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How do we select agents for outbound calling?

With businesses vying with each other for customers’ attention, a reliable customer support service has become the need of the day. Customers today are spoilt for choice, and if you wish to have a loyal customer base and form a lasting relationship with your customers, it is essential to provide them with value. Customer support is a significant touch point, and when customers come calling, you need a company phone answering service that is exceptionally efficient

What to expect when you avail the 24-hour phone answering service from WOW?

  •  24X7 Support – Now, you don’t need to worry when customers call after office hours or on days when your staff isn’t available. We provide the best telephone answering service that works 24X7.
  •  Professional agents–We have well-trained professional agents who can handle calls on your behalf. Our agents are friendly, polite, and trained to interact with customers
  •  Call recordings– WOW provides complete call recordings for your convenience so that you can go through all the calls that were handled by our live telephone answering service
  •  Security protocol – WOW is committed to keeping your information secure at all times. We have a strict, non-negotiable security protocol to keep your customer information as well as any business data confidential
  •  Call scripts – Our agents use your customized greetings for all calls. We also provide call scripts to our agents according to your business requirement. However, the agents are trained to make impromptu changes to the text, as and when required, according to the conversation with the customers
  •  No capital investments – When you hire us for 24-hour answering service, you don’t need to worry about capital investment towards office space, software, recruitment process, and infrastructure.
  •  Stringent quality monitoring – We have strict quality control processes in place to ensure that the live phone answering service is handled following the standards set by you.
  •  Get notifications – When we answer the calls in your absence, we make it possible for you to get notifications wherever you are so that you are always informed about what is happening. We send notifications by text or email.
  •  Quick transition to phone answering backups – We make it possible for you to transition to our services whenever you want quickly. Stepping into a meeting or calling it a day? We’ve got you covered in all situations. WOW allows you to promptly hand over call handling to us whenever you are not available.

How does WOW manage the live phone answering service for you?

We have two layers of managing the service:

  • Interactive Voice Response Service (IVRS)– We provide automated answering service through IVRS. Callers can get the required details by entering data into a database while they are on call. This gives you an edge by reducing the call load on agents and by providing the customers what they need without having to wait for their request to be attended by an agent. IVRS also has an option where the call can be routed to an agent if the customers do not find satisfactory answer through automated answering.
  • Live Phone Answering Service – We offer live answering service through well-trained agents. When you choose the live phone answering service, customer queries are directly handled by live agents. Otherwise, the IVRS can transfer calls to live agents when the customers don’t find their answers in the automated service.
  • When your call volumes shoot up: Whether due to a seasonal increase in sales or a successful ad campaign, whenever your call volumes shoot up, things can get hectic for your staff. And while your in-house team cannot do justice to all the customers calling in, it could lead to callers being frustrated by the wait. WOW can pitch in make the answering service work smoothly.

How does WOW help your business?

WOW helps you achieve the best customer experience by helping you make your customer support very efficient. We help your business take care of customer needs in case of the following scenarios.

  •  When you have staffing issues: If you are understaffed, or have crucial resources off sick, or just too occupied with other calls, WOW can help you keep customer satisfaction at optimum levels by pitching in to answer the phone calls on your behalf.
  •  When your call volumes shoot up: Whether due to a seasonal increase in sales or a successful ad campaign, whenever your call volumes shoot up, things can get hectic for your staff. And while your in-house team cannot do justice to all the customers calling in, it could lead to callers being frustrated by the wait. WOW can pitch in make the answering service work smoothly.
  •  Handling after-hour calls: Your core staff is available only during business hours on working days. However, your clients might not adhere to these timings when they call your business with their queries. To provide them with the best experience and to reduce lead hopping, we ensure that their calls are always answered.

What businesses does WOW serve?

We serve almost all types of businesses. We help big firms with a high call volume as well as provide live answering service for small businesses. We are experts in handling customer support via phone answering in the following areas:

  •  Legal Practices
  •  Hospitality
  •  Real Estate
  •  Marketing
  •  Finance
  •  Medical and Healthcare, etc.



The services provided by WOW under Live Phone Answering

If you are looking for a call center for phone answering services, you have come to the right place. WOW offers the best telephone answering services. We carry out the below jobs so that all the calls you receive are always given priority.

  •  We take messages for you.
  •  We schedule appointments.
  •  We offer phone surveys.
  •  We act as a switchboard and handle multiple requests at a time.
  •  We feel urgent calls, whether they are after office hours or on weekends and holidays.
  •  We also have RSVP services where the guests can confirm their availability for an event by calling.

WOW helps you in getting leads for your business

  • Never miss a call with phone answering services from WOW
  • One of the essential aspects of lead generation and lead capture is to make your points feel crucial and valued. And when you miss calls from your leads, you are making them feel less important and thus losing an opportunity to connect with them and take the relationship forward. With live phone answering services from WOW, you can be sure that no calls are missed even if your core team is absent or when leads call you after business hours.

  • Increase lead capture
  • Lead generation means nothing if you give up on the opportunity to capture lead information. So, the next time a lead calls in and you are not available. You don’t need to worry. WOW is the safety net for you and our agents will answer the call, capture lead information, and even schedule appointments for you.

  • Focus on your core competencies
  • As you leave the lead generation and capture to us, you can focus on more critical matters in your business and engage your core staff in more productive ways. Answering calls is a vital aspect of a business, but when you have a reliable team like the one we provide at WOW, you can rest assured that the calls will be handled efficiently. With our Notifications feature, you can be sure not to miss any opportunity of lead conversion.

Our Pricing

We offer incredibly flexible pricing options to suit your budget and requirement. We customize the packages so that you only pay for what you need. Our costs are very affordable, and there are no hidden charges. Prices start at just $850 a month and we ensure you get full value for the money paid.


  • 24/7 phone answering facilities
  • Custom welcome greetings and instructions as per business requirements
  • Prices starting at $850 a month
  • Experienced and trained calling agents
  • Affordable pricing with no hidden charges
  • Dedicated infrastructure with the latest technology