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13 Reasons Why Social Media Moderation is Important

13 Reasons Why Social Media Moderation is Important

Social media today plays an important role in how a brand is perceived. It provides a platform for businesses to have two-way communication with their audience. It also provides a means for the customers to provide feedback and share information about the business. All this has led to social media moderation becoming a significant aspect of social media management. And businesses who really want to ensure that their brand image is consistently in line with their vision, are seen actively investing in professional content moderation services.

Does your business need Content Moderation Services?

If you still think that social media moderation is not relevant to you, think again. Social media is a lot about user-generated content. Whether it be tweeting a link to a blog on Twitter, or Instagram stories containing videos, or reviews sharing on Facebook, the users creates most of the content.

When you have a social media presence for your business, the whole point of it is to drive user engagement. User engagement is all about encouraging your audience to leave comments, enter into discussions, give feedback, ask questions, and exchange information. This can be very beneficial for a business because it keeps the brand relevant for the target audience.

But herein lies the problem. When the platform you have created for your business is misused by some, the same platform can potentially become unsafe for everybody else. And the social media space is full of miscreants. Some of the content shared by these miscreants could be relatively harmless, such as sharing of misleading information just to fool people. However, it could also be something sinister such as perpetrating an illegal activity or trying to swindle money.

You need to ensure that the platform you create to generate awareness about your business is a safe and trusted place. Thus, online content moderation becomes almost indispensable.

Reasons why you need Social Media Content Moderation

Below are some of the reasons why content moderation is important for your business.

  1. Any content that intervenes with what your brand stands for can be damaging to your brand image. Content in the form of text, images, and videos needs to be actively monitored. And actions need to be taken to remove/respond to negative content.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, content moderation cannot be fully automated. You need a combination of automated filters and manual clean-up to ensure all aspects of moderation are taken care of. Thus, professional services are the way to go.
  3. For driving user engagement, you need to provide your users with a platform they can trust. A platform with a lot of spam can discourage users from engaging.
  4. As a business, it is important to maintain a positive online reputation. Moderation of the online content can ensure that negative content such as a complaint can be appropriately responded to in a timely manner.
  5. With considerable user engagement, the amount of user-generated content on a daily basis can be quite high. Going through all the content and identifying problem areas is neither an easy job nor a quick one. Professional online content moderation can do this for you.
  6. By having a platform moderation’s that is active, you provide your users with an online environment that cultivates freedom of speech and welcomes different opinions while still being safe and secure.
  7. Having misleading or unverified information and fraudulent claims can compromise the trust that you wish to develop for your business. Content moderation can help you tackle this.
  8. Through efficient social media monitoring services, you are in complete control of the information’s on your platform. This enables to maintain the quality and standards of user engagement.
  9. Different countries can have different laws and regulations about the content that is considered illegal. If you have an international online presence, having professional services can keep your business out of unwanted trouble.
  10. You can check and remove any content with illegal activities such as abetting terrorism or child pornography in time.
  11. Completely outsourcing the services for online content moderation can help you save costs as well as time and efforts in the long run.
  12. With accurate moderation, you can form and maintain a good relationship with your customers and eventually increase your customer base.
  13. A professional service can ensure 24X7 content moderation ensuring that there are no gaps.

Social Media Monitoring Services vs Moderation Services

Monitoring and moderation of social media content are two important aspects of social media management. While they might look very similar from the outside, there is a slight difference between the two.

Monitoring services are all about actively tuning into the online activity. It does not involve any control over the content. Under moderation services, you can have unwanted content removed, too. For example, you can make a negative review to be under monitoring. Under moderation, you have control over whether to respond to a negative comment or remove it altogether.

Finding Social Media Moderation Services That Work

The first step to ensuring that you get complete value out of the services you are paying for is to understand your goals. What kind of content do you need to monitor and moderate? What is acceptable and what is not in your line of business? After having asked yourself these questions, you can outsource the services to a reliable service provider who can understand your goals and work towards providing a safe environment for your users.

WOW provides you with efficient Content Moderation Services in line with your goals and the rules you set up for your platform. Social media moderation services can also be extended to data collection and analysis so that you get better insights into the online behavior of your audience. This can make a major impact on how you go ahead with your promotion strategies. We provide a holistic approach to content moderation which safeguards the users’ right to freedom of speech while also protecting your goals as a business.


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