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5 Ways to Remove Friction in Your Customer Support Channels in 2021

With a growing customer base looking for instant results in this constantly evolving competitive world, customer experience has become more critical than ever. The most crucial way to improve your customer experience is to remove the friction in your customer support services.

Removing friction in your customer support channels reduces the chances of customers getting disappointed, frustrated, or angry with your business. So what would cause friction in customer service?

Factors that create a hassle in your customer service :

  1. Limited support channels or support not available for preferred channel
  2. Customers have to wait in line to purchase a product or to avail a service
  3. Delayed response to the support email
  4. Hours of waiting on the phone line to connect with an agent
  5. Provide the same information repetitively when transferred from one agent to another
  6. Asking too many irrelevant questions
  7. Complicated processes that confuse customers

Eliminating these factors from your customer support channels would enhance the customer experience and remove friction from your process.

Here are five ways to remove friction in your customer support channels in 2021:

Provide Multi-Channel Support to Customers

In this digital world, every customer has their choice of channel to connect with customer support. Some prefer it through email, some would like to call the agents, and others may like to connect through chat. Multichannel support will provide the customers with an option to choose their preferred customer support channels. With this, they can connect with your support instantly through the device they are using.

With omni-channel support, customers need not run across channels to access customer support. This would allow customers to access your support on the go, reducing their efforts and providing frictionless customer support. Customer service outsourcing to a professional company will allow you to avail this multichannel support.

Multichannel customer support will align your business closer to the needs of your customers. Moreover, channels like social media and chat support are more casual and quicker. The support questions and communication through these channels would be to the point.

Use AI in your Support Process

With rapidly evolving technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is completely revolutionizing the customer support process. Artificial intelligence can be used in support services to reduce the customers' efforts, anticipate the customers' needs, automate your organization's approach to customer support, and ultimately provide better customer satisfaction.

Outsource customer service process to a company that implements AI to reduce the customers' efforts by offering self-servicing tools and chatbots that would automatically resolve most customer queries with high-quality issue resolution. The chatbots would collect the information from the customer and provide it to the agents before connecting the customer to the agent, in case the automated tool is unable to resolve the issue.

Big data can provide real-time updates to the customer support agents, helping them resolve the issues instantly. In addition, an AI-powered CRM tool will provide the agents with real-time information that helps them handle customer issues faster.

Offer Personalized Services

With the growing competition in every industry, it is unlikely that the product and services your company offers have a unique selling point. The competitive environment allows customers to choose the company that values a good customer experience over anything else. A personalized support service would play an important part in delivering satisfactory services.

Using artificial intelligence and advanced Customer Relationship Management software, the customer support agents would have access to real-time information, which authorizes them to deliver personalized services to every customer.

Providing a single point of contact to each customer will make them feel special. Allowing them to connect with the same agent every time they have a query will strengthen the relationship between customer and company. The representative would provide efficient support services using the knowledge acquired from past experiences with the customer. A single point of contact removes friction and allows your company to provide seamless and valuable support to every customer.

Getting customer support outsourced to an experienced team would allow you to provide personalized services to your customer.

Consolidate Your Support Teams to Enhance the Communication

The two most important factors that would increase the customer's friction and the company are having customers wait for an infuriating amount of time and transferring the support call between two or more representatives. Usually, transferring the call to different representatives means that the customer would have to explain the issue to them before someone could provide the resolution. The customer would have lost the patience explaining the problem to everyone and would be highly furious when the call is transferred to the final representative.

For instance, if the customer has called the sales representative with a support query and the support team is located in different locations, the call would travel through various levels of representative before reaching the right person, and the customer would have to explain the query to every person before getting transferred to the next person.

Consolidating different teams and establishing an efficient call transfer plan would improve the problem. This will help them resolve the problem quicker and reduce the waiting time for other customers on hold to get their queries resolved.

Train and Empower Your Representatives

Dealing with an inexperienced or inefficient representative may also lead to an increase in customer friction. Customers may get frustrated while dealing with a representative who cannot provide the solution to the problem. The representatives handling your call flow need to be competent and have the required permissions to resolve the queries.

Furthermore, create a knowledge base that would include all the information about your business. Then, store the complete information using artificial intelligence and CRM software. Finally, many companies upload the knowledge base on their website to allow customers to access them whenever required.

The knowledge base would reduce the need for contacting customer support for simple queries. The knowledge base can also be in the form of an in-depth FAQ section on your website.


Eliminating the chances of customer friction will result in a better customer experience and more satisfied customers. Use these five methods to remove friction in your customer support channels and enjoy better customer satisfaction.

Customer support outsourcing to a company that follows the ways to reduce friction will allow your business to access innovative technology and top-notch strategies that improve customer experience and boost sales.

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