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10 Promising Trends in Content Moderation Services Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore

10 Promising Trends in Content Moderation Services Your Business Shouldnt Ignore

Building brand recognition involves developing the trust in the minds of your target audience. One of the most effective ways to build that trust over time is through user-generated content. According to recent statistics, customers say that user-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trustworthy than other media types.  

However, publishing appropriate user-generated content can be tricky because you need to figure out how to ensure that your brand portrays a positive image. In addition, simply relying on user-generated content could hurt your business because, without moderation, it's inevitable for some content to be viewed as offensive or harmful. 

To meet all your content publishing requirements, it's essential to leverage the right form of content moderation services. If you're planning to start moderating your content or enhance your existing system, the following content moderation trends can point you in the right direction.

Ten content moderation trends you can't miss

1. Working with multi-skilled content moderators

Content moderation goes beyond understanding the fundamental characteristics of a brand. It involves going through hundreds, if not thousands, of content that may seem unnecessary, pointless, or harmful. For this reason, an increasing number of online platforms have started working with multi-skilled moderators who can -

  • Commit to global standards, have expertise on regional dialects and local culture
  • Have an open mind to accept views and opinions of others
  • Respect the rules for developing content for your brand, and, 
  • Replace ineffective content with more valuable alternatives.

2. Adopting a hybrid approach that includes technology and humans

While AI and machine learning can predict different trends regarding the likes and dislikes of your target audience, you still need human judgment to improve your content. The most reliable and effective content moderation services focus on combining the power of technology and humans to boost the quality of user-generated content. While human judgment is essential in developing innovative content, AI can prove effective in discovering trends that could negatively impact your content.

3. Managing content quality 

Public reviews play a crucial role in content filtering choices. Moderating content requires an all-encompassing action plan to efficiently identify and correct errors in your content that may invite negative remarks from prospective customers. Therefore, it has become a must to hire content moderators who can quickly identify these errors, set up effective control programs, and develop excellent content that upholds your brand's reputation.

4. Following real-world policies

Sometimes, content developers are so engrossed in conveying their personal opinions through their work that the content may adversely affect the brand. However, content moderation services can rectify such errors by adhering to real-world policies to avoid content that may be sensitive towards political viewpoints or hurt religious sentiments. In addition, content moderations need to constantly update themselves with the latest policies and implement the same in their work to avoid controversies that may impair your brand's reputation.

5. Eliminating offensive and objectionable content

Insensitive remarks or cruel statements are a strict no-no as they can provoke a section of your audience to go against your brand. Any responsible content moderator should guide you in understanding the laws and provisions against hate speeches. 

Your content doesn't include the words or phrases that may start a chaotic situation among different communities. They are well aware of defensive languages that can make your content impactful without hurting anyone's sentiments.

6. Prioritizing the safety and privacy of your audience

One of the growing trends in content moderation is forming a special team for monitoring and filtering content that doesn't necessarily follow the norms of content moderation policies against privacy violations. 

Cybersecurity threats such as malware, data breaches, and identity theft are increasing concerns for online users. As a result, it's necessary to ensure that the content you publish doesn't compromise the privacy or safety of your audience. Safeguarding the identity and personal information of your users needs to rank high on your priority list. 

7. Avoiding false information

Companies are now more conscious than ever about cross-checking the information they publish. But, with trolls waiting for the smallest gap to bash your brand online, you can't afford to give them any breathing room. And the best way to shut them down is by checking the authenticity of your content. 

Develop a content moderation system that follows a strict list of policies and prohibits spreading false information, misrepresentation, or fake news. Even the smallest of mistakes can blow up your brand's reputation because of posts made viral by trolls.

8. Increasing transparency

It's high time for your online platform to create and publish a transparency report if you don't have one yet. This report includes the moderation rules you implement on your platform, which helps to inform users about what they can and cannot publish. The biggest social media platforms all provide transparency reports about how they handle private information, copyrights, protection of intellectual property, and data requests.

9. Handling machine-generated and spam content

AI's machine-generated content is now becoming more sophisticated than ever. The primary drawback of this system is that it may lead to the dissemination of malicious information, thus degrading your audience's experience and, in turn, denting your brand's reputation. Individuals or organizations with ill intentions can create multiple accounts on your platform and publish spam content in bulk. Boosting the security of your site and finding unique solutions to the moderation of this kind of content are imperative to provide the best user experience. 

 10. Developing a localized approach

It's important to remember that each country has its own regional, cultural, and socio-political nuances. If your website attracts an international audience, you need to take this into account to cater to their content needs. Simply outsourcing content moderation services to the first company you find online may not yield the best results. It's better to work with a company with multiple regional and local hubs so you can create an effective location-based strategy.

The future of the content moderation industry

There is no denying that AI controls the advertisements and posts that we see on our social media feed every day. A lot of content that we come across are not what we would like to see, but they pop up on our feed anyway. What if your e-commerce brand mistakenly posts something that your target audience doesn't like, even if you have no intention of stirring up controversy? Such a situation can wreak havoc on your brand.

Since it's becoming a challenge to handle machine-generated content, the best way to counter this problem is to rely on content moderation. It can effectively eliminate content that may hurt your viewers' sentiments or create a divide among your audience. It's reasonable to assume the continuous growth of content moderation for as long as the e-commerce industry and social media platforms exist.

Keeping up with the latest trends in content moderation requires a significant time investment. Still, it holds the key to developing the best strategy for monitoring and filtering the content you publish online. If you want to work with the leading content moderation service provider, feel free to get in touch with Wow Customer Support. We have a team of experienced professionals who can offer 24/7 services to help you monitor your social media page, e-commerce website, blog, or forum.

Allow us to review your existing content, analyze future posts, and ensure that every content you publish helps you increase leads and conversions. Also, don't forget to like, share, and comment on our blog.