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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Live Chat Support Services in India


India currently holds the spot as the number outsourcing destination in the world, especially concerning phone, email, and chat support services. This is because of the Indian government’s effort to create a duty-free import policy for capital goods and tax exemptions for IT-enabled services.

Many big-name brands outsource live chat support services to India for many reasons. Unlike other outsourcing locations, India's telecom sector has been privatized, making it cheaper to provide internet, cellular, and telecom services.

When partnered with their state-of-the-art technology and the best IT infrastructure, it makes India the ideal location for outsourcing phone, email, and chat support services in various industries.

Why Outsource Live Chat Services?

The popularity of live chat support has consistently increased over the years, with 41% of consumers preferring it over other support channels. Customers are embracing live chat support. They don’t just prefer it; they expect it.

Live chat support can enhance the customer experience and enable you to collect data that will help you improve customer service in the future. It allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers and prospects and gain a deeper understanding of them.

In-house chat support may give you greater control over your staff. However, outsourcing chat support services to a reputable vendor has several advantages, like cost-saving and less managerial hassle.

8 Things You Should Know About Indian Chat Support Services

If you’re planning to outsource live chat support services, India is probably the first destination you think of, and you won’t be wrong to choose India. But of course, you still have to think about your decision.

Sure, customers always prefer the convenience of instant messaging, especially when looking for answers to minor queries or getting assistance. But you don’t always have to offer live chat support to every customer to achieve success from it. Analyze and consider the unique benefits of live chat and how you can make the most impact with it.

Indian chat support services companies enable you to enjoy all these benefits without much hassle. Aside from the known benefits, there are other things you should know about live chat support services in India.

Check out the list below.

1. More security with the Data Protection Bill

One of the challenges that western companies have when outsourcing support services to India is data privacy. Currently, India still doesn’t have a law that protects and limits the usage of data collected from individuals. But a proposed bill from 2019 is being re-drafted to create an internationally accepted data protection framework that benefits both businesses and individuals.

This is good news for outsourcing companies like yours that outsource email, phone, and chat support services to Indian providers. Your business information and customer data will be more protected and secured.

2. Indians have good English communication skills

If you’re looking for proficient live chat support agents, India does not disappoint. According to the EF English Proficiency Index 2021, India is currently ranked 48 out of 112 countries and 6th in Asia. The country’s English proficiency trend danced around the Moderate Proficiency band for years and only dipped during the pandemic era.

The thousands of educated citizens joining the workforce have moderate to high English communication skills. And since live chat support has a bit of a communication barrier compared to phone support, it helps that more than 350 million Indians are fluent in English.

3. Operational costs are much lower

Outsourcing customer service costs significantly lower than building a team in-house, which is why many companies prefer it. And among all the popular outsourcing destinations, India is the most cost-effective. You’ll enjoy higher profit margins and improved ROI.

The labor cost for outsourcing live chat support agents based in India is much cheaper than in other locations. It can help you reduce operating costs by up to 50% by not worrying about infrastructure, overheads, personnel, facilities, technologies, equipment, and everything else.

4. Chat support services companies had tons of experience

When American companies started branching out and outsourcing their customer support to other countries, India was one of the first to step up and accept this challenge. This allowed many companies to pioneer email, phone, and chat support services outsourcing.

Now, many Indian companies are equipped with the capability to provide almost any type of call center service. They leverage their experiences and expertise developed over time to provide the best quality chat support services.

5. Skilled and educated IT-BPO workforce

Hundreds and thousands of Indian students graduate from top-ranked universities yearly. These highly educated and skilled graduates fill India’s talent pool. Western companies won’t run out of qualified professionals to hire for their support teams.

Indian chat support services companies also offer intensive training upon hiring, thus, ensuring the expertise of their agents supporting their clients’ businesses. The massive number of skilled professionals at reasonable pricing is icing on the cake for companies based in the US.

6. Enables 24/7/365 Live Chat Support

With IST being conveniently 12 hours ahead of PDT, Indian daytime work hours will coincide with western countries’ after-office hours. Most western companies take advantage of the time zone difference by hiring Indian chat support services to handle inquiries during their “night shift.” Thus, most western countries can offer 24/7 live chat support.

The 24/7 availability of live chat support agents ensure a positive customer service experience, increased customer satisfaction, and the chance to retain customers.

7. Always up-to-date in tech, infrastructure, and training

The Indian IT industry is growing as companies invest more in the latest technology to keep up with global standards. These moves toward digitalization reduce service costs while thoroughly increasing the quality of their services.

The core strategy of Indian outsourcing companies focuses heavily on deploying and training their workforce on the latest technologies and infrastructure. And with regular training, Indian outsourcing agencies can meet the demands of western companies.

8. Highly effective ecommerce customer support

Businesses usually face peak and slow seasons, making them unpredictable. However, in the past few years, India has become a significant player in the Ecommerce industry. Indian customer support service providers can handle unanticipated scenarios, fluctuating volumes of customer inquiries, and varying severity of customer complaints.

Indian chat support services companies are equipped with the resources and manpower to ensure that customer concerns and complaints are always resolved immediately. Moreover, live chat support agents can handle more customers simultaneously compared to phone support. This contributes to a quicker turnaround and more resolved issues.

Outsource Live Chat Services to India

Many companies in the US and Europe employ Indian outsourcing companies for email, phone, or chat support services. While many people are aware of this, not everyone understands what makes India the best option for outsourcing customer support.

Outsourcing live chat support to Indian firms allows you to enjoy its many benefits. Startups and SMBs who outsource live chat services to India can enjoy a much lower capital investment cost, workforce training, and overheads. There are also favorable government policies, excellent telecom networks, and English-speaking workers.

India is poised to be the best outsourcing destination for any IT-BPO-related work, especially for live chat support. They have helped many companies grow through high-quality customer support. Join the bandwagon today and outsource live chat services to India.