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Benefits of Content Moderation and why Should You Outsource it?

Benefits of Content Moderation and why Should You Outsource it

An assured way of building brand trust and recognition is by leveraging user-generated content. The top brands worldwide rely on user-generated content to secure good ranks in the search engine. However, publishing user-generated content comes with a major risk – what if the users don’t portray you in the right light? What about those fake reviews and ratings on your social media account?  

There is one simple way to solve all of these problems: content moderation

All you need is a group of experienced and dedicated content moderators to go through every user-generated content before it reaches your page.  

Advantages of dedicated content moderation: Why outsourcing content moderation is the right way? 

You have a basic idea about content moderation, and maybe even most of your competitors are investing in it. But do you know if you need to get on the bandwagon as well? Here are some of the reasons to let you know why the answer to this question is a big yes. 

Protecting your users and brand 

The content that reaches your page as videos, pictures, or comments on the community forums and blog posts need monitoring. After all, any user-generated content always has the risk of straying far from what your brand considers acceptable. 

There is no way for you to control what people perceive your brand to be. But you can always use content moderation services to edit what the users post to the site. When you have a team of expert content moderators to ensure that nothing upsetting or offensive reaches your site, it also protects the audience from any kind of trolling or bullying by irrational users. 

Understanding your users and customers 

Moderating all user-generated content is a great opportunity to outline the patterns. This is particularly true for the high-volume marketing campaigns where the moderators might tag content with specific properties like attitude and thoughts towards the brand, and so on. 

The content moderation solutions can leverage this particular information for designing actionable insights into the opinions and behavior of the users. Also, it can help you in figuring out whether there are areas where your brand can improve. 

Improving the online visibility of brands 

Studies have shown that 25 percent of search results from the biggest brands in the world come from links to user-generated content. Now, you need the content, but you also have to ensure that it does not affect the brand reputation. 

You can allow your users to post as much content as they wish, but ensure that you have content moderation services alongside.They will go through all the content before getting them published on your site. This will help you bring good traffic to your website given that it does not have anything that’s offensive or against the brand. 

Scaling your campaigns more effectively 

Your marketing and sales campaigns require user-generated content for being more efficient. The content moderation solutions can be an immense help in scaling your campaigns minus the risks of negative effects on the brand.  

If a major part of the campaign is based on user-generated video content, for instance, when you have a contest to increase your brand reach, you require an easily scalable way to go through all this. Skilled professionals in this domain will help you scale your campaigns and ensure that you don’t have to get your staff to remove the content later on. 

Improving the purchasing behavior and process 

Advertisements through the TV, radio, and print media, might not be that effective in impacting or persuading customer behavior in this online era. Conventional methods like banners, auto-play videos, pop-ups, and other such formats do not fare too well because people now have ad blockers on the browsers. The ad blockers make it harder for a business to reach customers. 

Thus, your target buyers are much more likely to have your brand exposure through user-generated content on the site. They would want to know what other people have to say about the brand. A trend that is going around these days is the potential buyers asking referrals or opinions from other customers while making any purchase decision. Customer support outsourcing companies dealing with content moderation can help in improving the buying process and buyer behavior. 

Enhancing customer relations through online content moderation 

Your site will have better customer relations and credibility when it has content from real users or customers. The presence of well-moderated content on the site makes a brand look friendly, approachable, relatable, and authentic. When you make a brand that’s worth discussing, your fans will join in. 

Why do you need to outsource content moderation? 

Now that you know how important content moderation is, it’s time to assess whether you should outsource it or get your in-house team to do it. We are leaning more on the former option for the following reasons. 

A time-consuming responsibility for the in-house staff 

You have to constantly search for scams that are present almost anywhere and everywhere these days. They are getting more difficult to detect due to the amount of sophistication. You might think that your platform is free from such things. But remember that almost 60 percent of customers worldwide have faced online fraud at some point or the other.  

Moreover, over 75 percent of the people have seen scams on a site and have never returned to it. The truth is that online harassment, scams, and fake reviews are the kind of things that you have to worry about constantly. Overall, it is a highly time-taking initiative that has to go on consistently. Thus, if you make your in-house team do it, your staff will not have enough time to focus on other responsibilities than content moderation outsourcing.

The cost burden of hiring in-house content moderators 

Even when businesses understand the need to moderate user-generated stuff, they are unsure whether to hire someone to do it or get their own team. Now, consider the average salary and other perks you will have to give to a content moderator – not something small businesses and startups can afford.  

This is one of the main reasons why most companies outsource online content moderation. After all, they can find qualified and skilled people from the local market by spending a fraction of what they would do by hiring an entire team of in-house moderators. Why spend more when you can get the job done for much less? 

The hassle of training and buying the necessary tools 

You can be free from all the responsibility of training the new content moderators. It is not easy to get the right people for the job, particularly when you need them soon. Right from hiring, training, performance feedback, and monitoring, getting a team of professional moderators requires a lot of time. Thus, rather than handling such a bulk of tasks for your brand, you can simply hire a team for social media content moderation and let them do the needful. In this way, you will have the time to focus on the other core business responsibilities. 

Moreover, the outsourcing companies already have the manpower, processes, and tools they need before they begin offering any business solution. Therefore, it is one of the best parts of outsourcing the job. After you begin working with any outsourcing company, your resources and time are saved. Additionally, you do not need to deal with the hassle of getting a new office, hiring a new team, and training new team members to handle the tasks related to content moderation.  

The added efficiency of an outsourced team 

There are added benefits of having user-generated content on a website, such as engaging the present followers, brand exposure to newer audiences, and even better SEO. In addition, it allows you to think about some really high-end processes, such as using user-generated content in the overall marketing strategy, while leaving the responsibility to your outsourced team to deal with content moderation.

Think of this as a way to manage the best of both worlds as you can receive all the benefits of reaching out to your users without the worries of getting hit by the negative impact of it.  

The Endnote 

It must be amply clear by now that your brand needs content moderation when it plans to rely on user-generated content for marketing. And if you are planning to outsource moderators for the job, look no further than Wow Customer Support for it. From social media monitoring, image moderation to comments moderation, nothing is out of bounds for our experts. They are fast, efficient, and work 24/7 to complete the tasks as swiftly and effectively as possible. So, if you want to outsource this major responsibility, contact us right away. And don’t forget to leave your likes, comments, and shares!