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What is eCommerce Order Management Outsourcing and Its Benefits?

eCommerce Order Management

In recent years, the corporate sector has evolved dramatically. Every day, changes occur around the globe and in supply chain management. Customers have freedom in the number of orders and delivery routes. Therefore global supply chains are complicated bundles. Today, let’s look at how order management outsourcing might aid eCommerce businesses.

Management outsourcing transfers the previously outlined customer fulfillment process to another organization. This outsourced business takes over your order management process and uses its experience to guarantee that it runs smoothly. 

Based on the study by Baymard Institute 69.80% shopping cart abandonment rate has been reported because of a lack of order management process. Order Management Outsourcing may provide value to your company and help you avoid problems that could harm your reputation.

Management Outsourcing

Benefits of eCommerce Order Management Outsourcing

Order management process may be time-consuming and requires numerous steps. From start to end, a whole system run-through might take days or weeks. When you multiply this by the number of customers, what looks to be a simple procedure becomes far more difficult.

It may be difficult to prioritize this procedure on top of other internal issues for a company that is just getting started, experiencing a huge rush of orders, or seeing increasing site traffic. Still unsure whether order management outsourcing is for you? We’ve listed a few reasons why you should consider it for your business.

Helps Save Time

A foolproof order management system requires science. It takes time to create a system that is perfectly suited to the way your company runs and the type of things you provide.

This might result in a considerable lag in order fulfillment for a young company or one that is new to eCommerce, resulting in revenue loss. It’s also tough to account for everything that may go wrong with an unskilled fulfillment team. Shipped parcels can go missing, commodities can go missing, and databases can be hacked, causing havoc.

Order management services may be a lifeline for many firms, especially small ones that need time to figure out other elements of their business.

Reduce Risk

Customers expect outstanding service from new businesses as well. They anticipate that their orders will be sent and delivered on time. This might be problematic for any corporation with little expertise in cargo organizing.

Outsourcing your order management services enhances the chance of each order being processed and delivered to the consumer effectively. The outsourced business may also fix any problems a customer may have with the items.

Like Wow Order Management Outsourcing Services, these companies possessed years of experience. They possessed the skills and know-how to solve any issues that arose during the fulfillment process.

If a customer requests a difficult-to-transport item, an outsourced services provider will know how to handle the packaging and ship them together efficiently. Not only is your customer glad that their items arrived undamaged, but you also save your company money by not having to replace an item that was damaged in transit.

These enterprises, too, have staff and a set of regulations. This means you will save time and money on training and hiring new employees. Outsourcing these parts relieves you of the hassle of hiring several people for a single task.

Build Customer’s Loyalty

With so many online merchants to choose from, customer retention is vital to any business’s long-term sustainability. It may take time to win a customer’s loyalty, but regaining it is difficult.

“Customers will remember if you send defective items or are exceptionally late in shipping certain things and avoid your web store the next time you host a sale”, according to a poll conducted by Yotpo, a producer of integrated marketing solutions.

Customer voices are also easily reinforced by the power of social media, perhaps scaring off other potential clients who were thinking about using your services. Excellent shipment and fulfillment, on the other hand, may easily lead to repeat customers.

Customers Loyalty

Order Management Outsourcing Services Inclusions

When you have a fresh new business, this may not seem too difficult: a few orders come in each day, and you can swiftly fulfill them yourself. As sales increase, channels develop, goods are added to your inventory, and your client base grows, potential difficulties may occur.

As your eCommerce shop expands, an order management system may assist you in removing bottlenecks.

The journey begins when a consumer puts in an order and ends when the order is delivered. You may handle a wide range of procedures by outsourcing these services, which include the following.

Customer Support

Customer service encompasses everything from delivering quotes, receiving orders, addressing problems, and managing grievances through returns, refunds, and customer follow-up.

Business Process Outsourcing

Order data input, contract validation, customer attestation, acquisition of order validation, order status check, and order revocation management are all services provided by the back office.

Accounting and Finance Services

Finance and accounting services include, among other things, invoice data input, invoice processing, invoice production, and credit checks.

eCommerce Order Management Cycle

Order Processing Services like Wow Customer Support provides a wide range of services that simplify your company procedures, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and after-sales support. Below is the cycle of the eCommerce order management process:

Order Placement

The initial stage in any order fulfillment process occurs when a customer places an order using an automated form. After receiving the order, a sales staff member double-checks the information before confirming it.

Order Picking

Picking is obtaining products from available inventory and delivering them to a packing station by following a picking list. Warehouse picking crews, or pickers, are frequently allocated to this activity. This is where warehouse management comes into play: how inventory is organized affects how long it takes to fulfill each order.

Order Packaging

When the order arrives in the area, it is packaged in a way that reduces the dimensional weight while providing enough protection. Some let clients supply their creative packaging to give customers a one-of-a-kind unpacking experience.

Order Fulfillment

When an order is verified, it is delivered to the warehouse, where an employee validates the shipment information. Following that, the employee creates an invoice and completes the order. As a result, three critical procedures must be taken to guarantee that the order reaches the client on time: choose, pack, and ship.

Order Fulfillment

Order Processing Services Available

Order processing is a critical component in any sales process. Performing it well puts you one step ahead of the competition in generating new business and building current customer relationships.

When you run your business online, order processing becomes even more important; clients have a lot of alternatives to select from, and faster replies to their orders and inquiries almost always lead to a sale. Here are the available order processing services you should take note of:

Data Entry for Orders

Terminals and automatic data input systems that record and validate all information. As a result, the data entry services relieve you of the time-consuming chore of data capture.

Services for Purchase Order Processing

Because of data capture software, you can ensure that manual data entering labor is reduced. Furthermore, the program scans the order forms for critical information. It then records it, decreasing the possibility of a mistake.

Customer Database Administration

This service assists customers in fulfilling orders and maintaining records in an organized manner. Customer data is constantly gathered, evaluated, and maintained. With this type of service, you can be certain that your consumers will be highly respected and that they will be completely satisfied.

Services for Billing and Invoicing

The services for invoicing lets the customers get their bills by mail or email. This also helps track both paid and outstanding orders.

Services for Transaction Management

This helps keep track of critical management services and commercial transactions. Furthermore, all transactions, their impacts, and transaction-related facts are documented.

Document Digitization

The digitalization procedure provides you with the document exactly as it is. It does not modify or affect any of the information included inside it.

Services for Indexing and Archiving

Indexing and archiving services are tailored to your requirements. This organizes your data to meet the needs of your company. Any field you desire can be added and handled for your convenience.

Indexing and Archiving


Outsourcing order processing relieves you of managing and maintaining the order processing and fulfillment system. Wow Customer Support has worked with small and big organizations in various industries to optimize their sales, order, and fulfillment processes. 

We can enhance how you handle and fulfill client orders by gaining a thorough grasp of your present condition and business procedure. We arrange your data methodically, keep your customers delighted, guarantee that purchases arrive on time, and provide you with every other service that allows you to focus on your important duties without having to worry about these services.

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