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Live Chat Leads to 48% Increase in Revenue, Here’s How?!

Live Chat Leads to 48 Increase in Revenue per Chat Hour Heres How

Live chat support is getting crucial to conducting business online. Research shows that 85% of customers are deeply satisfied with websites that offer live chat support services. In addition to customer satisfaction, an ICMI report indicates that live chat increases revenues by 48% per chat hour! So if you're interested in getting higher engagement and greater conversions, you'll need to seek help from live chat service providers.

In this article, we make a case for this stand and show you how live chat increases engagement and revenues. 

What would happen to your website without live chat support?

Before we understand how live chat support services help you, we need to understand how visitor-website interactions would unfold without live chat service providers.

Consider yourself to be a customer who's visiting a website – your website. You start browsing through the site. There's a lot of information to take in, and you're not finding exactly what you're looking for. You want help and directions to the page/content you seek. But there's no one around. Only a contact form or an email address listed on the page. Sure, you can reach out to the brand through these, but who knows how long it'll take to get a response.

You need this information urgently. Oh well, you decide. There's no point wasting your time here anymore, is there? And so, you exit the site and go in search of another one where it's easier to find information. Or at least a customer service agent online who can help you with what you need.

In truth, this scenario is more real and more common than you think. For example,74% of customers are more likely to switch websites and brands if they find the process of buying a product/service too confusing and cumbersome. In addition, 33% of customers give companies just one chance to make a positive impression with good onsite service. If you're able to meet their expectations, they abandon your site permanently. And on average, 95% of customers share their bad brand experiences with others, compared to just 87% who share good brand experiences.

Not having robust live chat support services on your website can lead to a tremendous amount of loss. You'll lose out on valuable lifetime customer patronage just because you did not choose live chat support outsourcing.

These 5 live chat support studies prove why live chat is instrumental to revenue generation.

Here are a few more reasons why you need to consider live chat outsourcing:

ATG Global Consumer Trend Study

This  study by ATG Global directly answers the challenges posed by the example we have given above.

The study revealed that 90% of customers found it significantly easier to find products and services when they had help in live chat support. Live chat service providers offered real-time inputs resolving customer questions and helping them find offerings well suited to their needs.

A study by J. D. Power

The study shows that 42% of customers prefer live chat support to phone and email support because of quick support. Live chat was found to be more human and more personalized compared to other forms of website support. In addition, customers felt more seen and respected through quick and responsive live chat.

Research has shown that efficient live chat service providers can resolve any customer query in under 42 seconds. By choosing live chat support outsourcing, you can ensure you deliver a personalized and fast experience to customers. In addition, it makes for a more memorable experience.

Polling by emarketer.com

The eMarketer survey showed that more talkative customers tended to buy more from websites that had a live chat feature. The survey revealed that, for almost 38% of the responders, the purchase decision was made on the spot thanks to the inputs of the live chat agent.

The survey also showed that 40% of responders who used live chat were more likely to purchase at least once a week from the brand. So, by opting for live chat outsourcing, you can encourage more prospects to visit your site often and convert faster.

A study by E-tailing Group

The study by the E-tailing Group shows that for 20% of the responders, live chat was the most preferred way of communicating with the brand. Compared to the just 54% of customers who regularly used live chat, approximately 59% of people frequently use live chat when visiting websites.

According to the study results, the respondents' customer demographic was mostly male between 31-50 years, college-educated and with high paying white-collar jobs. These were customers who spent significantly higher online compared to the median population. This indicates that live chat is one of the key factors responsible for big-budget spends online.

What's more, is that this survey shows, 62% of the respondents were willing to speak to proactive live chat service providers who reached out to them. When executed promptly, such proactive outreach can help shy or hesitant customers open up and do business with you.

Survey by eDigitalResearch

In a survey organized by eDigitalResearch,  it was found that 73% of customers were tremendously satisfied with live chat and many placed orders while conversing with their live chat service providers.

The reason for this, according to eDigitalResearch Commercial Director Derek Eccleston, is simple. Live chat removes customers' problem of having to wait on hold in telephone queues or automated field questions from bots, increasing the time they spend waiting around for support.

Instead, live chat outsourcing will ensure brands always have a team of customer service executives ready to assist site visitors whenever they need help. In essence, live chat achieves the promise of instant supply of information for an instant demand by customers.

These studies about the effectiveness of live chat support show us why live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour. It is because:

  • Live chat support is quick and responsive.
  • It makes it easier for customers to find the bespoke information, product or service they need.
  • Live chat service providers are personal, friendly and empathetic to the needs of customers.
  • It is an easy and hassle-free solution to prevent customers from sifting through lots of content on the website.
  • Live chat service providers extend a warm welcome and a helpful hand to customers who may be shy or hesitant to contact the brand.

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