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Importance of Content Moderation: Audio/Video Moderation/Image Moderation

Importance of Content Moderation AudioVideo ModerationImage Moderation

User-generated content has become vital for online businesses. Content from real customers is proof that you've got dedicated brand advocates and products or services worth discussing.

User-generated content takes your brand authenticity and trustworthiness to the next level. It helps establish your brand loyalty and increases your conversion rates in the long term. In fact, 79% of shoppers use user-generated content to make their purchase decisions online. 

Your brand advocates and customers write reviews, snap images, post videos, and publish blog posts with or without promoting your products or services. But some of this content can be objectionable. That’s when content moderation services become important.

What is Content Moderation?

A massive amount of positive and negative user-generated content populates every second. So, businesses that heavily depend on this content struggle a lot to stay competitive because of offensive and inappropriate text, videos, and images.

Content moderation involves screening and monitoring user-generated content to determine if the content is inappropriate or illegal. The process entails checking whether the content upholds the regulations of your brand and the platform where it will be published. If it fails to fulfill all the guidelines, the content is removed or gets flagged as inappropriate. 

A piece of content is considered inappropriate for different reasons. These generally include extremism, violence, nudity, offensiveness, hate speech, copyright infringements, and alike.

That’s the reason why content moderation services have become vital for strengthening brand reputation, as well as customer engagement and security. It has become common among eCommerce websites, social media platforms, dating sites, discussion boards, and other online platforms that are based on user-generated content.

From text-based content, images, videos to social media pages and websites, all types of content moderation aim to maintain your brand reputation and customers’ security.

While technology can speed up the content moderation process, human review is still irreplaceable. Ideally, you can choose content moderation outsourcing for a combination of both technology and human expertise for assured scalability and efficiency.

Benefits/Reasons to Use Content Moderation Services

It takes about 7 seconds to make the first impression. So, you need to ensure that everything about your brand is positive and engaging to earn a positive first impression. That’s the obvious reason why you need content moderation services. 

Other top reasons include the following:

Protect Your Brand and Customers

Fake news about your brand, product, or even your industry can cause havoc. But unfortunately, fake news is prevalent thanks to social networks' omnipresence and ease of information generation and distribution. That’s why monitoring social media for inappropriate content for your brand has become essential. 

A reliable content moderation services provider reviews and moderates your content carefully and effectively. They also protect your customers from bad actors who share misleading, damaging, or toxic content.

Social Listening of Your Brand Perception

People feel free to share their thoughts and experiences on the internet. By monitoring your brand's conversation, you can understand how your brand is being perceived. You can track comments, reviews, or blog-related content related to your brand posted by internet users.

Accordingly, you can take effective steps to limit negative content and improve your branding efforts timely. You also get a handle on the factors that make your products and services stand out from your competitors.

Trace and Understand Customer Behavior

Recognizing customers’ behavioral patterns and responses to your content can be highly instrumental in formulating effective customer acquisition strategies. Content moderation services can help understand what type of content is engaging to your target audiences. You can use these insights to foster an online community that impacts the purchase decisions of your prospects.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

Monitoring of social media, websites and other platforms for your brand-related content can help increase your website's traffic and conversion rates. For example, when people see good reviews, it increases your prospects’ faith in your brand. 

Besides, content moderation makes search engines view your brand as relevant to users' queries. So, it increases your brand visibility on the internet.

Scale Your Campaigns

User-generated content can help drive and scale your sales and marketing campaigns. Whether you want to crowdsource an idea, host a contest, or get reviews, an effective content moderation strategy allows you to scale your campaigns without worrying about negative effects.

Put simply, content moderation outsourcing can be instrumental in strengthening your brand reputation, improving brand perception and online visibility. In the end, you'll see increased sales and boosted revenue.

What Types of Content Can You Moderate?

The quickest answer is all kinds of content, from text and images to live streaming. 


Text content is everywhere. So, most online moderation services should be able to perform text content moderation for all platforms with user-generated content. 

The variety of textural content generally includes:

  • Articles and blogs
  • Social media comments
  • Blog comments
  • Forum posts
  • Discussion boards
  • Review sites

Please note that catching offensive keywords is not enough. Inappropriate text can consist of a sequence of appropriate words also. When you choose reliable content moderation services, you can rest assured knowing that every text about your brand, product, or services is analyzed carefully. They also consider nuances and cultural specificities during the process.


Moderating images is relatively easier, yet clear guidelines and thresholds are important. In addition, you need to understand the specificities of your audience in different geographics to target cultural sensitivities and differences.

But reviewing a large number of images across various platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, can be challenging. Expert image moderation services can expose all inappropriate images that can hurt your brand.

Video & Live Streaming

By the end of 2022, online videos will make up over 82% of all consumer web traffic. This goes true for live streaming as well. The surge brings both marketing opportunities and malicious content surrounding your brand. 

But video content moderation is not that easy. So, you can outsource content moderation services to have experts screen video files to find inappropriate content. Moreover, they also screen it to spot any type of text, like titles and subtitles, associated with videos. Expert moderators dip deeply into video content on the internet to weed out bad content. 

Why Outsource Content Moderation?

When hiring content moderation services, you’ve three options – hire a freelancer, an in-house professional, or content moderation outsourcing

Freelancers may lack dedication and focus on your project needs. It's because they juggle different jobs at a time. Though they care about the quality, they can't relate to your company's success. And an in-house moderator can add an overwhelming overhead expense, considering a fixed monthly salary, training costs, buying software tools, etc.

That’s why it makes sense to choose outsourced online moderation services. Other top reasons to work with an outsourced partner are:

Greater Efficiency

When an offshore team handles content moderation, you can brainstorm high-level strategies like leveraging user-generating content to improve your marketing strategies. So, you get the best of both worlds because you can engage more in customer engagement without worrying about negative stuff. 

Minimize Costs

Outsourcing content moderation services tend to be cheaper than hiring an in-house team that requires time, infrastructure, people, and huge capital. Instead of fixed cost, you benefit from variable costs depending on whether you need 24X7 services or during office hours. Outsourcing is a cheap and hassle-free option to get the job done effectively in a lesser amount of money and time.

Benefit from Latest Technology

Good and up-to-date online moderation services use state-of-the-art technology and the latest infrastructure to work speedily and effectively. On the other hand, an agency that handles much of its work manually may cost you higher and may not yield expectedly best results. A content moderator equipped with the latest technology can address all your concerns related to user-generated content.

Outsource Content Moderation Services to Experts

Now that you know the importance of content moderation, you might be planning to hire a reliable service provider. 

You can trust Wow Customer Support for fully managed content moderation services. Our highly experienced and talented content moderation teams enforce your guidelines across various platforms. We can be available 24X7 or flexibly as per your needs.

We can handle all types of content, from normal text to live streaming. In addition, our content moderation teams analyze the meaning and intention behind every content posted online surrounding your brand. 

We’ve specialists who moderate content on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other third-party media. Our proven processes are flexible, scalable, and efficient to make our online moderation services fit high-demand industries of all sizes and all kinds.


User-generated content can make or break your brand. So, make sure it aligns with the guidelines of your brand and the intended platform. Outsource content moderation services to a reliable partner to assure that all negative stuff about your business will be handled timely and effectively. Meanwhile, you can stay focused on your core business activities.

At Wow Customer Support, we can create and scale your team of content moderators while assuring the best quality work. Call us now to check our affordable pricing structures and unmatched flexibility.