How Outsourced Order Management can be Effective for Business Growth?

Order Management

Order management is a crucial part of every business. A business needs to attract more customers which is why it is vitally important that it efficiently fulfills and processes existing client orders quickly. Order management is the very heart of every enterprise resource planning or ERP. You have to decide whether to handle eCommerce order management on your own or through a third party. Outsourcing helps to ensure that many of your daily tasks can be handled through a third party.

Lower Cost and Higher Efficiency

Outsourcing can help your business grow for a lower cost and in a more efficient manner. Third parties can be entrusted with the task of performing functions that your business would otherwise spend its valuable time on. All kinds of jobs can be outsourced and order management services are but one of the challenges confronting your business.

Lower Freight Rates

By outsourcing your business’s eCommerce order management to a third party, your business enjoys many benefits including lower freight costs. Remember that shipping costs are a huge expense for every business. The greater the volume, the lower the freight rates. Through outsourcing, your business can take advantage of high volumes and lower freight costs.

Also, shipping your products from an inhouse location does not ensure optimal costs or lesser transit times. Order management outsourcing gives your business a big advantage in the form of lower shipping costs. Not only that, but it also reduces delivery times of your products/services to your clients.

Share the Costs

If your business runs its own warehouse, it must bear all the associated costs. However, when you contract out the running of your warehouse operations to a third party, you can share the costs with them. This means that expenses like labor and rent as well as the cost of equipment and utilities plus miscellaneous costs will be shared. The result is significant savings in terms of money and time.

Manage Your Inventory

By outsourcing your business operations to a third party, your partner will bear all the shipping costs and in addition, your business gets access to the latest technology. This helps to make your business operations more efficient. Overall, outsourcing makes the entire supply chain run more smoothly. Best of all, outsourcing your eCommerce Order Management ensures that your partner handles all the shipping tasks. This frees up your time which you can spend on other tasks that will help to make your business run more efficiently.

Providing high-quality customer service is another very important part of every business. When you outsource this task to your partner, they will ensure that all processes are seamlessly integrated. Besides, they will also be able to handle the returns process in a more efficient manner. The result is a happier customer and more repeat orders.

Various functions like warehouse location and managing inventory space can also safely be entrusted to an outsourcing partner They are going to ensure that your shipments will reach your customers on time and order tracking will also be taken care of in a more efficient manner.

Best Time to Outsource Order Management?

The best time to outsource your order management process is after your eCommerce website goes live. Your outsourcing partner can help build and also customize your digital business. They can also handle your website, sales, and other miscellaneous eCommerce operations from a single location.

Another thing to keep in mind is how best to take care of customer order management.

If your business is not getting national or international attention, then it is time to outsource your order management services to a third party. Doing so will help your business save on fees and costs. By sharing responsibilities, you can free time to devote to selling products instead of managing everyday operations.

A successful business has to spend a lot of time selling its products and managing its operations. There is also a lot of competition in the eCommerce space. Unless your business becomes more visible, it won’t grow at the desired pace.

Also, if your business’s infrastructure is not geared to promoting eCommerce growth, then outsourcing is the way to go. Access to modern technology is neither easy nor cheap. If your business does not have the resources to grow rapidly, then it is the right time to outsource. Your partner will manage all of your operations giving you the freedom to spend time on marketing your products/services and scaling your business to keep pace with its growth objectives.

The best time to outsource is when you find that the cost of each order is greater than that of your provider. Keep in mind that your business is going to come under a lot of stress trying to keep pace with all the eCommerce order fulfillment services.

Volatile Order Volumes

It is normal for order volume to fluctuate with some days seeing a lot of orders and other days there will be none. If you outsource order fulfillment, your business won’t have to deal with fixed costs. In fact, processing orders through a third party ensures more accurate as well as more cost-effective order processing

Final Thoughts on Effective Order Management

Now that you know how outsourcing order management services can help your business grow, go ahead and check out an outsourcing company called Wow Customer Support. Ask them for a quote, which they will provide within 24 hours. Outsourcing can help your business grow because everything is taken care of – starting from query handling to providing a quote, and more. All in all, inventory management outsourcing holds the key to helping your business grow because your partner does all the heavy lifting for you. Our Wow Customer Support Twitter handle is @wowcsservice

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How to Build a Successful Offshore Team for Customer Support?

How to Build a Successful Outsourcing Team for Phone Answering?

Phone Answering Services

While phone answering services take on the task of catering to your customer’s queries and let you and your employees focus on more important things, it is your duty to ensure they are fully ready for the job. You need to build an efficient team that can provide the highest satisfaction levels for your customers. If you are looking to build a successful team for call answering, here are some tips you can follow.

Tips to build successful call answering services, outsourced team:

Clarify your goals with the telephone answering services team

Each business comes with a unique set of needs and challenges and it is essential that your outsourced phone answering services team works in accordance with your requirements. In order to ensure everything works in order and as per your plans, let them know your expectations from them. Make your objectives clear, be it enhancing engagements on social channels, improved customer satisfaction or streamlining your call answering services. Work collaboratively with the team and draft a tailored plan to ensure success.

Build an efficient operations team

Running a call center is no joke. The people that work there need to be skilled and efficient enough to deal with multiple people such as clients, partners, customers, employees and more. Since they are mostly paid by hour, you need to make sure that the operations team has time and can comfortably dedicate set hours every day to meet the phone answering needs of your business. Most importantly, the person/persons that head this team should come with leadership and organizational skills to be able to manage team members and delegate work for unhindered workflow.

Develop a supreme team with the phone answering services company

Take note, your outsourced phone answering services team is an extension of your business. Hold regular meetings with the team to ensure they understand and are updated with each and every aspect pertaining to your business. In addition, keep track of the new team members and make sure they are trained to deliver on par with the other team members. You can also ask the call answering services company to provide you with customer feedback and other significant reviews related to your products or services so that you can work on the areas that need improvement. Wow Customer Support can be a good choice if you are looking to outsource your phone answering services to an efficient call center.

Sync your technological processes with that of the telephone answering services company

Wow Customer Support has dedicated infrastructure to meet the needs of modern businesses. If you are hiring one such agency, make it a point to possess the good infrastructure to be able to align your processes with theirs. Remember, working with a call center is like working with your own team located remotely. So, make sure you possess all the required organizational setup. You win only when your outsourced phone answering team wins.

Develop an understanding between the partners

Business success largely depends upon the understanding and harmony between the different people associated with it. While your call center agents and employees work everyday to ensure smooth functioning of your business, stakeholders are equally important. Try to bring together all these groups to make them understand company goals and responsibilities towards one another. All these teams should also work together in coordination to meet the company objectives. One of the best ways to bring them all together is to conduct a review and assess performances. During this time, your call center agents/head could be given the call forecasts and calls that are answered can reviewed.
Further, your phone answering services agency can work to their fullest potential when they are regularly updated about your company goals, products, and services.

Motivate your outsourced team to provide fair phone answering services for small business

If you are a small business but want call answering services to establish a reputation in the industry? Motivate your call center team to work as passionately for you as they do for large businesses. Encourage them to display their dedication and inspire them to deliver quality for each call they take. When your phone answering team is enthusiastic, your customers receive the best service and your business, in turn, will grow.

Final Thoughts

The above tips can help you build a team you can take pride in. If you are ready to build one or already into it, incorporating all these guidelines can create the magic.

At Wow Customer Support, we work to provide our clients with the best call answering services. We have dedicated staff that is passionate about customer service and provide 24/7 live phone answering services to meet the expectations of today’s customers. We are experts at handling phone calls, highly reliable and affordable. Reach out to us right away by clicking here.


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Everything You Need to Know About eCommerce Order Management Outsourcing!

Order Management Outsourcing

Order Management Outsourcing: An Introduction

The world of business has changed multifold in the past few years. Changes in this world and the supply chain management happen every day. Global supply chains are bundles of complexity, with the customers having flexibility about the number of orders and delivery channels. Let’s have a look at how order management outsourcing can be a helping hand for eCommerce business.

If you are a business who is single-handedly organizing their order fulfillment, you would know that the process is more than only two critical steps. A delay in these steps leads to a delay in delivery.

Order Management Outsourcing can provide value to your business and prevent any hurdles that might bring your business to bad light.

End-to-end Order Management Outsourcing

Our end-to-end order management outsourcing begins right from sending a quotation and query handling, to invoice processing and Accounts Receivable Processing. By handling your e-commerce order management, we pay your way to becoming a transformational business.

Order Management Services begin when a customer places an order and ends when the order is delivered satisfactorily. With outsourcing these services, you can handle the whole plethora of processes that include the following –

Customer Service

The customer service includes everything from sending quotations, taking orders, resolving queries, and grievance management to returns, refunds, and customer follow up.

BPO Services

The back-office has services ranging from order data entry, contract validation, customer attestation, acquisition of order validation, and order status check to order revocation management.

Finance and Accounting Services

The finance and accounting services include invoice data entry, invoice processing, invoice creation, and credit check, among others.

Our e-commerce order management outsourcing system

Our Order Processing Services involve a wide range of services that provide ease to your business processes. The range of services by us includes inventory management services, the fulfillment of orders, as well as providing after-sales services.

Placement of order

The first step in any order fulfillment process takes place when the customer uses an automated form for placing the order. After the order is received, a member of the sales team checks the details before confirming it.

Fulfillment of order

After the order is confirmed, it reaches the warehouse, where an employee confirms the shipping details. After this, the employee generates an invoice and completes the order. Therefore, there are three essential steps ensure that the order reaches the customer on-time – pick, pack, and ship.

Inventory Management Services

Our inventory management outsourcing manages and monitors the level of inventory. Any fluctuations that happen due to the demands of the business brought to the notice.

Order Support Services

Our Order Management Services also include Support services such as Live Chat, Email Support, Call Center Support, as well as e-commerce support.

Our Order Processing Services

Order Data Entry

We have automated data entry systems and terminals that record and verify all information. So, our data entry services relieve you from the arduous task of data capturing.

Purchase Order Processing Services

We make sure that manual data entry labor comes down, thanks to our exceptional data capture software. In addition, the software goes through the order forms and checks for key data. It then records it, reducing the risk of errors.

e-commerce Data Management Services

We work untiringly to provide you with a classification system to maintain a record of your products. So, the system consistently records the products to provide ease.

Customer Database Management

Our Customer Database Management system is unbeatable. We do not only help you fulfill your orders, but we also help you to maintain the records systematically. The customer data is collected, analyzed, and managed consistently. We also work towards solving any issues or customer complaints by providing relevant solutions. With our services, you can be sure that your customers will be valued deeply, and there will be 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Billing and Invoicing Services

When helping you with order management services, we also make sure that we create invoices for the orders. These invoices reach the customers by mail or email. We also make sure that we keep track of paid orders and those that are outstanding.

Transaction Management Services

We record important management services and business transactions. In addition, all transactions, its effects, and transaction-related details are recorded.

Digitization of Documents

Apart from all the services mentioned above, we also offer services that let you convert all your documents in a digital format. The process of digitization gives you the document just as it is. It does not alter or change any information within it.

Indexing and Archiving Services

The indexing and archiving services that we offer cater to your specific needs. We organize your data as per the demands of your business. Any field that you may require can be added and handled for your ease of access. We can extract information during archiving such as invoice number, file name, title, document date, or document number.

Get your quote today!

We offer unbeatable services that will bring your business ahead of others. We organize your data systematically, keep your customers satisfied, ensure that the orders reach them on time, and give you every other service that lets you focus on the main tasks without worrying about these services.

Get in contact today to get an unmatchable quote for these services.

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7 Effortless Ways to Find Effective Call Answering Services Provider

Call Answering Services

A call answering service is as important as your business itself. If chosen right, a call answering service enables you to scale new heights while making your customers come back to you. Phone answering services are all over the place but you need to check out whether they are capable enough to handle your business transactions and deliver excellence.

If you are looking for phone answering services, here are ways to find an efficient one:

The Telephone answering services should offer attractive pricing.

Look for call answering services that offer affordable pricing. Most of them try to woo you by projecting their sales but do not get carried away by their sugary talks. Check their pricing, go through their payment terms and conditions and ensure to read the fine print. Chances are that some points may not have been communicated to you orally! Check for the possible hidden charges, setup charges, and cancellation fee if any before you decide to go with them.

The call answering services company should provide excellent support

The support you need from a call answering services provider depends upon the type of business you are running. If you are into medical services, obviously you will need phone answering services round the clock since a medical emergency can arise anytime. Enquire whether the call answering company provides round the clock support and whether they charge extra for it. It would be even great if they offer live phone answering services. In fact, businesses today, regardless of the kind of products or services they are into prefer 24/7 support in order to get close to their customers and gain an edge over their competitors.

Do they offer phone answering services for small businesses?

There are several call answering services that operate based on the size of businesses. So, if you are a new entrepreneur or running your business on a small scale, check whether they provide their services for your volume. If so, make sure their pricing for small businesses is competitive and does not hit your wallet hard. You are also recommended not to look at the pricing factor alone. Since you will be growing, you will require more and better phone answering services in the future and the company you choose for the purpose should come with the skills required for it.

The call answering services firm must maintain your customer’s privacy

Heading an organization is a big responsibility. As a business owner, you should also know that maintaining the privacy of your customers is not only a legal responsibility but a moral obligation as well. So, when you are looking to hire a phone answering agency, make sure to test their professionalism.

The phone answering agents should not disclose the information pertaining to your customers and ensure confidentiality. Even if there is a slight mishandling or leakage of customer data, you may lose your reputation in the industry. Once lost, it is hard to earn name and fame again. So, ensure to outsource your call answering to an expert agency that comes with an unparalleled commitment and responsibility.

Trained Staff

This is another important factor when choosing a phone answering agency. The call service agents should be highly trained to attend to varied kinds of customers while being pleasant and smooth with each one of them. The call agents should also come with an unmatched passion to serve customers.

Most importantly, they must be familiarized with your industry, products/services, and your expectations. While they should understand your processes and set procedures, your brand image must also be secured. Efficiency largely matters for any service and it is no different for call answering services. They should support your business, help you grow and respond to your customers on time.

Past/Relevant Experience

It would be a good idea to check the phone answering the company’s past records. Have they catered to your competitors or businesses similar to yours? What is their expertise? How efficiently have they delivered to their customers so far? These are the questions you need to ask before you decide to go ahead with one. If they come with relevant experience in the past, they certainly can meet your expectations since they are already familiar with the industry you are operating in.

Well equipped with infrastructure and technology

This is the era of devices and the internet. Customers can call in anytime and expect you to be available to offer outstanding and immediate service. It is therefore essential that your phone answering service team be equipped with all that is necessary to offer top-class customer service. They should possess the dedicated infrastructure and have state of the art technology to deliver the best for your business.

Final Thoughts

At Wow Customer Support, we have well-qualified call answering agents that are trained to the highest standards. We offer 24/7 personalized support and practice the best in the industry while setting benchmarks! For professional and specialized call answering services, get in touch with us!!

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Earn 2 Times Your Profit with Chat Support Outsourcing

Chat Support Outsourcing

As per the American Marketing Association, customers that use live chat feature are three times more likely to make a purchase. Thus, adding a live chat on your official website would increase the conversion rate by 20%. But it can be time-consuming, mainly if you are not a professional. That it’s why a good idea to increase your brand revenue is by considering live chat support outsourcing. Also, handing the work to experts helps your employees to focus on the vital tasks within your business.

Why Outsource your Live Chat Support Services?

Customer service is the backbone of any business with an online presence. It plays a crucial role in building a sustainable customer base. Studies have proved that it can boost the conversion rate, customer experience, and website UX.

However, it is not possible for a 9 to 5 shift team of chat operators. Online customers would expect a prompt response even after office hours. Remember, the faster you will reply to their queries, the more likely you will able to retain them.

Live Chat Support Statistics

By outsourcing chat, businesses can assure that specialists are available to handle messages at any time of the day. Also, there won’t be any shortage in case of huge volume of chat requests.

Furthermore, best live chat service providers go far beyond your local talent pool. These specialists handle more than just Live Chat support. They also determine the best ways to satisfy your customers as per their needs.

Furthermore, showing your customers that you care about them will help you win their trust and increase your sales funnel.

How Live Chat Support Outsourcing Drive Business Profits?

Did you know two-thirds of American shoppers say that they are willing to shop more with the brand that offers incredible customer service? Chatting with customers before the sale is crucial.

If they find a live chat popping up when they open your website, this leaves a good impression of your brand.

Live chat outsourcing allows you to access a pool of skilled chat Agents. They speedily resolve issues in a personalized way and leave customers satisfied.

It lowers your website bounce rate while making more loyal customers. Here are the benefits that you can expect:

–> Save Resources and Money

Small business owners usually won’t have that much budget to hire extra service staff and train them. Also, Live Chat is proven to be more affordable than other service channels.

Live Chat Saves Resources and Money

Offering your customers timely and accurate support ultimately leads to a reduction in additional costs.

–> 24X7 Coverage 

Did you know a massive amount of online shopping happens at night time? Live chat support outsourcing allows you to hire experts across the globe that speaks diverse languages.

It helps you to maintain round-the-clock coverage with a better personalization.

–> Increase in Business Sales

53% of customers prefer to live chat to reach businesses than other methods. Moreover, 63% of consumers reported say that they are more likely to return to the website that provides live chat.

Lice Chat increase business sales

Remember, consumers love live chat because it is quick, helpful and offers the human touch.

Chat support outsourcing facilitates communication between your and customers having concerns about your services or products. Also, it motivates them to browse your website further for exclusive deals.

It ultimately allows more shoppers to complete their checkout process instead of leaving confused and distracted. It is true in the case of the outdoor and clothing sector.

–> Ease Burden

Remember, a well-coordinated strategy will keep your clients satisfied without putting an extra burden on your employees. Your staff members can focus on their everyday tasks rather than attending a chat service.

–> Great Control

With 24*7 service will help you serve your customers better. The rerouting feature will send a live chat to the specialist every time. This offers you more control over a higher volume of customers.

–> Good Online Reviews

Blending Live Chat with automated email relax helpless customers. It helps you to avoid the majority of social media shaming and bad reviews on your website.

–> Increase Customer Satisfaction

Having regular feedback for customers is a must for any business to flourish. The best way to boost customer satisfaction is by considering live chat support outsourcing.

Remember, fast response from your side leaves a positive impression in the minds of consumers. It makes them happy and satisfied. Also, the skilled support personnel collect feedback immediately when a customer’s issue gets resolved.

–> Personalized Customer Support

Businesses must know their customers and their preferences. Top chat support service providers quickly bond with the customers and give them a pleasant support experience.

They follow a conversational tone while having real-time interaction with the customers. Thus, by offering a personalized care and support let you to win their trust.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes customers are confused about the brand products and services. Providing real-time solutions via live chat support services helps them in making better buying decisions.

Outsource live chat support with Wow Customer Support today to improve your conversion rate and sales. Skilled experts have the necessary skills to engage and retain a large number of customers. Also, you can integrate these services easily to boost brand sales.


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How to Build a Successful Offshore Team for Customer Support?

Customer Support Services

Customer support has been the deciding factor for a company to thrive in the long run. And the reason behind this is, effective telephonic and chat support services are what increases customer retention.

But still, the question remains, ‘Why Offshore Customer Support Team?’

Benefits of Building an Offshore Live Chat Support Service Team

Live chat outsourcing and chat support services offshoring allow you to focus on improving core business activities while delegating the established functionalities.

Further, the talent pool in developing nations, despite concentrated and brimming, is highly economical and can work wonders in bridging the skill shortage. In other words, you are paying less for better work than what is available in your country.

However, of all the advantages, the one that takes the highlight is the time zone coverage. A lot of professionals are usually in dissent for rotational and night shifts. But offshoring live chat support services allows you to take advantage of different time zones to be active 24×7.

Now that we have established the need for offshoring live chat support services, let’s dive into how to build the right team.

There are two methods to build a customer chat support team.

1st Method: 5 Steps to Build the Best Live Chat Support Services Team

In this method you or a delegate from your company have to temporarily move to the offshore location, rent a workspace, and hire a team to build your offshore customer chat support services wing.

1.      Prioritize Strong Communication

Communication is especially important for your customer support executives as they have to converse with your customers regularly. And the last thing you want is to lose customers because they couldn’t understand your executives.

Communication also matters in order to keep you updated with the improvements in everyday activities.

2.      Share Your Business Vision with the Live Chat Support Services Team

The quality of your customer support drops when your team doesn’t know what they are working for. Even when you are hiring the customer support executives, inform them of your plans and vision for your company.

Although your live chat support services team is not seeing the progress, keeping them in the loop will motivate them to work harder.

After all, everyone is working for their own small visions. If your vision is reverberating with their personal goals, your offshore live chat support team’s productivity will skyrocket.

3.      Designate Live Chat Support Service Team Leaders

Offshore teams often have a different way of working around things. They are different by culture, work preferences, latent inclinations, trends, and many other aspects. Expecting them to work just like how the in-house teams work might not be fruitful for the company.

That’s why it is advised to designate team leaders who understand the populace. They can better sort out the problems and guide the teams down the path of productivity. Even if it is criticism, the team leaders can tweak it in the way to provide it constructively.

4.      Eliminate In-house vs Offshore Mentality

One of the mistakes companies does when putting together offshore teams is making it a competition with in-house teams. It may work effectively for the short term. But in the long run, it does more harm than good.

It needlessly puts pressure on both in-house and offshore chat support services teams and makes them stressed out leading to decreased productivity.

5.      Visit Your Live Chat Support Services Team

A team that doesn’t know under whose leadership it is working has more chances of losing the motivation and fervor in the work they do. This happens quite a lot for customer support teams as the work tends to get repetitive.

Visiting your offshore teams also conveys that you care and pay attention to the work they are doing and value it. You can further choose to talk with the teams about how the company is proceeding and how they are doing a good job out there.

2nd Method: Partnering with an Offshore Live Chat Support Service Provider.

By this method, you seek out the best live chat support service provider, and partner with them for customer support.

This again works in different ways, but the prominent ways are where you can partner with the service provider who provides customer support as a service or hire a service provider to put together a team you can manage.

Wrapping Up

Both methods have proved quite successful in building successful live chat support teams based on the requirement. The latter is quite foolproof and is ensured to succeed as you will be hiring a live chat support service provider who knows the dos and don’ts.

But the former can be quite tricky as you will have to dedicate the manpower to build everything from scratch and can’t avoid the pitfalls.

We, wow customer support, are well versed in the nuances of support every industry wants and have been quite successful in providing quality live chat support services. We are open to partnerships and our portfolio is the testimony for our prowess.


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Why Shouldn’t Small Businesses Ignore Email Support Services?

Email Support Services

As a small business owner, you need to up your game in the market for lead generation. Plenty of ways ensure that your clients stay connected to you. After all, that’s how you are more likely to make them your customers for the long term.

One such resource that you can utilize for building customer relations is email customer support. Using such a service is going to be beneficial for your small business. If you are skeptical about implementing email marketing with your customer support service, then this post is for you.

Take a look at the reasons why your business should not ignore email support services.

Reasons Why Email Customer Support Is Vital For Small Businesses

Ø  Emails Offer High Returns

Retailers, who outsource email support, have witnessed a boost in productivity in their businesses. They noticed that with emails to welcome their customers alone got them three times more returns compared to other emails.

Customers love being in the limelight. They want your empathy so that they can look forward to your help in providing the best products or services. That’s where emails influence them to contact you and get your support for making purchases through you.

Ø  Email Support Outsourcing Services Help Retain Old Customers

With email support, you can send promotional emails to customers who had purchased through your online portal. Such customers leave their details, likings, etc. while surfing through your website. It can give you a clue about what kind of products or services they search online.

If, by chance, they do not purchase such services or products, then you can send them an email offering a discount or promotional code to lure them. That not only helps your customer get what he/she needs at the desired price but also gives you a recurring client.

Ø  Email Answering Services Nurture Brand Reputation

With email marketing, you are showing the world that you are active in the market. Most retailers create online platforms but do not have any such customer support services. That may cause a customer to perceive that the business is idle and unresponsive – eventually, causing him/her to move to another brand.

However, if you are regularly communicating with a lead or customer about your products and services, then you are increasing your brand value. Furthermore, you improve your reliability in their eyes, which gives them a reason to choose you over other competitors.

However, too many emails can act as spams that customers despise. That’s where an experienced email support outsourcing service would proactively plan the email campaign for promoting your retail business.

Ø  Email Support Services Are To The Point

With emails, your business interacts with the customers to the point. In the contemporary world, people usually do not like to be disturbed with customer service phone calls, as they are time-consuming. Furthermore, verbal communication is not always reliable for reference.

However, when you outsource email support services, you are communicating and promoting your business through written text that customers can check out in their free time. 86% of professionals prefer emails for communication as it is convenient. Additionally, it stays in their emails to check for offers or notifications whenever they need it.

Ø  Emails Keep Track Of Data and Backlog

Several backlogs between customers and support team executives can be stored and shared to continue interacting whenever needed. For instance, if a customer has a complaint, then he/she is delivered an email with an identification number that keeps track of the data related to the issue.

Through email support services, such issues can be resolved without the need to call and ask the customer about the problem. After all, the problem can be searched for in an email.

Ø  Email Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Email marketing, if outsourced through the right agency, can give you immense returns at the least expense. With the help of an email outsourcing service expert, you can target the right class of customers for your retail business.

The professional touch needed for attracting customers needs an exceptional tone that instantly makes them rely on your services and products. Unlike other modes of promotion, email services are cheaper. That way, you get more finance to invest in other departments of your business.

Final Words

With email customer support services, you have the power to connect with your customers without irritating them. You do need a good team to support your promotional campaigns online to get the best results.

Reach out to us to know how we can offer you the best email customer support services today!


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Why Is Customer Support Services Vital for Online Retail Business?

Customer Support Services

With exceptional customer support services, online retailers can make the best decisions. Customer support is vital for an online retail business, just like every other. However, the importance of such services has a lot more to do besides helping online business people make prudent choices.

Several uncertainties lie in the minds of the end customers, which need to be dealt with efficiently. Through this post, you will come to know several reasons pointing out why customer service outsourcing signifies the operability of an eCommerce store.

9 Reasons Why Customer Support Services Are Vital For Online Retail Businesses

1.    For Answering Questions About Products

Perhaps, the most important reason for having customer care services is to get solutions for the purchased products. Once an end-user buys a product from your online store, he/she might have issues that need to be sorted out. In that case, a customer service executive needs to be there to answer the queries.

2.    To Build Trust

The world of eCommerce is all about building trust. Customers are likely to find the reputation of your brand not just through the products, but also through the outsourced customer support you provide them. As per a survey done by Concerto Marketing and Research, 82% of the customers, who trust a brand, will continue using it for the long term.

3.    More Profits

Imagine a customer that has felt satisfied with the way your outsourced customer service solved his/her problem. Such an interaction is likely to turn him/her into a loyal customer. A customer experience impact survey noted that 86% of customers tend to spend about 25% more without being annoyed when they feel satisfied with the solution given to them through excellent customer service.

4.    Customer Support Outsourcing To Build Your Brand

Not everyone can give valuable time to train employees for attending the customers. Lack of dedication and time in this situation can even break your brand. That’s why choosing outsourced customer service companies can be an advantage, as they are already trained to handle all types of inquiries for your online retail business.

5.    Utilizing Customer Care Services For Marketing

Who says you cannot promote your products through customer support calls? That can be done too. The only difference is that marketing in this situation needs to be adapted within the solution being given to an end customer. A trained executive would efficiently upsell or cross-sell if he/she has to. That is the beauty of a good business model.

6.    Using An Outsourced Customer Service For Getting Insights On Customer Experiences

Spending money on customer surveys for learning about customer preferences, brand reputation, etc., can disturb your budget. Instead, you can invest in an exceptional customer support team, which will occasionally ask survey-based questions from the customers for your business. That way, you can get more output from less input.

7.      Customer Support Service Is Great For CLV

Customer lifetime value or CLV gives you an estimate of the gross profit attainable by maintaining a relationship with your customer. The importance of CLV determines the growth of your business. Through an excellent team of customer support executives, you are increasing your chances of retaining your customers for a longer duration. As a result, your customer lifetime value also increases.

8.    Helps Manage Problems

No matter how reputed your online brand has become, you are still going to face customers who are frustrated, furious, skeptical, etc. Dealing with such customers can be challenging unless you have an excellent customer service team to support you. When you outsource a brilliant customer support company, you reduce the costs of dealing with negative customers. Furthermore, a customer support team will proactively listen to all sorts of customer queries and complaints and give relevant solutions to clear their issues.

9.    Ensures Customer Satisfaction

To ensure that customers are satisfied with your online retail services, you need to exceed their expectations. And, you cannot manage all that single-handedly. Moreover, you cannot satisfy a customer with a mediocre team of phone answerers, who do not possess the required skills. What you need are professionals, who can empathize with your clients and connect with them to deliver your services with the utmost responsibility.

Final Notes

Using customer support services is a necessity that can either make your brand or break it. But, why risk it by hiring an inexperienced in-house team when you can rely on customer service outsourcing through reputed firms?

With the right customer support services provider, you can get profitable results for your online retail business. Instead of wasting your time and money on training new ones, focus on hiring experienced executives who know how to interact with your customers from the start.

Reach out to us at Wow Customer Support for hiring our exceptional customer support outsourcing services today!


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Things to Consider Before Choosing Your BPO Partner

BPO Partner

Are you looking to hire a new business process outsourcing (BPO) service, but have no idea how to pick the right one? Choosing the right BPO partner ensures you pick the right company for your needs. BPO services have the potential to take a significant load off your business allowing you to grow to new heights.

BPO services have their own strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to evaluate factors such as technological capabilities, experience, and pricing to figure out if they are a good match for you.

A third of small businesses use a BPO, and that number is projected to increase to 52%. Choosing the right service for you ensures you maintain a competitive edge.

Insights to Choose Your BPO Partner

BPO Services must offer advanced technology

Competing in the modern business landscape means utilizing up to date technology. Implementing technologically advanced systems costs a lot of money and might be beyond what your business can handle. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a business process outsourcing service that uses the technological edge you’re after.

For example, BPO services using advanced artificial intelligence systems might make use of chatbots for live chat support to help deal with a high volume of customer queries. Customer service is an important part of running a business, but can become overwhelming when you scale. Offloading the task to a technologically advanced BPO company ensures your customer queries are handled effectively and to high satisfaction levels.

Does the BPO service have experience?

Do background research on the BPO service to determine how long they have been around. It takes something special to stay afloat in the competitive BPO service industry. Services that have stood the test of time typically have the experience to overcome challenges your business is faced with. It’s safer to go with an established BPO service that has a list of reputable brands as clients.

Also, scrutinize if experienced agents are working at the service. You want the best agents in the industry working on behalf of your company. After all, their work impacts your business. It’s more important for front office operations where BPO agents directly interact with your customers.

Ideally, BPO agents should have experience working in your industry. It advantageous because they will have detailed knowledge about what your business needs to succeed. The teething period is reduced and less training is required to ensure you get the best possible service.

BPO services pricing is a critical consideration

There is no point in hiring a BPO partner you can’t afford. You’ll end up canceling their service shortly and be back at square one. Choose a service that offers a competitive deal and is within your budget. Perhaps they offer a discount if you need more volume as you grow?

Hidden charges are a nasty technique used by services to extract more money. Reputable services will clearly disclose the final price upfront and won’t ask for more money.

Furthermore, you need to know what you’re paying for. Make sure you understand what the BPO service will do for the price. A detailed summary of the service provided leaves no ambiguity. It avoids a lack of misunderstanding that can lead to disagreements down the line.

Does the BPO company provide good communication?

Good communication is a key ingredient of a healthy partnership. It would be frustrating if you struggled to get in touch with the manager responsible for your account.

You may want real time reporting that details how effectively the call center company is able to complete tasks. Also, you might want to communicate what changes you’d like to make. In some cases it’s important that you immediately get an answer so communication is a key ingredient for a successful relationship.

Scalability and limitations

Will the BPO service allow you to scale without limitations? To ensure there is consistency you’d want to pick a BPO partner and stick with them for many years. Therefore, the service must have the infrastructure and staff to handle requirements as you grow.

Consider your projected growth and look for a BPO service that already handles clients of that size. Make sure they can give you their full attention and prioritize you as one of their important clients.

Furthermore, think about what limitations this BPO service will inflict on your business. For example, if you’re hiring a customer service team, then ask about the channels of communication they offer.

Customer convenience

The BPO company you choose must provide an excellent service for your customers too. After all, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. BPO service agents need to be respectful, considerate, and solve problems effectively when customers get in touch.

Also, the BPO service must be large enough so that waiting times are kept at a minimum. Otherwise customers might get frustrated with your company.

Final Glance about Your BPO Partner

The considerations to make suggested above are just part of the picture. BPO services company should be chosen with the specific requirements of your business. Therefore, you’ll need to make a list of requirements to see if a business process outsourcing service can match them.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level consider using WOW Customer Support. We take the load off your business by handling customer queries, problems and questions. Wow Customer Service is an industry-leading operator that is an investment worth making.


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Top 6 Customer Support Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

Customer Support Mistakes

Historically, a lot of businesses publicly strives and struggles to improve their customer support mistakes, mainly via customer service outsourcing, and were successful in building an empire by the lessons learnt. Today, customer service is indeed one of the most important success factors for any business, and for good reasons.

Today’s customers are smarter and more connected than ever before, having higher expectations from the brands they buy from. In the presence of an overwhelming number of options, they tend to switch to competitors faster if they don’t get satisfactory customer service from your business. In the online world, where everything goes viral, either good or bad, customer support mistakes can ruin your business instantly.

Customer support outsourcing is rising as a key solution to avoid customer support mistakes and to remain competitive.

Here we caution businesses, presenting the top 6 customer support mistakes that can ruin a business!

1.      Inaccessible Customer Care Services

Many businesses, especially the small ones, are unable to make their customer service accessible 24/7 since it requires enough resources. However, this inaccessibility kills a business. Once the business is up, you must have means through which customers can be in touch with you immediately. Usually, businesses include means like customer support contact, email, feedback form, online chat and social media pages for the same. But it is not the end. These must be accessible 24/7. This is where small businesses usually end up losing their customers since they are unable to offer this facility to customers. Customer service outsourcing for small business helps here since outsource customer service let businesses offer 24/7 accessible customer support without incurring overhead costs.

2.      Arguing with customers

If any of your customer service representatives argues with customers to prove they are wrong, it is going to be the biggest turn off for them. This loss of customer is often followed by a trail of negative comments and reviews that can add to further sales loss. Keep in mind that it takes 5 times the money and efforts to attract a new customer than keeping an existing one happy. Small startup businesses usually take the help of outsourced customer service companies to get professional customer representatives on-board to deal nicely with their customers.

3.      Not Tracking Customer Records

Customer records are critically important for any business. Recording, reviewing and maintaining customers’ calls, queries, complains and feedback from different channels is a greatest business asset. It helps to personalize products and services in the long run. If you are constantly tracking customer’s previous history, it would help you spark up a conversation to let customer feel welcomed and more valued knowing you remembered. The same is applicable for emails. Don’t have sufficient staff or tools to track and maintain your customers’ record? Customer support outsourcing can help here too!

4.      Rigid adherence to policies

No matter how complex this might seem, businesses treating each customer interaction as special and unique are on the winning side. Whenever a customer comes to you regarding anything, it is an opportunity to develop a strong and personal relationship with them. So instead of telling your customer service representative to always tell customers, “sorry this is our company policy”, how about helping them handle customers differently. However, make sure the exceptions you make don’t hinder the business but are flexible to accommodate the occasional requirements. Customer service outsourcing for business helps address this challenge.

5.      Impersonal Messages

The modern customer of today indirectly calls this as “spam”. On a daily basis, we all receive unsolicited marketing messages and impersonal emails in our inbox. Customers don’t like uninvited and irrelevant marketing from the brands and this is a great turn off even if they can ever be interested in them in future. Today, every customer wants to be treated as special, and personalized customer support is a great way to achieve that. This is where outsourcing customer support is of great help.

6.      Late Responses

Though all feedback may not be constructive, it is mandatory to make your customers feel important and heard. A customer cannot be annoyed more by anything than a delayed or no-response.  If your customer support fails to give prompt response to their feedback, queries and complains, they would go somewhere else. A timely and effective response to customers is the key to business success. Also, it is one of the core competencies offered by professional and reliable outsourced customer service companies.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s tough to start a business, and even tougher to make it a great hit. Fortunately, by avoiding customer support service mistakes, you can make your business lucrative for a number of years to come. If you don’t have resources to develop an in-house customer support team, outsource it to Wow Customer support, a leading BPO service provider, known to build the best customer experiences by providing meaningful, personal and productive customer support.

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