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Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce Order Management Outsourcing!

Order Management Outsourcing

Order Management Outsourcing: An Introduction

The world of business has changed multifold in the past few years. Changes in this world and the supply chain management happen every day. Global supply chains are bundles of complexity, with the customers having flexibility about the number of orders and delivery channels. Let’s have a look at how order management outsourcing can be a helping hand for eCommerce business.

If you are a business who is single-handedly organizing their order fulfillment, you would know that the process is more than only two critical steps. A delay in these steps leads to a delay in delivery.

Order Management Outsourcing can provide value to your business and prevent any hurdles that might bring your business to bad light.

End-to-end Order Management Outsourcing

Our end-to-end order management outsourcing begins right from sending a quotation and query handling, to invoice processing and Accounts Receivable Processing. By handling your e-commerce order management, we pay your way to becoming a transformational business.

Order Management Services begin when a customer places an order and ends when the order is delivered satisfactorily. With outsourcing these services, you can handle the whole plethora of processes that include the following –

Customer Service

The customer service includes everything from sending quotations, taking orders, resolving queries, and grievance management to returns, refunds, and customer follow up.

BPO Services

The back-office has services ranging from order data entry, contract validation, customer attestation, acquisition of order validation, and order status check to order revocation management.

Finance and Accounting Services

The finance and accounting services include invoice data entry, invoice processing, invoice creation, and credit check, among others.

Our e-commerce order management outsourcing system

Our Order Processing Services involve a wide range of services that provide ease to your business processes. The range of services by us includes inventory management services, the fulfillment of orders, as well as providing after-sales services.

Placement of order

The first step in any order fulfillment process takes place when the customer uses an automated form for placing the order. After the order is received, a member of the sales team checks the details before confirming it.

Fulfillment of order

After the order is confirmed, it reaches the warehouse, where an employee confirms the shipping details. After this, the employee generates an invoice and completes the order. Therefore, there are three essential steps ensure that the order reaches the customer on-time – pick, pack, and ship.

Inventory Management Services

Our inventory management outsourcing manages and monitors the level of inventory. Any fluctuations that happen due to the demands of the business brought to the notice.

Order Support Services

Our Order Management Services also include Support services such as Live Chat, Email Support, Call Center Support, as well as e-commerce support.

Our Order Processing Services

Order Data Entry

We have automated data entry systems and terminals that record and verify all information. So, our data entry services relieve you from the arduous task of data capturing.

Purchase Order Processing Services

We make sure that manual data entry labor comes down, thanks to our exceptional data capture software. In addition, the software goes through the order forms and checks for key data. It then records it, reducing the risk of errors.

e-commerce Data Management Services

We work untiringly to provide you with a classification system to maintain a record of your products. So, the system consistently records the products to provide ease.

Customer Database Management

Our Customer Database Management system is unbeatable. We do not only help you fulfill your orders, but we also help you to maintain the records systematically. The customer data is collected, analyzed, and managed consistently. We also work towards solving any issues or customer complaints by providing relevant solutions. With our services, you can be sure that your customers will be valued deeply, and there will be 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Billing and Invoicing Services

When helping you with order management services, we also make sure that we create invoices for the orders. These invoices reach the customers by mail or email. We also make sure that we keep track of paid orders and those that are outstanding.

Transaction Management Services

We record important management services and business transactions. In addition, all transactions, its effects, and transaction-related details are recorded.

Digitization of Documents

Apart from all the services mentioned above, we also offer services that let you convert all your documents in a digital format. The process of digitization gives you the document just as it is. It does not alter or change any information within it.

Indexing and Archiving Services

The indexing and archiving services that we offer cater to your specific needs. We organize your data as per the demands of your business. Any field that you may require can be added and handled for your ease of access. We can extract information during archiving such as invoice number, file name, title, document date, or document number.

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We offer unbeatable inventory management services that will bring your business ahead of others. We organize your data systematically, keep your customers satisfied, ensure that the orders reach them on time, and give you every other service that lets you focus on the main tasks without worrying about these services.

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