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The need for outbound calling

Usually, a business that thrives on inbound calls is quite different from a business that needs an outbound call service. However, in recent times, it has been observed that more and more companies aim to have an outbound call service to engage with their existing as well as potential customers. This shift has resulted in an increased requirement for agents who are trained to handle outbound calls well. At WOW, we provide quality outbound customer support services

We need to understand that the agents, who handle calls, have to play essentially different roles. And the skills required for both roles are distinctly different.

Outbound calls – For outbound calls, the agents need to be able to engage with existing or potential customers efficiently and proactively inform them about offers, new product launches, policy changes, etc.

How do we select agents for outbound calling?

We want to make sure that outbound calling generates leads, revenue, and deepens the engagement with your customers. Hence, we recruit and train the agents for optimum performance. When we hire staff for outbound calling, we look for the below qualities in the candidates. And after hiring them, we try to nurture these qualities.

  •  Professional communication
  •  Empathetic attitude
  •  Detail-oriented, thorough, and focused
  •  Meticulous in approaching analysis
  •  Problem-solving ability
  •  Good listening skills
  •  Patient and friendly
  •  Persuasive
  •  Good communication skills to convey ideas succinctly
Our excellent training further enhances these qualities making the agents experts in handling outbound calls successfully.

Sales Support at WOW

We provide you with outbound call center services that drive your business. We make sure that your business thrives and grows by making the calls on your behalf to your customers and active leads. We also generate leads for you by contacting your target group. We understand how valuable leads are for the growth of your business. Our agents are trained in effective lead engagement and are capable of efficiently capturing lead information for you.

Below is the list of services we provide under sales support.

  •  B2B and B2C customer acquisition
  •  Setting appointments
  •  Verifying customer details and other information
  •  Sales verification
  •  Telemarketing
  • Lead generation and Lead capture
  •  Outbound sales
  •  Lead follow-ups
  •  Cold calling
  •  Direct sales
  •  Warm calling/existing clients/referrals


Market Intelligence Services at WOW

It makes more business sense to have a proactive approach. For a strategy that works, it is essential that you have the correct data to make crucial decisions. Here is where our services come into the picture. Through our efficient outbound call center services, we do the market research for you. We provide you with comprehensive reports about the market so that you can carry out your marketing campaigns well.

  •  Database management
  •  Market research
  •  Taking customer surveys on the phone




WOW supports outbound call services across many industries

Our agents are trained to handle outbound calls for various industries. Some of the sectors where we can provide outbound call services are:

  •  Finance
  •  Consumer products
  •  Real estate
  •  Business service
  •  Technology, etc

Why should you trust WOW for your outbound calls?

We understand that you want the best agents to represent your business. We acknowledge that maintaining your brand voice and reputation is important to you. Thus, when you outsource your outbound call center services to us, we ensure that we provide you with well-trained, experienced, and professional agents.

  •  We have 10 years of experience in providing quality inbound and outbound customer services
  •  Our USP lies in the talent that we methodically choose and train. Our agents bring efficiency and expertise to the table
  •  We have state-of-the-art infrastructure so that the services we provide run smoothly
  •  We provide end-to-end solutions so that you can rely on us completely
  •  We can provide easy ramp-ups when the call volumes are high
  •  We promise to provide you with services that run 24X7X365 days
  •  We offer complete customization to suit your business needs. We give special attention to your requirement and analyze it carefully before suggesting the best possible solutions
  •  We conduct regular training and refresher training courses for our staff so that they groomed in their skills
  •  We have a dedicated team for Quality Assurance. Our team makes sure that the services adhere to strict quality protocol
  •  We provide you with detailed reports regularly and also appreciate feedback so that our services are continuously improved
  •  We provide you with a high ROI through our professional and efficient services
  •  We provide high-quality services at very competitive prices. Thus, our existing clients have been able to reduce operating costs by as much as 50% by employing our services




Customer Support at WOW

Apart from experienced and well-trained agents that provide efficient calling services, what sets us apart is our understanding of the importance of optimum customer experience. We know how important it is to cover all touch points to give the best user experience at every touch point.

Our agents take customer experience very seriously. They have trained in the soft skills required for better customer engagement and persuasion.

We provide the below services, tailor-made to suit your unique requirement, for the best experience for your customers

  •  Welcome calls
  •  Subscription renewals
  •  Customer loyalty programs
  •  Web-chat
  •  Service satisfaction follow-ups
  •  Debt recovery
  •  Audits for quality checks over the telephone
  •  Data validation
  •  C-SAT surveys
  •  E-mail and telephonic follow-ups, etc



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