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7 Email Support Challenges and How to Overcome them

7 Email Support Challenges and How to Overcome

Ever-changing customer expectations have made Email support services a challenging task for many businesses. Support employees having to deal with different customers are expected to meet great expectations. At the same time, they are expected to deliver an exceptional experience. 

Patience and sharp intellect are two main factors, along with the wisdom to make the support employees navigate through customer moods and provide them with a great, consistent, and professional support experience. However, while providing customers with a great support experience, employees often struggle with several challenges. 

These challenges make the support process even harder. In this blog, let’s discuss the seven significant email support challenges the Email Support employees face and how to overcome them.

Addressing Email Customer Support Challenges

One of the ways customers interact with your business is through your support teams, and being the voice of your business. Your support team has to make sure that your business remains in its best position before your customers. 

Excellent customer service is the key to a growing business. If your team knows how to handle the task, you don’t have to worry about them dissatisfying the customers. But coming to handling customer requests and achieving their satisfaction, several challenges create distress for your employees. If they don’t respond to those effects, it may become stressful for you too. 

Let’s get started with the significant but common challenges the Email Customer Support employees face and how to conquer them.

Major Email Support Challenges and How to Overcome Them

  • The need to serve multiple customers at a time

Working in customer service means there is a possibility of any number of customer requests appearing from nowhere to your dashboard. You need to address them all at the same time. It is common for employees to face this situation where they have to deal with several customers at a time.

Support employees can overcome this problem by responding to customer emails immediately. Explaining the customers politely to wait for a while you could reach them back with a solution. In this way, you can deal with multiple customers without causing any hassle.

  • Absence of a solution to an urgent request

There are times when customers bombard emails at you telling you about the urgent need for a solution. Still, at the same time, Email Customer Support employees may be unable to instantly find the right solution or don’t have enough information about the issue. In this case, the best solution would be to convince your customers. 

Ask them to give the time for investigation so that you can give them the best solution to their problem. Buy yourself the time to understand their problem and give them the right solution. 

Check out the sample below for a good response at the time of urgency –

Email Support Time of Urgency Template
  • Facing angry customers

There are times when you have to face angry customers. The customer might be confused about the problem or a mistake made by you or your company or maybe they are having a bad day. The simple solution to this is to remain calm yourselves. 

You need to understand them and make sure to solve their problem at the right time. Replying with better text in emails could help a lot. 

  • Having no solution to their problem

Sometimes, your email customer support employee might not have an idea about their customer problem. But it isn’t an option to leave your customers where they are and forget. So, in this case, you may try consulting your teammates or any senior staff on the problem and see if they could help. 

And yes, you have to let your customers know that you don’t know about it and you need time to research about it and solve the problem. Also, don’t forget to be sorry about this. 

Here’s how we choose to deal with some of these challenges.

No Solution to Customer Problems Template
  • Not being able to fulfil their demands

It is challenging to say no to a customer request, especially if they demand special and additional discounts on products. And if it is the situation of a loyal customer who has been with your business for a long time, it is even harder to deny their demands. 

You need to make sure that you understand you cannot go lower than that it had been, your company would face a loss. Being honest and explaining the proper reason behind the issue makes the customer feel better and understand you without forcing you to do so.

  • Admitting the flaws or lack of features in your products

When customers email you quoting that your product does not include a particular feature or there is a flaw in it, there are situations when customers email you. So, when in a similar situation, you need to say no for the time being. Make it clear that there isn’t a feature in your product, but you will address it for the upcoming products. 

And in case of flaw complaints, you need to fix the problem or flaw as soon as possible. Apologize for what they had to face.

Don’t forget a follow-up.

Customer Support Email Template
  • Dealing with service outages

One of the worst situations for any customer service team is when your company’s services face a crisis, and your services are offline or down for some time. In this situation, support employees have to face customers asking about the failure. So, in this situation, you can apologize to them and make sure you fix the problem at your end as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Working with customers every day brings a lot of responsibilities as well as challenges to the support teams. But as long as your email customer support team stays prepared with the right ways to deal with those challenges, you are always ready to satisfy your customers with a great support experience resulting in better relationships with them.

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