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Discover the 10 Best Free WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Intelligent Website Conversations

Live Chat Support

AI-integrated live chat support chatbots have proven to be a valuable tool in enhancing customer service interactions. By utilizing preset responses, these chatbots can promptly address user queries, leading to a more streamlined workflow for support departments. Moreover, live chat support chatbots can deduce customer intent and appropriately redirect them to the relevant department or individual. They ensure a seamless customer experience. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, live chat support chatbots can continually learn from customer interactions and improve their responses. This results in a more engaging and satisfying customer experience.

Check out the top free chatbot plugins for your WordPress website:

1. WSChat ELEX WordPress Live Chat

If you need a live chat solution that seamlessly integrates with WordPress and eliminates the need for external API calls, WSChat is the ideal choice. It offers the flexibility to use your dedicated server or leverage Pusher WebSockets APIs to work with any server. This live chat support plugin provides advanced options such as file attachments, automatic replies, and complete chat history. This ensures smooth and streamlined customer interactions.

Upgrading to the premium version of WSChat, you can further enhance your customer support capabilities. It allows integration with Google's Dialogflow, enabling you to create a live chat support that can respond to customer queries when your agents are unavailable. Additionally, you can leverage popular platforms like Alexa voice services, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. It helps provide an enhanced customer experience.

2. Tidio

Tidio is a highly regarded WordPress live chat plugin that includes chatbot support. Its capabilities span resolving customer issues, lead follow-up, and workflow automation. It also offers a customizable widget and convenient mobile apps. Tidio streamlines the integration process, making it accessible to users with varying technical skills. Tidio live chat support provides free mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. It enables you to stay connected and provide support on the go.

3. ChatBot WPBot

If you're looking for a simple chatbot solution to integrate into your WordPress site, WPBot is an excellent option. This live chat support chatbot enables you to collect customer feedback and engage with them seamlessly. WPBot seamlessly integrates with the Conversational Forms plugin. It allows you to design conversational flows on your website without integrating complex language understanding platforms. While WPBot offers its conversational capabilities, the live chat support also provides the flexibility to connect with Google's Dialogflow. By integrating Dialogflow, WPBot gains machine-based natural language processing capabilities, enhancing its ability to understand and respond to customer queries more effectively.

4. Chatbot for Website

The chatbot for the website plugin goes beyond scripted responses. It can improvise conversations and provide users with more natural and interactive experiences. The live chat support chatbot plays a crucial role in lead generation by effortlessly collecting qualified leads, allowing you to expand your customer base. The plugin excels in data gathering capabilities.

This live chat support effectively manages and organizes data, streamlining your workflow. You can easily share this valuable data with CRM solutions or Google Sheets, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems. The Chat Bot for Website plugin offers an appointment booking feature. This functionality simplifies and optimizes the booking process, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving overall efficiency.

5. Cliengo

Cliengo is a powerful plugin that enables you to establish more effective connections with potential customers. This live chat support plugin simplifies gathering valuable information from your website visitors, allowing you to engage with them more efficiently. One of the critical strengths of Cliengo is its seamless integration with popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions available in the market. It gives you a centralized and comprehensive view of customer interactions and effectively manages customer relationships.

Cliengo also offers easy integration with various analytics, advertising, and marketing tools. This live chat support feature allows you to use data analytics and marketing automation, enabling you to gain insights into customer behavior, optimize your advertising campaigns, and enhance your overall marketing efforts.

6. WP Chatbot for Messenger

WP Chatbot for Messenger is a versatile omnichannel chatbot solution designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms used for instant messaging. With this live chat support plugin, you can efficiently manage all incoming messages from different media through a single inbox. The plugin offers options to switch between Facebook Messenger conversations and native web chat, providing flexibility and convenience.

One of the significant advantages of this live chat support chatbot is its ability to connect with customers around the clock. By offering 24/7 availability, you can gather leads more effectively, even outside regular business hours. WP Chatbot for Messenger is device-friendly. It ensures that you can effectively connect with customers regardless of the device globally they are using, promoting accessibility and convenience.

7. Chatbot with IBM Watson

For primary chatbot usage on your WordPress site, a live chat support plugin is available that integrates with IBM Watson. Utilizing this plugin along with an IBM Cloud Lite account can enhance the initial interactions your site visitors have. It can guide them to the appropriate page or support agent.

8. Chaport

This plugin facilitates more efficient customer communication by incorporating a user-friendly chatbot and live chat solution. With this live chat support chatbot plugin, you can interact with your customers through multiple communication channels, making it convenient for them to engage with your brand.

Whether through chat interfaces, social media platforms, or other channels, the plugin ensures seamless communication without any hassles. The live chat support plugin contributes to your marketing efforts by enabling qualified lead generation. It assists in capturing valuable leads and prospects, allowing you to further nurture and convert them into customers.

9. Chatra

Chatra is an all-in-one solution that facilitates seamless customer interactions for your business. With this live chat support plugin, you can effortlessly handle customer inquiries and support requests and resolve them promptly. Additionally, Chatra allows you to gain valuable insights into your customers' interests and concerns, enabling you to provide personalized assistance tailored to their specific needs.

One of the critical features of Chatra is its ability to provide real-time information about visitors to your website. Moreover, Chatra has the ability of exit intent detection, which detects when a client is about to leave your site and presents an opportunity to engage with them before they do. Another valuable feature of Chatra is typo correction, which helps prevent miscommunication due to typing errors.

10. WoowBot

WoowBot offers a simple yet effective solution for assisting customers with your online store. With its free version, you can provide basic responses to customer inquiries without needing advanced language processing software. It makes live chat support an accessible option for businesses looking for a straightforward customer support tool.

However, if you're seeking more advanced capabilities, the Pro version of WoowBot allows you to integrate Google's Dialogflow. By leveraging this advanced machine learning technology and natural language processing, you can enhance the chatbot's capabilities and provide more sophisticated customer interactions.


This blog provides insights into the 10 best free WordPress chatbot plugins for enhancing customer service and streamlining interactions on WordPress websites. The live chat support plugins offer a range of features and integrations to assist businesses in resolving customer issues, automating workflows, and collecting valuable data.

These plugins cater to various needs and technical expertise levels, from live chat solutions to chatbots with advanced natural language processing capabilities. You will get simplicity, integration with popular platforms, and advanced machine-learning capabilities in your plugin options. This blog will cover various chatbot plugins to help businesses deliver a consistent and efficient customer experience on their WordPress sites.

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This blog is inspired by the video '10 Best Free WordPress Chatbot Plugins' by 'LearnWoo.'