5 Live Chat Service Lessons Every Business Should Learn

Live Chat Leads to 48 Increase in Revenue per Chat Hour Heres How

We all live in a digital world. We expect results within minutes. That’s why instant Maggi and coffee are so popular. Similarly, when it comes to online platforms, customers expect instant responses to their queries. Did you know that research shows that the average response time for customer service requests on social media is just 10 hours? With such high competition, it can get tough to grab attention and have business traffic. One way to ensure you have loyal customers and build a positive brand image is by providing the best customer services.

Having your customer’s requests and concerns addressed timely can go a long way in growing your business. One of the best ways of doing this is by implementing live chat services for your business. When you respond to your customers within minutes, they know that you value them. If that isn’t enough to convince you, research from Forrester.com said that live chat is more than 50% cheaper than handling phone calls. But not everyone gets it right when it comes to running live chat services. There are a few No No’s that we need to avoid. Hence, here are five live chat support lessons one should keep in mind!

Gratitude all the way!

One of the most basic mannerisms we learn as a child is to say, “Thank you” and “Sorry.” That’s because those two words have so much weight in them that they can turn tables around in many situations. Similarly, when addressing a customer, being humble and sometimes going the extra mile to ask if they are having a good day can change the entire mood of the conversation. A friendly tone to keep the conversation light also helps in lightening the mood. Furthermore, in a live chat service, apologize first no matter who’s at fault. This generally calms the customer down to get the details right to make sure you take the right actions next.

Being timely earns respect

Solving a customer’s issue quickly is a knack that is essential to determine the success or failure of the customer service experience. But even if one doesn’t manage to do that, make sure you follow up with them later. It’s a good practice to let your customers know what they can expect to hear back from you. Also, try your best to get back to your customer within the promised time frame. This adds a sense of assurance that you genuinely care about your customers. When you respect your customers’ time, they’ll be happy and look forward to repeating their business with you.

The right attitude and skills is a must!

When you are hiring someone to work for you, it’s vital that you have someone not just with the right skills but also the right attitude. Ensure they know your vision is ready to help you achieve it. When you have positive, friendly employees in your team, they tend to go the extra mile and cooperate with you during hectic schedules. This will help you position yourself better to offer a live chat service that will stand out in your industry.

Live chat services is a reflection of how you treat your customers

You cannot expect your staff to provide excellent live chat support when you treat them poorly. That’s one of the reasons when there are so many burnouts during recent times. As a business owner, you need to ensure you have a healthy work environment for your workers. Let them strive and give them space to grow. Simply put, if your employees have a great time at work, so will your customers. This kind of environment is not expensive or time consuming. A simple smile to start your day, encouragement and appreciation when a team member performs well and supporting other employees when they have shortcomings can really help build employee confidence. This in turn, will help you get that ‘wow factor’ that will make you stand out in your industry.

What you cannot measure is something you cannot control

When you are trying to provide the best live chat services, proper measurement of your efforts is essential. Tracking your service pages and URLs is crucial as you need to understand how your business is performing. You wouldn’t want to deploy a landing page without monitoring its impact on sales. The right CRM software can supply essential data points, track your website traffic as well as your employee’s performance. This will also ensure no efforts go wasted and the areas that need improvement. Furthermore, this also avoids the human error of forgetting and misplacing data. It’ll help your employees provide timely email responses and manage sampling outcalls.

Customer services in any business cannot be overlooked no matter how great your product or service is. Subsequently, live chat services have a significant impact on both sales and customer satisfaction. Research by the American Marketing Association found that B2B companies who used live chat service see a 20% increase in conversions! Also, eDigital research paper found that live chat support has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. Hence by implementing these lessons, you can make a great impression on your customers and your business.

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Why Are Multiple Customer Support Services Essential for eCommerce Business?

Why Are Multiple Customer Support Services Essential for eCommerce Business

Customers used to rely on the convenience and security of having a physical shop they could visit if they couldn’t reach someone over the phone. Make every effort to alleviate such anxieties by ensuring that your customer support services are always available whenever something comes up. Failure to do so increases the likelihood of losing a convert on your site.

Providing exceptional customer support solutions benefits sales, brand loyalty, and customer retention, resulting in fewer difficulties or complaints and higher satisfaction. It can help your brand’s image, leading to greater sales. In fact, According to Microsoft data, customer support services are vital for brand loyalty for 95% of customers.

Customer Services Role In Any Business

The customer service role is critical in developing connections and trust with customers. Providing excellent customer support services may be a game-changer for your company. Businesses that provide excellent customer service recover their client acquisition expenses, create loyal followers that recommend your services, serve as case studies, and give feedback and reviews.

Now, let’s discover the three main roles of customer support services in an eCommerce business:

Makes Your Business Trustworthy

Your business may win your clients’ confidence by remaining constant and ensuring that customers and clients are always aware of how your firm is performing—in addition, over 61 percent of business owners embrace customer support outsourcing services.

Better Understanding of Your Clients

When a client purchases, they usually recommend that they connect with companies to make their shopping experience convenient and filled with empathy and understanding. Customers want to see businesses demonstrate that they are interested in and appreciate them in addition to surviving a crisis. Therefore, customer support plays a vital role in connecting to customers and providing them with better understanding and accurate solutions.

Provide Adequate Solutions

Most firms are in the process of digitizing their operations to serve their consumers better. Customers want agencies to meet their requirements and expectations at every touchpoint. They base their purchase decisions on customized experiences. 

Customer support services are used to understand the customer’s expectations better. They seek to enhance and streamline customer communications to increase customer satisfaction. They are more likely to promote brand loyalty and profitability in any businesses that adopt them.

What is Multi-channel Customer Support?

Multi-channel support businesses like Wow Customer Support provides several channels of communication for your customers to reach you. The most common are email, live chat, phone, social media, knowledge base, and similar channels. While some consumers like the quick response provided by live chat software, others prefer to locate the answers through a knowledge base. Essentially, the concept is that every customer interacts with companies differently, and you want to be able to respond to all of them with the same degree of professionalism and speed.

The concept behind multi-channel assistance is that providing extra communication channels would boost customer happiness and retention. Clients are more inclined to purchase your goods if they can readily reach you with any inquiries or issues. Being able to give support promptly reassures your buyers that you are eager to assist them and will only help to boost your sales and business.

Key Advantages of Using Multiple Customer Support Platforms

eCommerce Business

Multi-channel customer support services give your customer many ways to communicate with you. Essentially, the concept is that every customer interacts with companies differently, and you want to be able to respond to all of them with the same degree of professionalism and speed.

Manage Your Customers’ Demands with Ease

Multiple Customer support solutions lets you respond to your customers’ questions by phone, chat, or other contact methods. A multi-channel customer support services can generate many information streams that your company can use to understand your customers’ demands better. 

It also allows you to comprehend, quantify, and evaluate client dialogue. Furthermore, with customer support outsourcing, you can leverage their CRM system to assist you in optimizing how your firm handles all client requests to boost productivity.

Target Specific Audiences

Customers’ transaction statistics and retail experiences will be known when there are several customer service channels. As a result, you may concentrate on the services that customers demand the most. If a consumer inquires about hair care services, you might provide a voucher or a discount to entice them. 

Outsourced customer support services allow integrated customer service, sales, merchandising, inventory, and enterprise resource planning to operate better, enhancing business’s revenues and efficiency.

Redirect All Requests to The Correct Employee

With multi-channel customer support services, you can always route client inquiries to the appropriate employees. Whether it is technical or product-related help, your customer care specialists will make every effort to connect them as soon as feasible. Because you are not waiting for a single communication channel, replies are faster, and requests are answered more quickly.

Customer Satisfaction

Client retention is less difficult than customer acquisition. The more effortlessly you can meet your customers’ demands, the more trust and loyalty you will gain. As a result, if you get customer support outsourcing services, your company becomes more accessible and may capitalize on client connections.

A positive customer experience leads to increased spending. In fact, 86% of purchasers are prepared to spend more for a positive client experience. According to a PWC study, the more costly the item, the more eager people are to spend.

Customers, for example, are prepared to pay a price premium of up to 13% for indulgence services merely because of a positive customer experience.

Track Your Customers

By incorporating multi-channel customer support services into your organization, you may simplify all client interactions. This allows you to go through their information and record every encounter, so you don’t miss anything. 

Having different channels also allows you to produce various types of reports. You may also keep track of your sales team’s performance and what works best for you. You may organize and manage your customers’ concerns, questions, and feedback.

Marketing Opportunities

Proactive customer support services open up a plethora of marketing possibilities. When you have a large network of supporters, you can always recommend a better solution or make a few proposals. For example, if a consumer calls to inquire about a service, you can respond to their inquiry and inform them about a new product you’ve recently released. As a result, you may utilize customer service as a marketing strategy to introduce and promote new products and services.

Boost Sales and Conversions

If something goes wrong, customer support personnel can address price, other goods, services, or support capability inquiries. Making it simple to contact a firm implies that it can be trusted to communicate with customers, moving prospective leads farther down the purchasing process until the client is ready to make a purchase.

Wrap Up


When you use customer support outsourcing services, you can better serve your clients, provide rapid and high-quality assistance, and access their full contact history. If you seek such services, Wow Customer Support is one of the major customer service outsourcing businesses delivering top-notch customer support services with an emphasis on serving the best of what services can give. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot now, and check out our services today!

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