specific Solutions

Giving customers a thorough response is an excellent move for companies since it will aid consumers in comprehending and learning more about the goods and services. Client care representatives may use live chat assistance to refer to prior customer encounters to understand upcoming inquiries better. The chatbot can handle the first inquiries from the consumer while the customer service representatives may take their time studying the questions and responding appropriately.

5. Connect Live Chat to Your CRM

Integrating your live chat software with your customer relationship management system (CRM) to gather customer data that will ultimately improve customer satisfaction. This information is essential for creating your products and services. The data that may be acquired from a live chat platform is helpful for market research or the sales process, depending on the platform's nature. However, the customer interaction data you get from your CRM might assist you in providing individualized customer support.

Improve the Customer Experience for Live Chat

Customer experience is one of the most important components of your company's success. Customers must incorporate live chat assistance on their website and optimize all other client touchpoints to provide outstanding customer service.

The adoption of live chat together with other customer contact channels can make it possible to provide best-in-class customer service, which is necessary if you want to acquire a competitive edge in the market. Brands provide fast access points for website users to contact via the live chat support option, allowing you to address their demands.