Order Management

Our e-commerce support team can effectively hand-hold from product cataloguing to after-sales support seamlessly. Scale up your customer base and increase revenue by our adept solutions. With our profound understanding of how online security protocols work, we can transform the way you interact with the customers and chalk out your e-commerce framework

End-to-end servicing of a customer starting from Query Handling to sending Quote to Order Processing to handling follow up queries is a task that has to be handled with care. We aim to create a transformational business practise by partnering with you on order management. Our team gives special attention to the key outcomes and business metrics while taking on the entire process.

  • Quoting
  • Customer Query Resolution
  • Order Processing
  • After sales support
  • Product Information Management
  • Payment processing
  • Order Cancellation
  • Inventory management
  • Shipping Management
  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Technical Support
Call centre support
Call Centre Support

Trained personnel can provide round-the-clock support for both in-bound and out-bound call services. While it is imperative to keep the existing customers happy, it is also necessary to induct new customers. Our Call center services ensure this by providing professional inbound and outbound tele-service

Email Support
Email Support

Large amounts of emails from customers is a regular occurrence for most customer-centric organizations. Responding to them on time, with relevant details is a crucial aspect. Our Email support assistants ensure that the services occur seamlessly with proper company etiquette.

Live chat support
Live Chat Support

A very popular means of support is by live-support which creates the opportunity to answer customer queries instantly. This is inevitable to create a smooth navigation experience for the customer. There is a potential to save customers from being dropped out by offering quick and efficient chat support. Our chat support agents are quick, professional, pro-active and error-free. Using their services would immensely benefit your organization

E-Commerce Support
E-commerce Support

Managing the core-competencies versus the non-essentials is a challenge. Our back-office support team enable businesses to put in all their focus on to the important aspects and leave the non-essentials to us.  We do this effectively by working from the clients perspective, working with latest technology and recruiting the best employees to deliver quality.


Our team delivers exceptional levels of service with strict adherence to quality standards. The level of accuracy, turnaround time and quality ensures that we remain a trusted partner!

  • Data entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Processing
  • Data Mining
  • ECommerce Data Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Billing and Invoicing Services
  • Purchase Order Processing Services
  • Application Processing
  • Database Management
  • Transaction Processing & Management Services
  • Data Conversion and Document Digitization
  • Document Indexing and Archiving Services

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