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Real-time Support for Your Customers: Professional Live Chat Support Software for Your Ecommerce Business

Live Chat Support Services

Small businesses need to deliver quick and smooth communication through live chat support services as more and more customers demand rapid assistance from brands. The top 8 live chat support software choices for small businesses aiming to provide exceptional customer service and expand their enterprises have been carefully selected and are presented in this article.

With these tools, you'll be able to assist consumers quickly and effectively, deal with problems as they arise, and even get insightful feedback through surveys and analytics. Take advantage of this chance to boost client satisfaction and grow your company. Let's examine it in detail.

1. LiveChat.com:

For small businesses that require reliable live chat support services, LiveChat is the best choice. LiveChat, a pioneer in the field of live chat support software, has demonstrated its dependability and effectiveness. With the use of its surveys and integrations feature, companies may streamline their processes while also gathering insightful client feedback.

Additionally, the chat window's quick loading time is a great feature that guarantees clients won't have to wait for a long time. Small businesses can gain from LiveChat's enhanced customer happiness, greater sales, conversions, and shortened response times, all of which result in more potential for growth.

2. Chatbot.com:

Due to its AI-powered chatbots, which offer a productive approach to providing real-time customer service, Chatbot.com is a live chat support software highly recommended for small businesses. Additionally, the platform offers dozens of pre-made templates that may be quickly modified to meet the unique requirements of small enterprises.

Small businesses may improve customer service, decrease response times, boost customer happiness, and ultimately increase sales and conversions by utilizing Chatbot.com. The live chat support software is an excellent choice for small firms trying to simplify their operations without breaking the bank because of how reasonably priced it is.

3. Sendinblue:

Sendinblue is a flexible marketing tool that provides small businesses with live chat support software that is user-friendly for beginners and integrated with their email marketing service. Small businesses that wish to interact with customers in real-time and raise customer satisfaction can use live chat support services.

Sendinblue live chat support software is an all-in-one solution for small businesses because it provides additional marketing automation tools, including email marketing, SMS marketing, and CRM. Companies may boost customer interaction, forge closer bonds with clients, and boost sales with live chat software. Additionally, Sendinblue's live chat support software is simple to set up and operate, even for beginners, which explains why small businesses favor it.

4. Olark:

Olark is a great live chat support software solution for small organizations that appreciate customization. Businesses can tailor the appearance and feel of their chat window to fit their brand because of its customizable chat box.

Olark live chat support software also includes tools that can assist companies in gathering feedback and streamlining their customer support procedures, such as chat ratings and automated messages. Businesses can use this to deliver individualized customer care, foster client loyalty, and increase revenue. Small businesses may stand out from the competition and provide a superior client experience by employing Olark's services.

5. LiveAgent:

One-stop live chat support services provider LiveAgent offers various software tools, such as email ticketing, live chat, video chat, time tracking, call center, and more. They are a well-known supplier of help desk and omnichannel live chat support services software. Using the LiveAgent suite can be simple if a company still needs to get a support system because it is an all-in-one platform similar to Zendesk Chat and others. LiveAgent delivers smooth WordPress and nearly all other well-liked website builder integrations.

Additionally, these live chat support services seamlessly link with all the best CRMs, email marketing platforms, and other marketing platforms. LiveAgent may be a fantastic choice for small businesses looking for a one-stop solution for their customer care needs because of its extensive features and integrations.

6. Chaport:

A free forever subscription with unlimited chats, history notifications, and up to five operators at once is available with the live chat support services software Chaport. For small businesses who want to start offering live chat help without breaking the bank, it's a fantastic alternative.

Additionally, Chaport's live chat support services provide subscription plans with more sophisticated features like auto invitations, saved replies, visitor notes, and typing insights. Also available are chat widgets that may be installed on your website and light chat support apps for mobile devices.

Lastly, reporting and analytics are provided, and Zapier offers third-party connectivity options. Overall, Chaport is a good choice for small businesses looking for a free plan to start with and wanting to provide an essential live chat service.

7. Intercom:

A flexible live chat support services tool called Intercom can help companies generate leads, keep users interested, and increase conversion rates. Intercom can serve as an onboarding tool, support assistant, lead-generating tool, marketing automation platform, and user engagement software, in addition to offering a messaging service with live chat widgets that can be automated with personalized flows and chatbots.

Intercom's range of capabilities will be helpful to businesses who need a more all-encompassing solution, even while its full potential may not be realized if it is used just as live chat support software. The live chat support services program is simple to use and interfaces with several services, including email marketing systems, CRMs, Google Analytics, and Slack.

The Intercom is a potent live chat support services tool that, among other things, can be utilized for user onboarding and improved engagement. Intercom's powerful features and adaptability make it a popular choice for SaaS apps.

8. FreshChat:

For companies who want discussion and messenger software for their live chat support services, Freshchat is a fantastic choice. The platform provides capabilities like customer timeline views, in-app campaigns, co-browsing, and real-time interactions with customers utilizing agents or AI-powered bots. Freshchat also has configurable bots and automated conversions, and you can link chats to Zendesk or Slack channel support tickets.

Freshchat's smart plugs, canned responses, labels, private notes, and desktop notifications are unique features that can increase team productivity. Freshchat's ability to function as both a conversation and messenger app sets it apart from other live chat support services and enables companies to connect with clients in a more personalized way.

Freshchat is an excellent choice for companies looking for practical live chat support with various features that can help them deliver fantastic customer assistance. Freshchat is a superb option for companies that want to enhance their customer support experience because of its configurable bots, automated conversions, and simple integrations with Zendesk, Slack, and other programs.


Live chat services have become crucial to small businesses' customer care operations because they allow them to communicate with clients in real-time and provide timely support. The best eight live chat support software products reviewed in this article offer a wide range of features and advantages to meet the various needs of small businesses.

When selecting live chat support software, small businesses should carefully consider their needs and budget because it can significantly impact how well their customers are supported.

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This blog is inspired by the video: "8 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business Compared 2022" by "WB Beginner - WordPress Tutorials."