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7 Order Processing Management Software Features Every Business Should Have

Order Processing Management

Why is order processing management software necessary? Some people believe that the objective has been accomplished when a visitor hits the "Buy now" button and confirms the order. The customer converts into a customer, and the business receives payment. It is the beginning of the essential procedure, order fulfillment. Getting things done fast and competently will probably result in gaining a devoted client. It is, however, simpler said than done.

The capacity to respond quickly to incoming orders, check the warehouse for item availability, and plan are all requirements for merchants. As the volume of orders increases, things become much more challenging, mainly if they originate from various sales channels.

At this point, order processing management software is highlighted as the answer to the abovementioned issues. These services have almost become necessary for most online stores, particularly those with high sales volumes.

Because there is such a significant demand, the number of order processing management programs and the functions they offer are expanding. However, the ideal method for attracting customers isn't to provide more features to outpace rivals in quantity. Instead, business owners look for tools that adequately meet their requirements without frills. It is entirely understandable because they need more time or the inclination to explore complex functionality that is rarely used in most cases. The second reason is that they want to only pay for features that might never be used.

It all comes down to this: to maximize the value of your solution, you must investigate the demands of your potential clients as a provider of order processing management systems.

List of Order Processing Management Software's Most Important Features

Centralized Administration of Orders

Even if they only have one online store, your potential customers could want to increase their exposure on different markets like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc. All orders arriving from sales channels should be able to be managed by your OMS through a single interface. To enable prompt order processing services, this also provides real-time order alerts and status updates for customer service.

Support for Multiple Payment Gateways and Fraud Detection

It is unquestionably advantageous for retailers to offer various payment options to customers to complete transactions. They, therefore, pay close attention to order processing management systems that provide a variety of payment methods. For the protection of merchants, integration with fraud check services is crucial.

Inventory Control

Owners of online stores strive to provide their customers with excellent service. It is essential to sync your inventory with an OMS to prevent getting orders for items that are out of stock or no longer available. This capability is necessary for reserving items that have been added to the cart but have not been purchased and updating the stock levels appropriately.

Integrate Fulfillment Points

integration makes it possible to choose which fulfillment point to utilize for an order management service based on its geography and item availability if a store has multiple fulfillment points.

This integration allows the seller to track the progress if a store uses a dropshipping model or third-party services for order fulfillment. The seller may see when the ordered item has been released for completion and subsequently receive a shipment confirmation.

Service Integration for Shipping

The order processing services still need to be finished even after the goods have been sent out for shipping and the merchant appears to have ended. Integration with shipping providers is essential since the buyer and the seller are interested in "how it goes." Due to the growing trend of eCommerce firms to expand the range of delivery alternatives for consumer convenience and lower shipping costs, your OMS software should offer as many shipping connectors as feasible.

This feature will enable tracking and processing of payments gathered by shipping providers in light of the potential for receiving payment upon delivery.

Customer Service

Entrepreneurs try to alleviate any concerns on the part of their customers and address any queries before they are even posed because service levels can never be perfect. For instance, informing someone that their order processing management has been received, processed, and shipped while providing specific information on each step. To free up customer care representatives to concentrate on handling specific requests, an order processing management system should be able to send matching emails using specific triggers automatically.

The ability to access, process, and amend order information while interacting with customers would be made possible by integration with customer service systems.

Integrating a Shopping Platform

Today, pre-made shopping cart platforms are used more frequently than custom ones to build internet stores. As a result, an OMS must be able to extract the required data from them. Many shopping cart connections automatically imply more prospective customers.

Complicated development is the only problem keeping many providers of order processing management software from supporting numerous e-retail platforms because:

  • finding a way into any system's core and learning how to extract the data from there takes time;
  • it costs developers that specialize in specific platforms a lot of money;
  • Each platform integration requires additional upkeep after it has been added.

However, you may outperform your rivals with various shopping cart integrations in less time and for a lot less money than you might think.

The following functional possibilities will result from integration with OpenCart, PrestaShop, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and other well-known shopping cart platforms:

  • synchronizing orders to expedite processing;
  • retrieval of order status and updates for simple tracking;
  • obtaining client information to send notifications on time;
  • automatic notifications for customers about product counts and inventory adjustments.

Wow offers several options for interacting with orders, items, shipments, customers, and other store data. Any shopping system we support will enable you to add, remove, update, sync, and delete store information.

Tips That Help with Order Processing Management Efficiency

You should consider the following advice before implementing cloud accounting software. They will assist in raising the effectiveness of your entire procedure:

Use a System with Integrated Features

Speed, and accuracy while logging into numerous systems, such as e-commerce platforms, shipping carriers, the marketplace, and return systems, are some significant challenges order processing management encounters. As a result, you must find an online accounting program that integrates orders from several channels and inventory, returns, and delivery. Combining all these capabilities on a single platform can boost productivity and advance your company.

Print Your Shipping Labels in Bulk

Individual label printing can consume a significant amount of your time and energy. It becomes much more laborious if you deal with many orders that arrive through several routes.

Therefore, utilize the order processing management steps to quickly and easily print labels in bulk. You will save time, and your staff will work more efficiently.

Automate Your Order Management Service Steps

If you stop to think about it, the less physically demanding work your team completes each day, especially if the activities are monotonous and trivial, the better they can concentrate on growth plans and customer engagement. You will have a ton more time to devote to business expansion after an automated online accounting software takes care of the routine responsibilities. For example, you might choose a cloud accounting program that generates automated order rules. You can use this to automate any repetitive tasks, such as

  • Orders with a high value should be tagged so that you can pay close attention to them.
  • Ordering from particular nations and sending it to the right warehouses.
  • Selecting the finest shipping company.