Elevate Customer Experience with the Best Email Customer Support Strategies in 2021

Email Customer Support

Email Customer Support services are one of the most effective ways for businesses to know customer queries and resolve their issues. And in today’s world, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused consumers to change their habits and rely more on digital methods to find information regarding a product. Moreover to get support from a company.

Email support services have been beneficial for most customers as it helps them get almost instant results to all their concerns. That’s why it has become the most preferred way for customers to contact or communicate with brands. In this blog, let’s discuss the best email customer support strategies to follow in 2021 that help elevate customer experiences.

Why Email Customer Support in 2021?

Even though customers have to write complete emails and forward them to the concerned brands. They have to wait for their replies, then why is it still the most preferred way to communicate. It is because of the distinct benefits that email Customer support offers to both the customers and the businesses that have adopted it.

For businesses, email support services are the most trustworthy way to communicate with their customers and increase customer satisfaction. Apart from this, email customer support is a very cost-efficient way to contact customers. And when it comes to business processes, companies can adopt email support outsourcing too for better services. Due to the pandemic, customers find it better to contact a brand via email as it is very accessible.

They can communicate with the brand while providing them with the required material such as documents, photos, and videos of any issue they are facing with a product. So, it is an excellent way for both the businesses and customers to communicate with each other.

Now, coming to the experience that users have when contacting companies through emails. Brands must ensure that their customers are provided with the best experience while dealing with their issues. And for the best experience, businesses need to focus on different things such as consistent answers to customer queries, personalized services, and comfortable communication.

Moreover, now brands need to adopt new email customer support strategies to ensure their customers have the best experience. Look out for the strategy when communicating with customers or when opting for any email support outsourcing service.

Keeping their experience close and personal

While communicating with your customers, your need to make sure that they don’t feel like they are just another entry in your log. For doing this, your email customer support team needs to deliver personalized experiences. And the key to providing the best-personalized experience is to respond quickly and effectively. Using templates is an excellent way for this, but make sure that it doesn’t look like talking to a bot.

Next up, a friendly tone in your emails makes them feel connected, yet know that their boundaries are being respected. So, this one-on-one personalized experience to your customers helps build trust with them. This results in them feeling great reading your emails.  Hence, yielding a great customer experience. Therefore, providing a close and personalized experience is a must.

Keeping the content short & simple

Even though the trends might point towards fancy language and frequent jargon. You should instead go for short and simple content. Keeping your language more complex and using heavy jargon in your emails wouldn’t tempt every other customer you deal with. It’s simple logic that customers come to you either to get information or solve their issues with any product.

Now in both cases, customers are concerned about the choices they make, and it’s an issue for them. And at the same time, your emails having fancy text and complex language would only aggravate their problems. And the worsening of a situation doesn’t look anything like a great experience.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the language in your email is simple. It is to a level that anyone reading your emails should understand the solution and the product in an instant. So, keeping things straight and simple is the key to a great user experience for your customers.

Addressing the feelings of your customers

It is a prevalent thing in customer emails that they clearly show their feelings such as anger, frustration, or distress in it. And if your response doesn’t acknowledge their feelings, then it might result in them getting more anxious and even stop doing business with you at all.

Although some customers are too calm and relaxed and everyone isn’t like this so the probability is high that you would encounter a person with mixed emotions. Therefore, to deal with this, you don’t need to become an expert on emotions; you just need to go with their flow and respond to them in the same manner. And it is quickly done by acknowledging their emotions in your emails and then making them believe that their issue would surely be resolved.

Know when not to mail them

It is a thing with customers that if they’re using your product or service, and if you email them or try to contact them just to make sure that everything is good, they might not be happy with that. When you are engaged in a conversation with a customer and email them without a proper solution to their issue and just continuously lingering over their email thread, that can negatively affect them.

These were the ordinary circumstances when emailing without any purpose can be bad. Apart from this, if your conversation with a customer seems to like it’s going nowhere, you need to refrain from emailing them further and thinking of another method to communicate. So, in situations like this, you need to know when to mail and when not to. And the last email that informs that customer to take the conversation over to the phone or any other medium would be perfect.


Customer support is the most challenging yet rewarding aspect of any business. Your single action could cause a customer to remain for a lifetime or to leave in an instant. So it’s up to you how you deal with those challenges and overcome them.

But one thing is for sure you need to follow a strategy to do so. And by including the factors mentioned above into your email customer support strategy of 2021, you can make sure that your customers get the best experience they can get.

Want to know more about industry-specific strategies to elevate your customer experience with email customer support? Get in touch to gain more expert insights and email support services.

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7 Email Support Challenges and How to Overcome them

Email Support Challenges

Ever-changing customer expectations have made Email support services a challenging task for many businesses. Support employees having to deal with different customers are expected to meet great expectations. At the same time, they are expected to deliver an exceptional experience. 

Patience and sharp intellect are two main factors, along with the wisdom to make the support employees navigate through customer moods and provide them with a great, consistent, and professional support experience. However, while providing customers with a great support experience, employees often struggle with several challenges. 

These challenges make the support process even harder. In this blog, let’s discuss the seven significant email support challenges the Email Support employees face and how to overcome them.

Addressing Email Customer Support Challenges

One of the ways customers interact with your business is through your support teams, and being the voice of your business. Your support team has to make sure that your business remains in its best position before your customers. 

Excellent customer service is the key to a growing business. If your team knows how to handle the task, you don’t have to worry about them dissatisfying the customers. But coming to handling customer requests and achieving their satisfaction, several challenges create distress for your employees. If they don’t respond to those effects, it may become stressful for you too. 

Let’s get started with the significant but common challenges the Email Customer Support employees face and how to conquer them.

Major Email Support Challenges and How to Overcome Them

  • The need to serve multiple customers at a time

Working in customer service means there is a possibility of any number of customer requests appearing from nowhere to your dashboard. You need to address them all at the same time. It is common for employees to face this situation where they have to deal with several customers at a time.

Support employees can overcome this problem by responding to customer emails immediately. Explaining the customers politely to wait for a while you could reach them back with a solution. In this way, you can deal with multiple customers without causing any hassle.

  • Absence of a solution to an urgent request

There are times when customers bombard emails at you telling you about the urgent need for a solution. Still, at the same time, Email Customer Support employees may be unable to instantly find the right solution or don’t have enough information about the issue. In this case, the best solution would be to convince your customers. 

Ask them to give the time for investigation so that you can give them the best solution to their problem. Buy yourself the time to understand their problem and give them the right solution. 

Check out the sample below for a good response at the time of urgency –

Email Support Time of Urgency Template
  • Facing angry customers

There are times when you have to face angry customers. The customer might be confused about the problem or a mistake made by you or your company or maybe they are having a bad day. The simple solution to this is to remain calm yourselves. 

You need to understand them and make sure to solve their problem at the right time. Replying with better text in emails could help a lot. 

  • Having no solution to their problem

Sometimes, your email customer support employee might not have an idea about their customer problem. But it isn’t an option to leave your customers where they are and forget. So, in this case, you may try consulting your teammates or any senior staff on the problem and see if they could help. 

And yes, you have to let your customers know that you don’t know about it and you need time to research about it and solve the problem. Also, don’t forget to be sorry about this. 

Here’s how we choose to deal with some of these challenges.

No Solution to Customer Problems Template
  • Not being able to fulfil their demands

It is challenging to say no to a customer request, especially if they demand special and additional discounts on products. And if it is the situation of a loyal customer who has been with your business for a long time, it is even harder to deny their demands. 

You need to make sure that you understand you cannot go lower than that it had been, your company would face a loss. Being honest and explaining the proper reason behind the issue makes the customer feel better and understand you without forcing you to do so.

  • Admitting the flaws or lack of features in your products

When customers email you quoting that your product does not include a particular feature or there is a flaw in it, there are situations when customers email you. So, when in a similar situation, you need to say no for the time being. Make it clear that there isn’t a feature in your product, but you will address it for the upcoming products. 

And in case of flaw complaints, you need to fix the problem or flaw as soon as possible. Apologize for what they had to face.

Don’t forget a follow-up.

Customer Support Email Template
  • Dealing with service outages

One of the worst situations for any customer service team is when your company’s services face a crisis, and your services are offline or down for some time. In this situation, support employees have to face customers asking about the failure. So, in this situation, you can apologize to them and make sure you fix the problem at your end as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Working with customers every day brings a lot of responsibilities as well as challenges to the support teams. But as long as your email customer support team stays prepared with the right ways to deal with those challenges, you are always ready to satisfy your customers with a great support experience resulting in better relationships with them.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more expert help with your email support services, and would like to gain complete control over your customer support experience, we’re here to help. Click here to know more about Email support outsourcing services.

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5 Live Chat Service Lessons Every Business Should Learn

Live Chat Service

We all live in a digital world. We expect results within minutes. That’s why instant Maggi and coffee are so popular. Similarly, when it comes to online platforms, customers expect instant responses to their queries. Did you know that research shows that the average response time for customer service requests on social media is just 10 hours? With such high competition, it can get tough to grab attention and have business traffic. One way to ensure you have loyal customers and build a positive brand image is by providing the best customer services.

Having your customer’s requests and concerns addressed timely can go a long way in growing your business. One of the best ways of doing this is by implementing live chat services for your business. When you respond to your customers within minutes, they know that you value them. If that isn’t enough to convince you, research from Forrester.com said that live chat is more than 50% cheaper than handling phone calls. But not everyone gets it right when it comes to running live chat services. There are a few No No’s that we need to avoid. Hence, here are five live chat support lessons one should keep in mind!

Gratitude all the way!

One of the most basic mannerisms we learn as a child is to say, “Thank you” and “Sorry.” That’s because those two words have so much weight in them that they can turn tables around in many situations. Similarly, when addressing a customer, being humble and sometimes going the extra mile to ask if they are having a good day can change the entire mood of the conversation. A friendly tone to keep the conversation light also helps in lightening the mood. Furthermore, in a live chat service, apologize first no matter who’s at fault. This generally calms the customer down to get the details right to make sure you take the right actions next.

Being timely earns respect

Solving a customer’s issue quickly is a knack that is essential to determine the success or failure of the customer service experience. But even if one doesn’t manage to do that, make sure you follow up with them later. It’s a good practice to let your customers know what they can expect to hear back from you. Also, try your best to get back to your customer within the promised time frame. This adds a sense of assurance that you genuinely care about your customers. When you respect your customers’ time, they’ll be happy and look forward to repeating their business with you.

The right attitude and skills is a must!

When you are hiring someone to work for you, it’s vital that you have someone not just with the right skills but also the right attitude. Ensure they know your vision is ready to help you achieve it. When you have positive, friendly employees in your team, they tend to go the extra mile and cooperate with you during hectic schedules. This will help you position yourself better to offer a live chat service that will stand out in your industry.

Live chat services is a reflection of how you treat your customers

You cannot expect your staff to provide excellent live chat support when you treat them poorly. That’s one of the reasons when there are so many burnouts during recent times. As a business owner, you need to ensure you have a healthy work environment for your workers. Let them strive and give them space to grow. Simply put, if your employees have a great time at work, so will your customers. This kind of environment is not expensive or time consuming. A simple smile to start your day, encouragement and appreciation when a team member performs well and supporting other employees when they have shortcomings can really help build employee confidence. This in turn, will help you get that ‘wow factor’ that will make you stand out in your industry.

What you cannot measure is something you cannot control

When you are trying to provide the best live chat services, proper measurement of your efforts is essential. Tracking your service pages and URLs is crucial as you need to understand how your business is performing. You wouldn’t want to deploy a landing page without monitoring its impact on sales. The right CRM software can supply essential data points, track your website traffic as well as your employee’s performance. This will also ensure no efforts go wasted and the areas that need improvement. Furthermore, this also avoids the human error of forgetting and misplacing data. It’ll help your employees provide timely email responses and manage sampling outcalls.

Customer services in any business cannot be overlooked no matter how great your product or service is. Subsequently, live chat services have a significant impact on both sales and customer satisfaction. Research by the American Marketing Association found that B2B companies who used live chat service see a 20% increase in conversions! Also, eDigital research paper found that live chat support has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. Hence by implementing these lessons, you can make a great impression on your customers and your business.

If you are looking for live chat services for your business, Wow customer support is one of the leading live chat outsourcing organizations providing the best 24/7 live chat support at affordable rates. They provide live chat support services to many Fortune 500 companies and top organizations. To know more about their services, click here.

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Customer Engagement: Why It Matters In This Pandemic Era?

The year 2020 has been a life-changer in many ways. Storefronts went digital, kitchen tables turned into conference rooms, and how we live, work and shop have had drastic changes. But what hasn’t changed for businesses is outstanding customer engagement. Customers always look for feedback and reviews before purchasing any product. A healthy customer engagement can create a positive image of your brand and this in turn, can bring in more business. A research by PWC stated that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience.

Here are a few pointers on why customer engagement plays a huge role in any business.

  • Staying Trustworthy

In general, people shop for top brands as they can keep their faith and provide quality goods. This notion still holds true even after the pandemic hit us. Unlike most relationships, gaining trust doesn’t happen overnight. One of the ways businesses can earn their client’s trust is by staying consistent and making sure the customer and clients are always aware of how your business is performing—also, almost 61 percent of the business owners aid customer support outsourcing services.

  • Empathetic, unified teams 

When a customer shops, it is always advised that there should be an interaction with brands to make their shopping experience not only convenient but also infused with empathy and understanding. Furthermore, 90 percent of the clients say the true nature of a business is determined by how they survive during the time of crisis. Customers want to see brands prove they are interested and value them apart from surviving a pandemic situation.

  • Corporate Values

Most brands are in the midst of transforming their businesses to go digital to cater to their customers. In recent reports, 71 percent of the clients pay more attention to corporate values than they did a year ago. Generally, customers want agencies to fulfill the specific needs and expectations at every touchpoint. They are making purchasing decisions on personalized experiences.

  • Consistent Interaction across different departments

Did you know that online interactions grew from 42% of customer engagements in 2019 to 60 percent by 2020 due to this ongoing pandemic!? Besides, 76 percent of customers expect consistent interactions across different departments. Before 2020, customers were well on their way to becoming more digitally dependent in their brands’ interactions. In a socially distanced environment, many have come to view digital engagements as not only a convenience but a necessity. Brands, in turn, have had to accelerate their digital transformation. Due to this, a huge mass of people are working much of their lives online. In fact, the vast majority of consumers say they prefer online shopping. As a result, they’re looking for companies to provide more digital options. In fact, 54 percent of customers would like companies to introduce new products or services in response to the pandemic.

  • Go Digital

Eighty-eight percent of the customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to the mass pandemic. As the world order is adapting to new ways of running their business, giants worldwide, have a real good opportunity to use this knowledge to revamp their business on a larger scale and make it more interactive with their customers. As a result, they can troubleshoot customer’s problems and solve them as soon as possible.

If you are looking for great customer support services, plan on hiring customer support outsourcing services, we at Wow are one of the leading customer support outsourcing companies providing top-notch customer support outsourcing services focusing on serving the best of what services can offer.

To know more about customer support outsourcing services, click here.

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7 Common Inventory Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Inventories are one of the essential components in retail and wholesale businesses. Poor inventory management generally leads to stock-outs, shipment delays, customer dissatisfaction and eventually financial loss. The U.S. Census Bureau says that manufacturers, retailers and merchant wholesalers carried more than $1.9 trillion in inventory in June 2018 and experts say that 90 percent of the inventory remains stationary and only about 10 percent of a company’s inventory is actually in transit. This is why inventory management is crucial for any business.

Apart from implementing best practices, a few measures can be taken to avoid huge inventory losses. These tips will prove effective in the long run and be useful if implemented in the right way. Therefore, here are seven common mistakes made by retailers and wholesalers regarding order management and how they can be avoided.

  • Conducting inventory counts once a year

Performing inventory counts once a year isn’t a good practice. Also, having yearly inventory counts can consume a lot of time to check on your stock items. One of the most effective ways to keep a track on your resources is by performing periodic checks on inventories.

This means instead of doing a physical count regularly; you can try ‘cycle counting management’ which requires you to count a small portion of your inventory. You can compare it as you go to what is listed previously within your system database. This can be performed every month until everything is eventually covered and recorded correctly.

Keeping a regular check on the number of recorded items in your database and the available items helps you determine what’s selling and what’s not!

  • Holding unnecessary inventories

Sometimes holding too much inventory can definitely act as a disadvantage to your business. Small businesses have fluctuations, and when consumer demand recedes, the value of the products reduces consequently. You would also require more staff to manage your inventories, which will burn holes in your pockets.

To maintain the right amount of inventory required for your business, all you need to do is forecast your inventory needs. Find out how many stocks are necessary for your store or warehouse by regular analysis and reviewing the inventory reports subsequently.

  • Using manual techniques

Inventory tracking can be very time consuming, labor-intensive and costly when done manually. Paper records or excel spreadsheets are very vulnerable to errors and losses. If you keep a large inventory in multiple warehouses and stores, all you need to do is invest in eCommerce Inventory Management software. It will help you track your inventory levels, figure out inventory values. This automated system also generates accurate, in-depth reports to forecast inventory needs and manage your supplier data through one system.

  • Keeping your storage space unorganized

Storing supplies carelessly will not only prevent your business from achieving higher efficiency but also slows down the process of picking and packing, which can alternatively lead to shipment delays. Therefore, it is vital to tidy up your inventories and warehouses.

To make your item sellable, you need to sell them from an accessible position. One way is to put labels or stickers on each compartment to make it easier for pickers to find the items instantly. Furthermore, you can integrate your inventory management software with the aid of barcode scanners to speed up the picking process.

  • Not training your staff properly

Even if you have made your inventory management service automated, it will all go in vain if you do not have the right inventory management services required for your business. It is of utmost importance that you train your employee correctly to manage your inventories efficiently.

Conduct regular training and upgrade your inventory management techniques with the latest technologies. Keep your staff updated on the status of your inventory. Ensure the person in charge of the inventory ensures smooth running by implementing the right inventory management solution for your business needs.

  • No game plan for the future

Being held up with day-to-day operations can sometimes make you lose track of your business growth. This can often make your business become a failure or bring your business growth to a standstill. Therefore, have a set vision of your business and have a team working towards your goal. Set achievable targets, and reward your employees.

When it comes to order management services, you upgrade your infrastructure and the automation system that you use regularly. This will not only help you grow your business but also earn profits at a higher rate.

  • Not using the right vendors

This may appear to be a no brainer, but it is a commonly facing issue by many. A good vendor is basically a fine balance between someone who is consistent and doesn’t also charge a bomb.

Before looking for a vendor, ensure you review their services thoroughly and look for customer feedback.

If you are selling a niche product, always consider a complete vertical integration to control over manufacturing, demand and therefore your inventory levels.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for expert order management services for your business or order management outsourcing companies, Wow customer support is one of the leading organizations providing one of the best inventory management solutions at affordable rates. They provide eCommerce inventory management services to many Fortune 500 companies and top organizations. To know more about their services, click here.

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10 Valid Reasons to Outsource Inbound Call Center Services

Call center outsourcing has gained popularity in recent times as more companies leverage BPOs. This is because handling various customer communication channels such as callsemailswebchats, and text messages–in-house is an expensive proposition. It requires investment in facilities, equipment, technology, time and energy for staff training and ongoing operations. Therefore, many Fortune 500 enterprises and government agencies outsource inbound call center services to ensure they stay focused on core competencies.

Generally, inbound call center services are availed by organizations to manage incoming calls from customers/clients. Trained inbound call center agents handle these calls, who are experts in providing such information and resolving queries. Also, an inbound call center offers workspaces for call center executives to handle calls. Usually, an agent is given a computer and a headset connected to a telecom switch to attend customer calls.

Why outsource inbound call center services?

Customer support services have become one of the most critical components of any business strategy for organizations worldwide. Hence, inbound call center outsourcing has multiple benefits apart from cost reductions. Also, India provides one of the best inbound call center services across the world. Not convinced? Then here are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing inbound call center services.

  • 24×7 service for your customers

If you run a business that caters to customers across the globe, a good idea is to outsource your inbound call center services. For companies in Europe and North America, outsourcing customer support services to India is very favorable. With almost a 10-12 hour difference in their time zones, they will be able to provide services round the clock, making your business operate 24×7.

  • Offers flexibility and scalability

Due to seasonal surges, most businesses tend to have an unpredictable workload. Sometimes, you end up with idle agents due to low business volumes or end with inadequate staff due to excessive workload. Therefore, to avoid such issues, you can always to outsource inbound call center services. Moreover, inbound call center companies are already equipped to handle such situations. They can customize their services to give you the flexibility to utilize their services according to your needs.

Furthermore, in India, you can find a highly trained workforce with diverse skill sets at an affordable price that will help you deliver optimum results.

  • Stability and attractive IT policies

When you provide great customer services to your clients, you create a mindset that your company really cares about its customer’s experience. This creates loyal customers who might refer you to their colleagues, leading to a stable growth in your business.

India is an ideal country to outsource inbound call center services as a pro-IT government supports it. Their GDP growth policies, economy, power, taxation, industrial parks, telecom and special zones have been extremely favorable for the IT sector. Also, IT is considered as one of the top five priority industries, and thus the policies framed by the Indian government aim to harvest the most out of IT outsourcing.

  • Expert support staff and management

Inbound call center companies are generally expert service providers with well-trained managers and support staffs. They have years of experience with call center operations. On the other hand, in-house call centers struggle as they will be used to providing customer care for one type of product or service. Therefore, when you outsource inbound call center services, you get access to institutional knowledge and skills necessary for top-tier customer service.

India is known for its well trained and educated workforce. In a year, nearly two million graduates are English speaking students, and out of which approximately 75,000 students are IT graduates. Hence, this is a huge advantage for call center operations, which require fluency in English. Due to a large workforce, inbound call center service companies in India can provide scalable services to your business.

  • Focus on core operations

Generally, inbound call centers are the primary touchpoints for your customers. Therefore, how you interact with them plays a crucial role in your business growth. Therefore, apart from expert services, you free up your time and workforce to focus on core operations while the rest is taken care of by the inbound call center companies.

  • No capital investments

Having an in-house inbound customer service operation would require you to spend heavily on real estate, infrastructure and software. These investments can be quite heavy on your pockets, especially if you are starting out. On the contrary, outsourcing inbound call center services to a reliable operator will provide you instant access to all these resources without breaking the bank. Especially in India, inbound call center companies offer cost-effective and customized plans for your business so that you pay for only the services you utilize.

  • Access to the latest technology and tools

Inbound call center companies generally invest in the best technologies for multichannel customer support services. They utilize software tools that offer features like cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, webchat, SMS text, social media monitoring, etc. Therefore, you gain access to advanced tech at affordable rates.

India is currently in the middle of a digital wave, and therefore the government hopes to connect the entire country with a robust IT infrastructure. Thus, making it an excellent choice to outsource inbound call center services.

  • Eliminates staffing issues and increases business continuity

Inbound call center companies typically handle all of the hiring, training, scheduling, and managing of a team of call center executives. Thus, saving your company time, money and stress. Moreover, inbound customer service providers guarantee 100% uptime. In addition, they have staff dedicated to making sure call quality is excellent round the clock. Therefore, you can be more confident with your business as you can meet your customer’s needs.

  • Detailed reports on data analytics

Inbound customer service providers understand the importance of collecting and analyzing call information to gain insights to improve their processes. Also, outsourcers have experience with multiple clients and generate data through marketing and advertising campaigns. Outsourced inbound customer services have monitoring tools, performance assessments and improvement plans to ensure SLAs are met. Generally, inbound call centers may not have the resources or expertise available for the same.

  • Utilize currency exchange rate difference

Having call center operations in house costs a bomb. Subsequently, inbound call center outsourcing gives access to quality talent at a considerably cheaper rate, all thanks to the currency exchange rate difference. Many companies from India can help you cut down the costs of your inbound customer services considerably. For example, a company in the US can lower the cost of its inbound customer services by up to 2-3 times without any compromise in its quality.

Wrapping up on Inbound Call Center Services

If you are considering outsourcing your inbound call center services, Wow customer support is one of the leading organizations providing one of the best inbound call center service at affordable rates. They provide services to many Fortune 500 companies and top organizations. To know more about their services, click here.

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How to Build a Successful Outsourcing Team for Phone Answering?

How to Build a Productive Remote Technical Support Team from Scratch?

In today’s competitive market, the one thing that most successful businesses have in common is a remote working team and excellent technical support services. Remote working had become a total game-changer, especially during the pandemic times. You can save costs, boost productivity, increase efficiency and employee engagement, and lastly, have happy employees. Many support workers such as customer service agents, IT technical support agents, and other business workers have turned their homes into their offices.

Global Workplace Analytics found that 5 million people worked from home in 2018, which is a 173% increase from 2005. The same study also found that 86% of employees feel that working from home reduces stress, and 77% believe working remotely improves their general health.

Remote working can indeed lead to great things for a business, but it’s also true that this can only happen when implemented effectively. The key to making a successful remote working environment lies in employee engagement. Happy and inspired employees perform better. Better performance leads to better business. There’s no secret formula here. In simple words, happy employees lead to happy customers and a thriving business.


Whether you are building an IT technical support team or any team from scratch, ensure it is structured to succeed with the strong foundation. This can be done by a bit of homework from your end.

  • Define ‘great technical support service’ for your company

There isn’t a business that doesn’t promise great customer service. But not all customers have a great customer experience. Thus, there is always space for improvements. Therefore, when building an IT technical support team, decide on the service quality you will provide and include your entire team in that process. Once you have set the ideal benchmarks for your services, you will have a standard against which you can measure your technical support service team.

  • Decide on which channels to provide your support

It’s pretty easy to say, “We are available on all channels all the time!” but following through that commitment isn’t! Most companies tend to expand their services in all channels and fail to deliver quality services as they are all over the place. That ends up in a lack of quality, leading to bad reviews. Therefore, any day, choose quality over quantity. Providing good services over a few channels goes a long way than to spread your team all over to provide inconsistent services.

A great way to figure this out is by researching the platforms the customers are using. Figure out what kind of support channels will be ideal for your business. For IT technical support, emails are the best as they are specific and detailed. But the wait for a response can get frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry. Live chat services can be a great way to address quick queries and issues of customers.


We all know that the first step to a successful team is hiring the right people, and those aren’t easy to find. As the saying goes, “Your employees are the people that make and break your business” holds true in this context. So how do you pick your teammates then?

While hiring, apart from the skills and qualities you are looking for in your team, here are a few pointers you can consider that will help you build a stronger and productive team-

  • Focus on what they want to learn and what they want to achieve from this job.

Understanding their goals and dreams to align them with yours. This will also let you know how enthusiastic and dedicated they are at their tasks and their willingness to grow.

  • Communication skills are vital for any support team.

Basic communication skills are crucial for any team. Also, make sure they are team players.

  •  Measure their remote working potential.

Even though it sounds easy, long-term remote work requires discipline, good prioritizing skills, and the confidence to work without constant supervision. Assess each applicant to see if they are an asset or drain to your remote team before you hire them.

  • Look for relevant experiences in those roles.

For a remote technical support service team, freelancers and contractors are ideal as they are already used to a remote environment. They understand expectations and challenges better and are backed with solutions to tackle them.

  • Knowledge of your industry

It is much easier to work with someone who knows your business beforehand than train a new applicant.


Training your team is as important as setting up a business. Your team needs to know what exactly is needed from them for your business. To simply put, “Teamwork makes your dream work.” Therefore, here is a checklist to help your team increase efficiency.

  • Provide extensive onboard training and support

As remote support teams work alone, they might not get help immediately. Therefore, provide them with extensive training so that they can work autonomously. You can also set up a self-service help center or searchable knowledge base so that your teammates can look up and get access to the latest and accurate information about your services and products.

  • Provide them with the right tools

Tools act as the arms and legs of your team. Therefore, it is crucial to provide them with all the necessary hardware and software tools to perform their tasks.

  • Develop clear remote working policies

Set clear expectations from your team. Create and publish policies that tell what is and isn’t allowed. Have procedures for internal communication, recorded data of customer interactions, backup for emergencies, and at-home time tracking.


Unlike other departments, remote working teams don’t get to spend time like other on-site teams. Therefore, it is vital to develop a healthy work culture that will benefit your business in the long run. Wondering how to do that? Then here are a few pointers to help you decide on the things you need to implement-

  • Develop a knowledge base

Investing in a knowledge base can be time-consuming, but it can go a long way. Internally, your new employees can utilize it to solve specific issues and learn how to use different tools. Furthermore, it will also help you solve recurring customer issues and assure them that there is a knowledge base for them anytime. 

  • Secure your data

Remote working increases complexity, especially when it comes to security. Therefore, implement security policies and conduct security awareness training if necessary. 

  • Focus on the outcomes

Rather than checking if your teammate has completed 9 hours of work, check whether they have delivered all tasks for the day. Focus on what is being accomplished than on how long it took to complete it.

  • Let them grow

Inspire your teammates and give them attainable goals that they can look forward to. This helps them push a little harder and stay optimistic. Collect feedback and conduct reviews to let them know the areas they can work on. 

  • Reward and recognize great work

There’s no better motivation than getting appreciated for a job well done! Recognize your team’s efforts and reward them for their outstanding performances. This will create a healthy competitive culture in your workplace.

Lastly, have your team’s back at all times, and trust your business is in good hands. It is essential that your employees feel that they are well taken care of. Afterall, healthy employees are productive employees.

As more companies embrace remote working in these times, technical support outsourcing has become quite common.

This is a much more feasible option for busy businesses looking to provide support around-the-clock.

Final Thoughts

We at Wow customer support have learnt first hand on what works and what doesn’t. This firsthand experience and expertise in this field make us one of the best customer support service companies in the industry. If you are looking to outsource technical support services, your search ends today!

Contact us today to know more about small business technical support services.

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6 Core Benefits of Multiple Customer Support Platforms for eCommerce Business

Growing a business is a challenge in today’s world, especially if you are a small business owner. So do you want to take your business to the next level? Here’s a secret that many eCommerce companies have that enables them to build a strong relationship and have loyal customers. Having strong multiple customer support services has always been a major business booster for the eCommerce industry.

They help you in many ways and boost sales like no other. Customers tend to come back to you when you make their transactions smooth and seamless. Also providing customer support services on multiple platforms such as emailchatsphone, and various social media applications can be advantageous to build strong relationships and sustenance.

Are still wondering if you need to invest in multiple-channel customer support services? Then here are a few reasons that might help you change your mind.

  • Easily manage your customer’s requests

Are your emails flooded with requests from customers but you would instead answer them by a call or a chat? That’s where  multi-channel customer support services come in! You can answer their queries through a call, chat or any means of communication. A multi-channel customer support service can create different streams of information that can be utilized for your business to understand your customer’s needs. Also, it provides the capability to understand, quantify, and review communication with customers. Furthermore, when you outsource customer support services, you can use their CRM system which can help you streamline the way your company handles all customer requests to improve efficiency.

  • Target specific audiences

When there are different customer support channels, you’ll know the transaction analytics and retail experiences of the customers. Hence you can focus on services that they require the most. If a customer enquires about haircare services, you can throw in a coupon or a discount to attract more customers. When you have your customer support outsourced, it enables sectors such as integrated customer service, sales, merchandising, inventory, and enterprise resource planning to perform better—thus increasing your boost sales and efficiency of your business.

  • Route all your customer requests to the right person

With multi-channel customer support services, you can route their queries to the right personnel every time. Be it technical or product-related assistance; your customer service representatives will ensure to connect them in the quickest manner possible. As you don’t have to wait for a single-line of communication, the responses get faster and queries get resolved quicker.

  • Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, we all can agree that the challenge is to have high customer satisfaction. Happy customers tend to stay loyal as well as refer more people, thus bringing in more business. Moreover, customer retention is easier than customer acquisition. The more easily available you are to cater to your customer’s needs, the more you build on trust and loyalty. Therefore, if you have your customer support outsourced, your business becomes easily accessible and can build on customer relationships.

  • Keep track of your customers

Most often, when a customer calls for a query, they are put on hold for a while. Meanwhile, the executive looks for their details and history of their business with them. This can get quite annoying when your customers are in a hurry. Therefore, if you integrate multi-channel customer support services in your business, you can streamline all your customer interactions. This helps you sort all their information and records every interaction so that you don’t miss out on a detail. Also, having multiple channels enables you to all generate all kinds of reports. Furthermore, you can keep track of your sales team performance and what know works best for you. You can have your customer’s issues and queries, and feedback organized and well managed.

  • Marketing opportunities

Proactive customer support services create a vast space for marketing opportunities. When you have a wide-channel of support, you can always suggest a better option or throw in a few offers. For instance, if a customer calls to enquire about a service, you can answer their query as well as tell them about a new product you’ve recently launched.  Thereby you can use customer support services as a  marketing tool for introducing and promoting new products and services.

Final Thoughts on Multiple Customer Support for eCommerce

Therefore, when you outsource customer support services,  you can serve your customers better, provide fast and high-quality service and have access to their entire communication history. If you are looking for such services, we at Wow are one of the leading outsource customer service companies providing top-notch customer support services focusing on serving the best of what services can offer.

To know more about multi-channel customer support services, click here.

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Tech Support: Why is it Crucial for Your eCommerce Business?

Running a business in this tech-savvy world can be quite challenging. New technologies are continually emerging, and companies need to stay up to date to serve their customers better. Especially in the eCommerce industry, multiple challenges such as insufficient staff, client dependence, and customer satisfaction can get formidable. Additionally, there’s data safety and security, which is something businesses should take seriously. Besides, eCommerce operations require software, computers, internet technologies, and networks requiring regular maintenance and updating. But do you think tech support services are only for big companies? Then think again!

In simple terms, outsourcing technical support services ensure your company stays productive and maximizes their benefits such as cost-saving, improved product quality, customer satisfaction, etc. Therefore, tech support services help companies run efficiently and generate customer loyalty and quality branding.

According to a study by The CMO Council, providing better technical advice and assistance to customers is the best way companies can improve the product ownership experience. Thus, apart from saving money and streamlining your business goals, tech support services are also critical for small businesses. Here are a few crucial benefits of eCommerce technical support services.

Implementing the right solution-

When it comes to small businesses, staying up to date with the latest hardware or data processing software, computer security, or network management options can be quite a tedious task. That’s where the IT Technical Support specialists come in! They can help you find the right solutions to bring even newer, more cutting-edge technologies to maximize your company potential.

One of the major concerns for small scale organizations is balancing their needs according to their budget. An IT specialist can suggest the right hardware and software options available under your account that is suitable for your needs. They can also help put the right pieces in place, ensuring efficiency and protection of all operations.

Cut down expenses

Technical support outsourcing can lower your expenses and help gain many benefits in your business. One of which is maximizing efficiency and profit. You will have people to have your back during operations in the time of need.

Also, while outsourcing tech support services you don’t need to interview people and waste time finding the right candidate or paying them a salary. Just a subscription fee for their services is the only cost you have to bear. You wouldn’t need different experts or managers for various roles for tech-related tasks. Thereby, you can invest more in growing your business.

System Maintenance

Even if you have installed an infrastructure, it’s important that you maintain it well and keep it updated. Technical support services can manage your existing infrastructure and ensure all your hardware and software stay updated and also implement upgrades if needed. You can also outsource technical support services and avoid spending time researching new technologies to implement into your business and start working immediately with ones chosen for you by your IT technical support team.

You’ll be up-to-date with the current trends by relying on the tech that is taking the most successful companies to the next level. Lastly, you will have access to many tech features and receive IT solutions to take action quickly during escalations.

Monitoring Usage

Even though human errors cannot be avoided entirely, your business can go a long way if your computer and network operations are regularly monitored. That’s where IT technical support plays a significant role. They can monitor your employee’s technical resources usage or be vigilant where possible data breaches are concerned. These tech specialists ensure the protection of your infrastructure.

With tech support services, you can ensure your staff is educated on utilizing computer and network systems and managing passwords appropriately. They also keep you posted on the top trending hacks and keep your team well informed.

Security and safety with tech support

Considering how much the eCommerce industry relies on computer systems and networks to conduct day-to-day operations, it’s very likely that your company will suffer an attack or data breach by hackers. But without technical support services or a dedicated network administrator on staff, it’s more likely that you’ll incur more damage.

The protection and management of confidential employee, customer, and company data is vital for any business. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to ensure it is well protected. Taking the right precautions and security measures to avoid breaches is essential for maintaining your business reputation. But most small scale businesses and eCommerce companies struggle to use the right methods for data protection. This is where technical support services play a major role in helping you set up antivirus software to safeguard your data.

24×7 tech assistance

It is critical that you keep your company’s information and data safe 24×7. It’s unpredictable to know when there might be a breach especially when it comes to eCommerce industries, but it’s up to us to ensure the safety and security of our data.

Therefore, by hiring technical support services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that professionals are looking after everything. Also, when there is an emergency, you’ll have someone to assist you with it right away.

Tech support services also ensure that your company’s efficiency is maximized through the usage of technology. With a dedicated team, you can utilize tech resources to reach targets and identify areas for expansion more quickly. Additionally, IT technical support is incredibly useful to maximize productivity. Thus, when you invest in technical support services,  your business strives to give you the best returns possible.

High client satisfaction

When your customers know their information is safe, they’ll have trust and loyalty in your business,  which in turn leads to profits. According to the New York Times, 73% of tech support managers say the complexity of support calls is increasing because customers have become more technologically sophisticated. Therefore to handle such issues, you need strong IT technical support by your side. With an IT support team, you can ensure a smooth sailing service for your clients. They establish perfect wireless internet connections, seamless software use, and efficiently manage phone lines for our business.

You can also streamline your client communication by having technical support services. Therefore, this could lead to a drastic increase in customer service ratings and thus leading to an expansion in the customer base and annual profits.

Tech Support: The final thoughts

When it comes to eCommerce industries, you are always expected to do more with less. Therefore, it is essential to invest in the right places for your business to run smoothly. Technology plays a vital role as they are paramount for stability and growth in the modern business world.

Therefore no matter what business you own, technical support services are a must as it plays a crucial role in cybersecurity and data protection.

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How Outsourced Order Management can be Effective for Business Growth?

Order Management

Order management is a crucial part of every business. A business needs to attract more customers which is why it is vitally important that it efficiently fulfills and processes existing client orders quickly. Order management is the very heart of every enterprise resource planning or ERP. You have to decide whether to handle eCommerce order management on your own or through a third party. Outsourcing helps to ensure that many of your daily tasks can be handled through a third party.

Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency

Outsourcing can help your business grow for a lower cost and in a more efficient manner. Third parties can be entrusted with the task of performing functions that your business would otherwise spend its valuable time on. All kinds of jobs can be outsourced and order management services are but one of the challenges confronting your business.

Lower Freight Rates

By outsourcing your business’s eCommerce order management to a third party, your business enjoys many benefits including lower freight costs. Remember that shipping costs are a huge expense for every business. The greater the volume, the lower the freight rates. Through outsourcing, your business can take advantage of high volumes and lower freight costs.

Also, shipping your products from an inhouse location does not ensure optimal costs or lesser transit times. Order management outsourcing gives your business a big advantage in the form of lower shipping costs. Not only that, but it also reduces delivery times of your products/services to your clients.

Share the Costs

If your business runs its own warehouse, it must bear all the associated costs. However, when you contract out the running of your warehouse operations to a third party, you can share the costs with them. This means that expenses like labor and rent as well as the cost of equipment and utilities plus miscellaneous costs will be shared. The result is significant savings in terms of money and time.

Manage Your Inventory

By outsourcing your business operations to a third party, your partner will bear all the shipping costs and in addition, your business gets access to the latest technology. This helps to make your business operations more efficient. Overall, outsourcing makes the entire supply chain run more smoothly. Best of all, outsourcing your eCommerce Order Management ensures that your partner handles all the shipping tasks. This frees up your time which you can spend on other tasks that will help to make your business run more efficiently.

Providing high-quality customer service is another very important part of every business. When you outsource this task to your partner, they will ensure that all processes are seamlessly integrated. Besides, they will also be able to handle the returns process in a more efficient manner. The result is a happier customer and more repeat orders.

Various functions like warehouse location and managing inventory space can also safely be entrusted to an outsourcing partner They are going to ensure that your shipments will reach your customers on time and order tracking will also be taken care of in a more efficient manner.

Best Time to Outsource Order Management?

The best time to outsource your order management process is after your eCommerce website goes live. Your outsourcing partner can help build and also customize your digital business. They can also handle your website, sales, and other miscellaneous eCommerce operations from a single location.

Another thing to keep in mind is how best to take care of customer order management.

If your business is not getting national or international attention, then it is time to outsource your order management services to a third party. Doing so will help your business save on fees and costs. By sharing responsibilities, you can free time to devote to selling products instead of managing everyday operations.

A successful business has to spend a lot of time selling its products and managing its operations. There is also a lot of competition in the eCommerce space. Unless your business becomes more visible, it won’t grow at the desired pace.

Also, if your business’s infrastructure is not geared to promoting eCommerce growth, then outsourcing is the way to go. Access to modern technology is neither easy nor cheap. If your business does not have the resources to grow rapidly, then it is the right time to outsource. Your partner will manage all of your operations giving you the freedom to spend time on marketing your products/services and scaling your business to keep pace with its growth objectives.

The best time to outsource is when you find that the cost of each order is greater than that of your provider. Keep in mind that your business is going to come under a lot of stress trying to keep pace with all the eCommerce order fulfillment services.

Volatile Order Volumes

It is normal for order volume to fluctuate with some days seeing a lot of orders and other days there will be none. If you outsource order fulfillment, your business won’t have to deal with fixed costs. In fact, processing orders through a third party ensures more accurate as well as more cost-effective order processing

Final Thoughts on Effective Order Management

Now that you know how outsourcing order management services can help your business grow, go ahead and check out an outsourcing company called Wow Customer Support. Ask them for a quote, which they will provide within 24 hours. Outsourcing can help your business grow because everything is taken care of – starting from query handling to providing a quote, and more. All in all, inventory management outsourcing holds the key to helping your business grow because your partner does all the heavy lifting for you. Our Wow Customer Support Twitter handle is @wowcsservice

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